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Summer Experiential Fellowships

Deadline to apply: Wednesday Feb. 12, 2020 @ 11:59pm via Handshake

Summer Experiential Fellowships

If you had a great time with your mentor during our extern program, why not ask them if you can come back this summer? If your mentor cannot pay you, you can apply for this grant here 

Hear from fellow Swatties about their Summer Experiential Fellowship experience below!

Jaydeep Sangha ‘21 - NRHA

As part of my internship, I was assigned to the government affairs division whose primary responsibility is as the lobbying and advocacy arm of the organization working in D.C. on Capitol Hill to advance their policy positions and legislation.  One of my primary goals was investigating what health care issues present themselves disproportionately in rural settings. From research and writing policy papers on behalf of the NRHA, I learned some of the most pressing problems impacting rural America included hospital closures, the opioid crisis, challenges with Native American healthcare and surprisingly an epidemic of maternal mortality.  I never understood, until the internship, the significance of the crisis that is facing rural mothers where outcomes for rural mothers are declining every year and are at or below the mortality metrics for many women in developing countries.

Jaydeep Sangha ‘21

Atticus Maloney '22 - Dateworking

Throughout my summer I have worked on a variety of projects and goals, through which I felt like I was able to make a meaningful contribution to the company as a whole. At the start of the summer, I was on boarded as a project manager for the company and I participated in designing the schedule and workflow for the summer as a whole. I gained experience with the project management tool Asana, and crowdsourced my PM strategy by meeting with a project manager from Google to work on the details. Through this process I learned about the agile approach to project management.

Atticus Maloney '22

Yasmin Aguillon '22 - Peabody College of Vanderbilt University

Throughout the summer, we worked to answer the research question: where does humor belong in the math classroom?...I had two major data analysis and data collection projects this summer. The first project I did involved coding the unscientific twitter survey my mentor conducted towards the beginning of the summer. In this project, I identified humor examples teachers used and mentioned in the comments section of the twitter survey, and I categorized each example by humor type, teacher-initiated versus student-initiated humor etc. The second project I worked on involved coding video data. I analyzed about twenty hours of film data from high school and middle school students. I collected data of students’ humorous behaviors within the math classroom. The objective was to identify and analyze situations in which students were being “goofy.” I analyzed each of these data sets using google spreadsheet software, which is another important skill I learned on the job.

Yasmin Aguillon '22

Magda Werkmeister '22 - Trilogy Films

Here were my learning objectives and how I met them:

  • Learn how to create video projects. I worked extensively with an assistant editor to learn video editing skills. I was able to use the film company's Adobe Suite to become proficient in Premiere Pro. I was able to work with archival and interview footage to create my own short pieces and receive feedback from the assistant editor.
  • Learn producing skills. I performed logistical tasks for a producer as well as travel research. 
  • Learn about documentary filmmaking. I had access to meetings between the director, editors, and producers which allowed me to see a significant part of the process of documentary filmmaking. I was able to provide feedback on various edits of the John Lewis documentary we were working on for CNN.
  • Improve research skills. Much of my time was spent searching through archival footage and photos; this improved my organizational skills greatly. 
  • Improve storytelling skills. My time spent with the director and editors of the project gave me much insight into how to craft stories for audiences.
Magda Werkmeister '22

Murtaza Ukani '22 - Optum Operations

There are a handful of projects I worked on this summer. The first being a chronic care pilot bridging Optum and UHC. I researched and crafted a methodology for community-level interventions relating to nutrition (how we can leverage food desert database, social determinants of health, etc). Another was working with frontline call center agents in a "test-kitchen" environment where we set up sessions so they could choose which UI tools they preferred over others. Next, I worked with human capital partners on evaluating the enterprise employee ideation program to locate the seams and gaps to then determine specific recommendations to revamp. Lastly, I worked with a "clinical transformation" team to assess the return on investment for prior authorizations. I conducted research on specific treatments and tests to find if there existed adverse effects of denied claims, and therefore additional medical expense, to propose the option of eliminating prior auth for particular tests (sleep studies for example).

Murtaza Ukani '22