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Mentor a Swattie

The Extern program has been replaced with SwatWorks

Be a Mentor: Get Involved

  • Alumni and parents serve as workplace mentors, allowing students to learn more about their careers. Students can be from any class year, so the mentoring experience will vary.  You can offer insights at any stage in a student’s college career! 
    • First year students will have more questions about adjusting to college life and managing coursework.  
    • Sophomores will be thinking about declaring their majors.  
    • Juniors may be planning study abroad and summer internships.
    • Seniors will be working on their plans after Swarthmore: employment, grad school or both. 

Additional Information

You may contact Career Services with any questions or concerns at anytime during experiential learning opportunities.

In case of an emergency or other serious concern, contact the Swarthmore College Department of Public Safety immediately at: emergency 610-328-8333, non-emergency 610-328-8281, Swarthmore College Public Safety officers are available 24/7/365 to respond to emergency/crisis incidents as well as non-emergency reports. Public Safety staff can assist with connecting students to resource personnel, such as Counseling and Psychological Services, the Title IX Coordinator, the on-call dean’s division staff, or an on-call nurse. They can also provide assistance with making a report to local law enforcement. 

The College expressly prohibits any form of discrimination and harassment on the basis of any College-recognized protected classification, including sex, race, color, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, marital status, medical condition, veteran status, or disability in any decision regarding admissions, employment, or involvement in a College program or activity. Please read the full Swarthmore College Notice of Non-Discrimination. Resource Information about sexual harassment/assault, dating violence and domestic violence, retaliation, stalking, and other misconduct that is sex or gender based can be found on the SHARE website