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General Links
  •  Database of grad schools searchable by discipline and location.
  • Graduate Guide  A database of graduate schools that can be searched by school name, majors, and location.
  • Rate & review website for perspective graduate students who want to find out more about potential graduate programs 
  • Peterson's (Grad School Bound) An excellent resource of graduate program listings, test preps, and financial aid information.
  • Rankings of graduate school programs. More rankings from this site here.
  • Graduate School A general database with rankings and links to graduate school programs.
  • Reseach-Doctorate Programs in the USA  A very good resource for evaluating Ph.D. programs.
  • U.S. News Best Graduate Schools Articles about graduate school and rankings. Has links to GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and GMAT.
  • Council On Undergraduate Research Fill out a profile in the online registry and attach personal documents (for free!) so that graduate schools can access your information and recruit you.
  • Test Club An Excellent Guide to prepare for the GMAT.
  • Career Counseling This site gives an easy to understand overview of how to become a counselor. It also gives a link to the accredited graduate programs.
    The Arts
    Medical & Health
    • Association of American Medical Colleges Resources for applying to medical school, including registration for the MCAT and AMCAS.
    • Health Related Links A list of Internet links compiled by the Swarthmore Health Sciences Office.
    • Med School Interviews A searchable database by medical school, of interview feedback provided by medical school applicants.
    •, just as it sounds, is a online directory of over 2,300 nursing schools.  Trying to find the right fit for nursing school can be tough.  This resource provides a useful aid, and has been recommended by the American Nurses Association, American Hospital Assocation, and The New York Times.  Over the past 2 years they have given away over $12,000 in scholarships!
    • CNA Training Learn how to become a professional CNA.
    • eMedical Assistant  A site that helps students who want to pursue a medical assisting career
    Public Policy & International Relations