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Mission Vision Values

Our Mission:

Career Services engages students as they reflect on and integrate all facets of their Swarthmore experience for lifelong career development, meaning and purpose.

Our Vision:

Every student has a career mentoring experience, supported by the Swarthmore community, thus graduating prepared to identify and pursue unique paths for impactful lives. 

Our Values:

Collaboration -- working together and partnering with students, colleagues, alumni and employers makes our work dynamic, multi-dimensional, inspirational and fun

Trust and Respect -- demonstrating mutual respect for and belief in the value of individual contributions and perspectives

Equitable Accessibility -- realizing the essential role of career centers in advancing social and economic justice, and how careers make a difference in our lives and our communities, we meet students where they are, providing equitable access to our resources and services to reduce gaps in cultural and social capital

Empowerment -- helping students envision their lifework and encouraging them to take ownership in creating their own path

Inclusive and Transparent Communication -- openly communicating with honesty and integrity, engaging in dialogue and sharing our thoughts, reasons and the data that inform our decisions

Empathy and Compassion -- valuing everyone in their uniqueness, listening without judgment, providing a welcoming, comfortable space for students where they have a sense of belonging

Optimism -- bringing positivity and possibility to our conversations with students about their future plans and in our work with colleagues to serve our community

Creativity and Innovation -- imagining new ways of supporting students in our counseling, programming, resources and services through dynamic visioning and problem solving