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On-Campus Recruiting

We bring a number of employers to Swarthmore through our on-campus recruiting program. These employers come to campus for interview days, information sessions, panels, and other events. On-campus recruiting is managed through a system called Handshake. This system allows you to upload resumes and cover letters, browse upcoming campus visits, and apply for interview selection.

Why Should I Participate in On-campus Recruiting?

  • Great opportunity to interact with employers and interview for excellent full-time positions or internships
  • Convenient - No travel required!
  • Terrific way to learn more about companies from different industries
  • Excellent chance to connect with Swarthmore alumni

Who Interviews on Campus?

Swarthmore attracts employers from numerous industries such as investment banking, consulting, teaching, scientific research, and more. A few of the organizations who interview here include:

  • Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
  • DuPont
  • M & T Bank Corporation
  • Educational Resources Group
  • Carney Sandoe & Associates
  • Fund for Public Interest Research

Many employers visit campus to give presentations on the opportunities they offer as well as share information about the mission and culture of their organizations. Alumni frequently represent their employers at these presentations. To find out which employers are conducting information sessions at Swarthmore (or through Tri-Co), visit Handshake.  You do not need to sign-up in advance to attend an employer information session. 

Important Policies

Students are required to attend all on-campus interviews they have accepted and/or scheduled. Canceling within 24 hours of the interview day or failing to show up will result in temporary deactivation of their Handshake account. A missed interview requires students to write an apology letter to the organization. A copy must be given to Career Services (via email or hard copy) in order to reactivate the Handshake account. If students miss more than one unexcused interview, all on-campus recruiting privileges will be lost. 

Anyone who accepts a job/internship offer by voice, email, or letter is making a binding agreement with the employer. Once an offer is accepted for full-time or an internship, you are expected to stop your search and are no longer eligible to apply to positions in Handshake or participate in on-campus recruiting. It is unprofessional to continue searching once you have accepted an offer. 

Once an individual has accepted an offer, they should notify all other organizations where their application is pending and cancel any remaining interviews scheduled.

Anyone who withdraws an acceptance (i.e. reneging on an offer) after initially accepting will immediately lose all recruiting privileges. This action reflects poorly on the individual, Career Services, and the College, often causing that employer to discontinue recruiting at the College.

Swarthmore College Career Services follows the Principles for Professional Conduct established by The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and requires students, alumni and employers to practice the same principles to ensure equitable recruiting.

Read more in this guide to on-campus recruiting [pdf].