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BCC Links

Protest and Change

1969 Admissions Office Sit-in

Swarthmore's Crisis of 1969: A Look Back

Students protest "racialized" police treatment

Student Work and Accomplishments

Your Gifts Ensure the Exceptional

Swarthmore College Students Take the Lead on Sudan

Faculty and Staff

Class Tension Among Blacks Not New, But Now More Intense,
Says Swarthmore College Historian- Dr. Allison Dorsey

ENGL 009S. First-Year Seminar: Black Liberty, Black Literature

Disturbing the Peace of Racism: An Oral History of the Oral Historian Kathryn Morgan

Unity in ideas: The Black Cultural Center
Timothy E. Sams, BCC director

RELIGION 33: Black Women and Religion in the United States.

Book by Swarthmore Sociologist Explores Black Experience on U.S. Campuses

Diversity Then and Now


1996 Alumni Gospel Choir,  by Hayley S. Thomas '93

Not All Black and White: Affirmative Action and American Values
by Christopher Edley, Jr '73

Black in Africa
Vincent Jones '98 visits the Motherland--and discovers there that he's truly an American.

The Crucible of Character: A Personal Account of Swarthmore's Crisis of 1969, By Clinton Etheridge '69

The Choir


1975 Alice Paul and the Women's Center

"Black Political Issues Forum 2000" to Be Held at Swarthmore College

1970 Black Cultural Center