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GRE & TOEFL At-Home Testing

ETS has introduced an at-home testing solution for the TOEFL iBT test and GRE General Test, for test takers who have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Testing will be conducted through the use of live human remote proctoring serviced by ProctorU. Students can take the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition test beginning on Thursday, March 26, and GRE General Test at-home testing will begin on Friday, March 27. These at-home tests provide a convenient, flexible and safe option for testing until test centers are open. More details can be found below or on the TOEFL and GRE tests official websites. Any updates regarding the TOEFL test can be found here and for the GRE test, here.

Basic Information:

  • Available everywhere that TOEFL iBT testing & the computer-delivered GRE General Test are offered (with the exception of Mainland China and Iran)
  • Same length and price
  • At-home test taking will have real-time, live human proctor watching (via Proctor U) and Artificial Intelligence proctor
  • AI monitors facial recognition, gaze tracking, if new browser gets opened, if cell phone is used
  • Test sessions are videotaped; ETS will take a photo before & video during
  • Waiving reschedule fee for cancelled tests AND if students chooses to schedule
  • All prep materials are same as for in-person testing
  • Can use university vouchers for remote administration of tests
  • If going to a test center, allowed to wear a mask, however must remove for the speaking section
  GRE (General Test only, not subject tests) TOEFL 
Scores Available 10-15 days after test Available 6-10 days after test
Indication to Grad Schools Grad schools will not see any indication that it was taken at-home Grad schools will see "at home/remote" in place of test center code

    Equipment Requirements:

    • Computer
      • Must be a desktop or laptop computer, not a tablet or mobile device.
      • Must use Windows operating system, versions 10, 8, or 7. Cannot use an iOS operating system.
      • Can use a Mac computer, with Windows installed.
      • Must use Chrome or Firefox browser.
      • Download and install the ETS Test Browser on the computer you will use for the test. 
      • Run the ProctorU System Check from the computer you will use for the test.
    • Speaker
      • Must use an internal or external speaker to hear the proctor
      • Headsets or wireless earphones are not allowed
    • Microphone
      • Must use an internal or external microphone that is not part of a headset to communicate with the proctor
    • Camera
      • Can be a built-in camera in the computer or a separate webcam
      • Camera must be able to be moved to show the proctor a 360-degree view of the room, including your tabletop surface, before the test

    Environment & Testing Space Requirements:

    • Privacy
      • Test taker must be alone in a room
      • Not allowed to be outside of in cafe/public space
    • Tabletop & Seating
      • Your computer and keyboard must be on a desk or other tabletop surface.
      • The tabletop and surrounding area must be clear of all items not approved for use during the test.
      • No couch/bed/lying down; must be in regular chair for security purposes
      • No food and drink
    • Clothing & Appearance
      • You must be dressed appropriately for your test. You will be monitored via camera by the proctor, and your photo will be shared with institutions that receive your scores.
      • Ears must be visible throughout the test, not covered by hair/hat
      • No watches/tie clips/headbands/accessories
    • Note-taking Materials
      • You may not take notes on regular paper, for security purposes.
      • Can use a white board with erasable marker for notes  (can create a whiteboard with plain paper in a plastic protector)
      • White board must be erased in view of proctor


    • Accommodations can be requested in the test taker's ETS account:
      • Extended time
      • Extra breaks
      • Screen magnification
      • Selectable colors 
    • Many other accommodations can be requested through ETS Disability Services, provided that the test taker can supply the approved device, such as an IntelliKeys keyboard or diabetic instruments.

    Free Webinars

    • Due to the popularity of ETS's free webinars about the at home tests (2,500+ faculty, staff and student advisors have already registered to attend), ETS is extending the series with new sessions. The webinar includes a brief presentation followed by a Q&A session. Learn more and register.