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D.C. Government & Non-Profit EXPO and ResuMANIA

Career Peer Advisor Marisa Lopez '15 helps a student polish her resume during ResuMANIA.

Every year toward the end of February, a busload of Swarthmore students travels to Washington D.C. to attend the annual D.C. EXPO, a career fair featuring employers across a wide range of fields in the government and non-profit sectors.

In order to prepare Swarthmore students for this event, Marissa Deitch, Assistant Director of Career Services, leads a workshop on 'Conquering the Career Fair,' where she teaches students how to effectively navigate a room full of employers. Marissa guides the students in planning which organizations they will target; she models how to create a 'pitch' and how to dress for success.

After the workshop, the students are encouraged to attend ResuMANIA, during which trained student workers, Career Peer Advisors, as well as staff counselors review student resumes and offer tips for improvement. Over the years, several students have obtained internships or full-time employment as a result of D.C. EXPO. To learn more, drop by the Career Services office or visit our website.