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Meet the Student Workers

CPA Zoom Dropin 2020

Career Peer Advisors (CPAs): When classes are in session, you can find your Career Peer Advisors hosting Zoom Drop Ins every weekday afternoon from 1-3 pm. CPAs can help you with your job or internship searches, edit your resumes and cover letters, updating and cleaning up your social media profiles and much more.

Technology Interns: The Social Media intern aids with designing and scheduling digital content to promote Career Services events. Additionally, the Website intern ensures that the Career Services page is up-to-date with latest events, resources, and information.

Office Assistants: Our office assistants help with manage postings, staffing the front desk, and carrying out various administrative duties around the office. 

Bellara Huang '21 - Career Peer Advisor

Hi, I'm Bellara! I am a senior from a small town in Iowa, called Pella, and I'll be working this semester from Philadelphia. I am a double major in computer science and art history, and I am interested in creating art for social good and sharing it with the community! I love looking at photography zines and watching early avant-garde films, and I'm always looking for new music. I've worked closely with professors in the art history department and in the computer science department, and I am always open to sharing my experience in the intersection of the two. Being remote is a different and isolating experience, but if you are able to have this time to yourself, it could be a great opportunity to design a personal project-- I would be happy to brainstorm with you to find something that is personally fulfilling and can help you gain a new skill! I look forward to meeting and working with you this year!  I’ll be available for CPA Zoom drop in sessions on Fridays from 1-3pm.

Carole Lee '21 - Technology Intern: Social Media

Carole Lee (she, her, hers) is the social media intern for Career Services. She is majoring in English, minoring in chemistry, and on the pre-med track. Carole also is the GA of Roberts. Over the summer, she was in Tanzania learning Swahili through the Critical Language Scholarship program. A big part of her identity is she was born and raised in SoCal, and then moved to Seoul, South Korea when she was thirteen. (Her family moved from Korea to Louisiana last year.) Feel free to drop by and say hi!

Elizabeth Shin '21 - Career Peer Advisor

Hi all! My name is Elizabeth and I'm currently a senior from South Florida pursuing a BA in Neuroscience, an interdisciplinary special major that combines Biology and Psychology. I am interested in neuroscience research and am part of the Pre-Med track. This past summer, I participated in a remote internship through the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) at Wayne State University analyzing the MNRR1 promoter sequence and learning Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) software. Aside from Career Services, I am involved with Doctors Without Borders Student Chapter at Swarthmore (MSF for short), Swarthmore Health Society (SHS), and Fencing Club. You can also find me running, singing, playing the guitar or ukulele, or solving Sudoku puzzles in my spare time. I encourage everyone to find time between Zoom sessions away from any electronics to reduce screen fatigue. I personally like to get up to grab a snack and perform several stretches. 2020 has been quite a chaotic time, so please feel free to chat about anything whether it's career related or not. I look forward to meeting and assisting you in achieving your career goals!   I’ll be available for CPA Zoom drop in sessions on Mondays from 1-3pm.

Helen Huh '21 - Technology Intern: Website

Hey! My name is Helen and I'm a junior from Anaheim, California (Disneyland!). I'm currently majoring in Computer Science with minors in Art History and Astronomy. Over the summer, I recently participated in SPEED (Swarthmore Projects for Educational Exploration and Development) where I helped create data visualizations for census and baseball data, a civic engagement map, and a MAC Address Finder for which I was able to design and 3D print a case! I'm also passionate about watching/analyzing films, going to museums, playing archery, and How I Met Your Mother. Say hello if you see me in the little Tech Intern corner office or have any questions about my experiences!

Tiara Tills '21 - Career Peer Advisor

Hey y'all! My name is Tiara or T (either is fine with me!) and I am a Senior from Houston, TX! I am majoring in Biochemistry (but no pre-med track for me) and minoring in Educational Studies. I was recently abroad in Denmark (I have plenty of stories if you are interested!) and love talking to others, so say hi! I am also the Vice President of our QuestBridge chapter and will be an on-campus RA in Willets this year, so I am more than happy to answer any questions for anyone who sees me around campus or over zoom for my remote Swatties! This school year will be all kinds of crazy and I know that internships and job searching can add another layer of confusion and stress, but as a fellow, frantic Swattie, I am here for you and ready to go on this unique journey together! If you spent your quarantine period anything like me, you were likely going through cycles of optimism, confusion, fear/anger, binge-watching Netflix, and trying to make the best of the time we had in isolation. There is no perfect way to handle this time and the same philosophy applies to finding a career or job, but the good news is that you aren't doing it wrong or alone! We are here to help, so please stop by our office hours or set up an appointment when you can and take advantage of the resources. There are so many great opportunities out there for you and I'm positive we can help you find them!  I’ll be available for CPA Zoom drop in sessions on Tuesdays from 1-3pm.

Will Drake '21 - Career Peer Advisor

Yo! My name is Will, and I'm a Career Services Intern focusing on Career Development. I'll be working with Career Services to develop initiatives and programs to educate students about opportunities for the future. I'm pursuing a major in Economics and a minor in Engineering, and I'm especially interested in urban economics. I'm also a huge fan of American History and Roman History, and I love to read when I get time. During my free time, I can be found practicing lacrosse on Clothier Field or practicing the Culinary Arts on the grill. I will be working CPA remotely from Delaware this fall, and I look forward to being as helpful as I can. While working remotely this summer, I have found that the more I feel as though I’m in an office or classroom, the easier it is for me to be productive. Although in-person interactions are ideal, I believe that with the right attitude, we can make the best of virtual life.  I’ll be available for CPA Zoom drop in sessions on Mondays from 1-3pm.

William Han '21 - Career Peer Advisor

Hi! My name is William Han. I'm from a small town in southern California called Arcadia. I'm a computer science and math major (with an emphasis in statistics), but I'm also taking a lot of classes in economics as well. I love traveling, music, basketball, and spicy food. I’ll be available for CPA Zoom drop in sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2pm.

William Khan '21 - Career Peer Advisor

Hey! My name is William and I'm a senior pursuing a double major in Economics and Physics. This past summer, I was a summer analyst in Morgan Stanley's Public Finance team and will be returning full-time. My team helped non-for-profit clients in healthcare, higher education, and community development institutions (CDFIs) finance capital projects and debt refundings. On campus, I'll be your SBC Chair during this unusual and difficult time. We are available over Zoom; please reach out to me or the other CPA's for tips on networking, resumes and cover letters, and interviewing! Make the job search your fourth credit.   I’ll be available for CPA Zoom drop in sessions on Thursdays from 1-3pm.

Ayleah Johnson '22 - Career Peer Advisor

Hi! My name is Ayleah Johnson. I'm a junior from Fayetteville, North Carolina and will be working there remotely this semester. I have a cat and dog at home so you may catch my beagle in the background of my zoom calls! I'm majoring in Economics and minoring in Global Studies with a goal of working in public health policy to alleviate health disparities. I spent my summer researching transportation barriers in Bucks County, PA and prepping for case interviews. Feel free to ask me questions about management consulting or to run through a practice case! I am actively involved in the Questbridge Scholars Network and work in the libraries as a Research and Information Associate (RIA). The rest of my day is spent watching Youtube, playing the sims, and cooking.

A tip I learned is to remember that networking is now easier than ever because everyone's working remotely. People are more open to scheduling time to chat even if you're not from their school/area. If you need help with how to go about this, definitely reach out! I’ll be available for CPA Zoom drop in sessions on Fridays from 1-3pm.

Mrinali Taskar '22 - Career Peer Advisor

Hi everyone! My name’s Mrinali (she/her) and I’m a junior currently working remotely from Central Jersey. I’m pursuing Pre-Med with a special major in Gender and Sexuality Studies and a special minor in Interpretation Theory. Outside of studying, I also work with the Title IX office and the Sexual Health Advocates, as well as with the bio department as a lab assistant. Navigating the semester and the job market right now seems daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. As you try redefining how your career trajectory will look, feel free to make an appointment with one of our counselors or drop-in—we’re here to help!   I’ll be available for CPA Zoom drop in sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays from 1-2pm.

Murtaza Ukani '22 - Career Peer Advisor

Hi! I’m Murtaza, a junior majoring in anthropology/sociology and peace and conflict studies. I will be Zooming in as a CPA from Skokie, IL, right outside of Chicago. Better yet, I have a 4 month old rabbit who enjoys attending Zoom sessions and will occasionally scratch me while I am reviewing your resume. My friends and ~peers~ would describe me along the lines of : tenacious, an intense strategist, a communal thinker, rebellious, and goofy. I am an avid Catan enthusiast, and when I should be doing my readings, I will probably be watching The Last Kingdom, Suits, or Money Heist. On campus, I’m involved with SGO—serving as student body president—and enjoy spending my weekends with the archery club. A personal tip from me as you are navigating your career exploration journey: You will accumulate lots of amazing mentors as the semesters go by; make it a routine to send a “newsletter” to all of them every six months so they have a chance to see the phenomenal moves you’re making! That’s enough from me, I want to hear from you!—stop by my virtual CPA hours on Wednesday afternoons and say ‘Hi’!

Sonia Linares '22 - Career Peer Advisor

My name is Sonia and I am a junior double majoring in History and Peace and Conflict My name is Sonia and I am a junior double majoring in History and Peace and Conflict Studies. In my free time you’ll find me taking a nap, watching Korean dramas, or procrastinating on assignments.

I will be working in Career Services remotely from Los Angeles, California. I am excited to help you all even if it's from a distance. One tip I have for all of you studying at home is to schedule a zoom meeting with friends while you do work! It creates a more “real” atmosphere to studying that you would have at Swat and also serves as a good way to have "social" breaks in between completing assignments! Additionally make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard when studying, these are difficult times so make sure to make time for yourself!  I’ll be available for CPA Zoom drop in sessions on Wednesdays from 1-3pm.