Purchase Orders

Use a purchase order number whenever possible to order equipment, supplies, etc. from companies that will accept a Swarthmore College purchase order number.

There are several ways to obtain a purchase order.

You can process your own purchase orders, if you call purchasing (x8366) to get a special code for your department.


You can submit a completed Purchase Requisition form to Purchasing. The purchase requisition must have the complete FOAPAL in order to be processed.

The name and address of the vendor must be complete, including the zip code. Be sure to include your name and your department, building, and room number in the delivery address section. This is important for internal college package sorting and delivery. If the order has been called in, check the appropriate box on the Purchasing Requisition Form to indicate that this is a confirming order.

In some instances when you must give a purchase order number with a telephone order, the Business Office will accommodate you by verbally assigning a number if you call Purchasing (x8366). It is imperative, however, that you submit a follow-up written Purchase Requisition form, including the purchase order number, and check the proper box to note that this is a confirming order, within 5 business days. Failure to do this could delay or duplicate your order.

If a verbally assigned purchase order number is not used, please call Purchasing to cancel the number so that it can be reissued. If you need to use the number for another vendor, call Purchasing and let them know the new vendor.