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Please type or write all names legibly on invoices. Do not use initials.

When you receive an invoice from a vendor and are ready to request that it be paid (i.e., your order has arrived and is satisfactory to you), date and sign the original invoice, and code it with the FOAPAL to be charged. Forward the original invoice only to Purchasing. Keep a copy for your files. The Controller's Office can only pay from an original. If an original is not available, please call Purchasing (Barbara Turner, ext. 8366) for instructions.

If sales tax has been added, be sure to remove it and change the total before submitting the invoice. A Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate with the College tax exempt number can be requested from Purchasing and sent with payment. Circle the amount to be paid.

Some invoices indicate the possibility of a discount if they are paid within a given time period; if your invoice qualifies for a discount, re-total it before submission.

Please do not sign on the portion of a bill that is to be returned with a check. When this portion of the bill is detached and mailed back to the company, your coding is lost.

Enclosures: If you want something enclosed with a check, it should be attached with a paper clip. If something is to remain with an invoice, it should be stapled to the back of the invoice.

Always circle the amount to be paid.