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Life on the Hill: Policy and Politics in Action

Randall Keith Benjamin, II '09 (right) is a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Emerging Leader Intern for Representative Kendrick Meek (FL-D17)

As students, Black Studies constantly challenged us to be conscious and aware of all sides of an argument or opinion before coming to a conclusion or proposing an answer. We were forced to dig beyond the surface.

One of the tools Black Studies equipped me with was the ability to neither be silent nor deterred by the issues that were and are pertinent to Black folk. I am very clear that for the world to improve all hands must be on deck; however, I also am clear about what part I believe I will be able to play in making that process.

Working on Capitol Hill as a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Intern with Representative Kendrick Meek's Office gives me an inside look into how policy and politics both negatively and positively affect the lives of my community and the continued push for progress. Personally, I prefer being in the trenches directly serving the people, but I now understand how critical it is to be versed in all the issues, agencies, and levels of government that can either be a hindrance or a help. Before a solution can ever be derived, all the problems must be acknowledged.