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Career Services 101


Meet Jane. Like you, she’s a first year student. And like you, she struggles with figuring out her future. And it frustrates her BECAUSE: So much to do! So little time! So many questions! Stress!!!

That is, before Jane had an idea…To visit Career Services!

Swarthmore College Career Services solved all those problems with Jane. Swarthmore College Career Services’ mission is to:

  • Help you gain self-understanding by…Understanding your interests, values, and skills
  • Connect with knowledge about academic majors/minors + interests outside the classroom

Do you have any idea what you want to do? What are your strengths? (Analytical, Hard-working, Communication) Do you want to make a difference in the world? Are you social-justice driven? Do you want to inspire others?

So, Jane made an appointment to talk to a career counselor to identify some potential interests to explore.

(One-on-one career counseling) During Jane’s appointment, her career counselor helped with: 

  • Applying: resume/cover letters, mock interviews, professional attire
  • Understanding how majors relate to careers
  • Identifying relevant internships/externships and alumni/mentors based on your self-understanding
  • Gaining self-understanding of your interests, skills, values

Jane’s counselor encouraged her to visit a Career Peer Advisor after their appointment. 

CPAs (Career Peer Advisors): fellow students who are trained to provide you with drop-in assistance. CPAs are trained students who can provide a student perspective on:

  1. Provide overview of internship databases & career resources
  2. Help convert a high school resume into a college one
  3. Suggest clubs & activities related to your interests
  4. Major and career interests

(Hours: M-F || 1:00 - 4:30pm)

After Jane finalized her resume, she met with the counselor to discuss how she can gain experience in her fields of interest through internships and externships.

  • Internship: Get hands-on experience for an extended period of time. Learning specific skills and exploring interests.
  • Externship: Short-term job shadowing. Great first step before committing to finding an internship

Jane asks her counselor...How can I find these opportunities?

  • Employer Information Sessions
  • Handshake (Internship database)
  • Career Education Workshops
  • Alumni Career Panels

Jane created a Handshake account and made sure to fill out the “career interests” section of her profile. That way, she can stay up to date on events and internships that fit her interests!

So Jane gets started right away! And Jane tells her friends to visit Career Services!

We are rooting for your success!

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Brought to you by: Career Services

Created by: Helen Huh ‘21, Career Services Tech Intern