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Summer Experiential Fellowships

Deadline to apply: Fri, March 15, 2019

Summer Experiential Fellowships

If you had a great time with your mentor during our extern program, why not ask them if you can come back this summer? If your mentor cannot pay you, you can apply for this grant here [doc]. 

Hear from fellow Swatties about their Summer Experiential Fellowship experience below!

Julia Gokhberg ‘19 - Keenan & Bhatia, LLC


"Working with Sonal and E.E. gave me insight into the legal field and helped me decide what kind of law I want to practice in the future. I learned about the field of plaintiff employment law and employee rights advocacy. This specialized subcategory of employment law combined all the aspects of law I am most interested in: personal connection, exciting cases, and standing up for the “little guy.” The summer culminated with a trial in St. Louis, Missouri where I helped with jury selection, voir dire, opening statements, testimony notes, witness preparation, courtroom technology, and jury notes. After one and a half weeks of trial, the jury came back with an $8.5 million verdict for our client! I am so honored and grateful to have been a part of such an incredible victory."

Julia Gokhberg ‘19

Jonah Langlieb ‘20 - National Library of Medicine, Lister Hill Center NIH

"I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to spend the summer learning a wide breadth of topics, to a greater depth than I would have thought possible. Even in the short time I have been back at Swarthmore, the papers I read and the conversations I had with my mentor have been surprisingly enlightening for other areas of computer science, both in terms of specific knowledge and in terms of a general greater understanding. There are projects that I now feel capable of doing. Where I found this internship to be uniquely and profoundly helpful was by giving me a look into the day-to-day life of computer science work in general, and government work in particular."

Jonah Langlieb '20

Daniel Quintans ‘21 - National Library of Medicine, Lister Hill Center NIH

"In the ten weeks I have spent as an intern in the CEB department of the Lister-Hill Center at the NIH, I efficiently learned, at a high level, the functioning and implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to the extent where I can understand the coding and structure that defines these networks. I have also gained much knowledge about Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and their general use, as well as studied ongoing optimization researches on these networks, namely their Deep Convolutional implementations (DCGANs). Finally, I was able to run and compare output results of a SegAN code, an implementation of a DCGAN meant to produce segmentations of lesions (skin, brain, etc..), where I also put my Python graphing skills to practice as I graphed the outputs in order to make said comparisons."

Daniel Quintans '21

Harim Woo ‘19 - Columbia Univ Med Ctr

“The past summer I was fortunate enough to work at a microbiology and immunology lab under Dr. Gottesman, a PI at Columbia University whose primary focus involves the regulation of transcription termination in E. Coli. I was assigned a subset of his project on identifying a separation-of-function of DksA, an RNAP-binding transcription factor. My job was to introduce random mutagenesis to DksA and observe its effect on the two pathways. We hoped to find a mutation that would cause one pathway to fail while the other remains intact, which would further our understanding of the role of DksA as a transcription factor."

Harim Woo '19