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Accounts Payable Guidance


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Accounts Payable Operations Guidance

The Business Office continues to monitor and respond to the changes in operations due to the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), and we are working to minimize disruption to payment processes. As such, and in the interest of mitigating the spread of COVID-19, we are implementing the following new practices regarding invoice, expense reimbursement, and payment processing during this period of modified College operations. 

The Accounts Payable (AP)  team will continue to offer its complete range of services during this period of modified College operations.Effective immediately, the Business Office will accept  electronic submissions of invoices and expense reimbursements. Please see below for detailed instructions.

During this period of modified operations, AP will process payments within 15 business days from receipt in the Business Office. If you have an urgent payment request, questions, or need clarification on any of the outlined procedures, please contact Associate Controller, Beth Baksi at or 610-690-2042.


Invoices that have been approved and coded for payment should be scanned and submitted electronically via email to Note that the submission of physical hardcopy invoices might be delayed for up to 1 week as essential workers are on a very limited basis on campus. 

Vendors are often willing to email invoices rather than sending via mail, and this is a good time to switch to such electronic billing. If you are unsure how to contact a vendor in order to switch to electronic invoice delivery, please contact a member of the Purchasing team: Pat Hearty (phearty1) or Patti Braun (pbraun1). 

Financial managers are still required to approve and code all invoices. However, electronic signatures & coding will be accepted. For invoices that are received electronically from vendors, the financial manager can provide the coding and approval in the body of an email that is simply forwarded to Please indicate the name of the vendor and the invoice due date in the subject of the email. 

Invoices received through the physical mail will be held by the Post Office for 24-48 hours, along with all other physical mail, to ensure safe handling.The sorted mail will then be arranged for delivery with departments. Please discuss with your department chair or President’s Staff member on the preferred method for review of mailed documents. Additionally, if you have any scheduling concerns or questions, please reach out to Vincent Vagnozzi, manager of fleet and postal operations, at or 610-328-7893.

Check Requests and Reimbursements

Check requests and reimbursement requests can be submitted by sending an electronic copy of the form along with supporting documentation to Check requests and reimbursements must be coded and approved by the financial manager as normal.  However, electronic signatures & coding via email will be accepted. 

Check requests and reimbursement forms can be found on the Business Office website. The form may be completed electronically via the following procedures: 

Download the form and fill it out electronically, including an electronic signature, using a program such as Adobe Acrobat; or 

Scan a signed hardcopy and remit that scanned copy of the original.

If neither of those two methods are possible, a financial manager should approve the check request or expense reimbursement by writing in the body of the email “Approved for Payment”when submitting the payment request to Please indicate the name of the payee in the subject of the email.