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COVID-19 Post-Grad Planning

Hey Seniors! We want to help you prepare for your future! Deciding what life will be like after Swat can be overwhelming and so confusing especially during these unprecedented times!

Don’t worry! We have a solution for you…Career Services is here to help! Career Services offers a multitude of ways to connect with employers/organizations: OCR, Consortia, Virtual Events, Handshake. So let’s explore each of these one by one:

1. OCR

So what’s OCR (On-Campus Recruiting)? Employer info sessions virtually on-campus. Student learn about the employer and opportunities available.

Why is OCR important?

  • Effective way to learn about an industry
  • Smaller applicant pool = more likely to receive an interview
  • They’re coming to you virtually!
  • Start learning about the world outside of Swat

2. Consortia

Employers don’t just come on-campus. You can participate in large-scale recruiting events in conjunction with other similar schools called consortia events!

What kind of consortia events are there?

  • Interview Day: Apply online by deadline & be pre-selected to interview virtually on a given day/time
  • Career Fair: Meet in-person employers virtually on a given day/time
  • Interview Day + Career Fair: Do both!

Why are consortia events important?

  • Logistics: They’ve been planned for you -- position description, firm application deadline date, and an interview date.
  • Resources: Employers have allocated resources (financial, human) to be at these events, so they are eager to meet students.

  • Smaller Pool: competing for interviewing or meeting with the employer with a much smaller pool of applicants

3. Virtual Events

Because of COVID-19, more & more employers are hosting virtual events. Due to COVID-19, the number of organizations (employers & grad schools) wanting to connect with Swatties has increased dramatically. Video software has made it easier for them to hold info sessions, webinars and career fairs to share opportunities.

4. Handshake

Get started on Handshake. Handshake extensive database of jobs + internships + employers who want to recruit Swatties.

How to start on Handshake:

  1. Log into Handshake
  2. Fill out your profile “Career Interests” on Handshake
  3. Receive emails about opportunities that are relevant to your interests

Visit the Events tab to learn about OCR, consortia, & virtual events!

Make sure to talk to someone in Career Services 1-on-1 all about this! CPA’s Zoom drop-ins: M-F, 1-3 pm EDT. Email:

Meet with a career counselor virtually to:

  • navigate your possibilities if you’re undecided
  • establish a strategy for post-grad planning
  • do mock interviews

Make an appointment via Handshake today!

What if I’m thinking of grad school?

General Timeline:

  • Step 1: Application process starts in September and ends Dec-Feb
  • Step 2: GRE/GMAT testing takes place during application process
  • Step 3: Interviews take place in the spring semester

Application Materials: Personal Statement & Resume Career Services can help with revising your materials! Recommendation Letters. Talk to professors & supervisors


Whatever path you choose or are contemplating, don’t wait until the last minute to start thinking about these things! Get started today!

Let’s do this!


Brought to you by: Career Services

Created by: Helen Huh ‘21, Career Services Tech Intern