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Connecting with Swatties

collage of swarthmore students networking

Connecting with others is a powerful tool at any stage in your career--whether you're looking for a job, applying to graduate schools, searching for internships, or seeking information about careers. 80% of opportunities are found through professional connections.  Your search strategy should include a combination of several approaches, integrating both technology and face-to-face interactions through networking.

If you need help getting started on networking, please meet with a career counselor or read our networking guide [pdf].

Remember to stay safe while networking--here are some safety tips.

Learn about Potential Career Paths from Students and Alumni

Using LinkedIn Groups to Connect

Swatties Helping Swatties: SHS provides a place to connect current Swarthmore students with alumni who mentor them by providing professional advice, information and support. 

Mock Interviewing: Need interview help? By joining this subgroup, you’ll be able to connect with other Swatties who are seeking practice and offering mock interviewing.