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Navigating Remote Experiences

Check out the following resources to guide you through this process

Job Searching for Seniors During COVID-19:

  • "Graduating in the Time of COVID19" from The Washington Center: This guide was designed to take you through three stages designed to use in chronological order. Specifically, the guide starts with critical mindsets needed to succeed in the age of covid-19 before moving on to immediate and long-term action steps you can take to thrive upon graduation. 

Remote Work/Internship/Volunteer Databases:

  • Handshake - to find remote work opportunities type “remote” in the job title, employers or keyword search bar under the Jobs tab How to get a job on Handshake (FAQ)
  • Idealist - hundreds of remote job listings worldwide (just click on “Remote” under locations) with organizations and nonprofits that are committed to making a positive difference in the world
  • Parker Dewey - Parker Dewey will be administering summer SwatWorks 2021 experiences. Visit the SwatWorks page to learn more about posting or applying for micro internships. 
  • - type “remote” in the location search bar
  • - flex/remote/work from home post grad, freelance, and part-time positions
  • - contract and perm, full-time and part-time, some not requiring college degree
  • - search volunteer projects worldwide where you can contribute and gain substantial skills
  • Covintern - Remote internships at top startups & organizations
  • InternfromHome - Remote internships in a variety of fields/industries

Growing Industries/Opportunities Amidst COVID-19:

Keep current on internship/job market trends by reading and watching reliable sources, such as specific industry publications and general economy updates.

Check out the Muse's article on 81 companies that are hiring now and Andrew Seaman's article on companies who are ramping up hiring! Handshake also has a list of 500 companies that are hiring. 

Hiring Status of Employers:

Check out the following websites where organizations and hires are self-reporting  on the status of their opportunities--whether they've become canceled, remote, on-hold, or no change. Please remember that this information should always be directly confirmed with your employer. 

Remote Work Resources and Articles:  

How to Have a Successful/Meaningful Experience:

Believe it or not, employers look for a lot of the same attributes in "traditional in-person" candidates as they do in work-from-home ones. 

  • Trustworthiness: A supervisor needs to be able to feel confident that their teammates will follow through on tasks and responsibilities, whether that be respond to email in a timely fashion, be fully present on calls/meetings, complete tasks on-time, or communicate any issues in a tactful way.  
  • Self-starting: Not being around others can be un-motivating, especially when the work pace slows down. Project-based industries such as tech and freelance may find that to be the case. In those circumstances, it is important to engage with teammates to find out how you can be of assistance to them. 
  • Strong communication skills (written & verbal): Being very clear on how people like to communicate is important. Not everything should be communicated via email, messenger or Trello. Sometimes, it is better to schedule a call and talk to the person over the phone to fully understand certain nuances and tones that written form doesn't capture.  
  • Organized: Your email inbox is going to look very cluttered by the end of the day. Your work space may, also, look that way. It's important to maintain some sort of system--not just for the messagings and tasks--but also for others. Utilizing a shared online calendar that clearly shows when you are busy (and not available for calls, emails) or available is helpful in keeping yourself on task and for others to understand your work flow. 
  • Make sure you emphasize those strengths in your resume/cover letter and interviews. Students can find that these opportunities provide flexible scheduling and minimize costly logistical issues (housing, commuting costs, etc) while still gaining important extra-curricular experience. 

With the right skills and a good understanding of employer expectations, remote work can be an impactful and fantastic resume building experience. Learn what employers look for in remote workers to align your skills and experiences.  

Tips from a Career Counselor: 

  • Plan how and how often you will communicate with supervisor and team members (Video conference with co-workers, supervisor, email, phone, Trello, etc.)
  • Plan and know other tools and systems you will use
  • Know how you will schedule your time (keep a structured schedule? Same as co-workers? Consider time zones?)
  • Establish expectations, e.g. make a 1st month plan including expected goals for each week
  • Make the most of a micro-internship by being curious and engaged, thinking about what the organization’s next step will be with the work you are doing
  • Join professional organizations
  • Remote work might change when quarantine ends in terms of use of group remote work spaces, in-person networking events with other remote workers, in-person visits to clients.

Video/Phone Interviewing Tips:

Continuing Career Exploration & Development:

Just because you don't work in an office or around other people doesn't mean that you shouldn't still rely on your networks to help you to grow professionally. Thanks to technology (and an emerging work-from-home workforce), there are some effective ways to still maintain your contacts and even grow that list even more! 

  • Update/create resume, Linkedin profile, Handshake profile and preferences
  • Attend any virtual events with employers
  • Conduct informational interviews with alumni
  • Keep conversation going with employers and alumni you’ve met in the past
  • Check in with former co-workers, supervisors, teachers, and networking contacts
  • Research online some careers that sound interesting (use Handshake > CareerCenter > Resources)
  • Talk with a career counselor about ways to explore careers (visit Handshake to make appointments)
  • Take the time to reflect on how COVID-19 has affected you. We’ve all been changed by this situation. Reflect and figure out how your passions, interests have evolved. Working from home can give you that "physical" space to actively think about those questions. Then, utilize technology to reach out, to begin having conversations, and start making plans for the future. Read this article to learn more. 

Remember, Career Services is here to help!