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Backup Copy Black History Month

For over 30 years Swarthmore College has recognized the historical, intellectual and cultural achievements and contributions of African Americans through the celebration of Black History Month. While the college makes a special note of these accomplishments during the month of February, it holds fast to the belief that the heritage and work of African Americans must be celebrated throughout the entire year. This belief and commitment is manifested in the work of The Black Studies Program, The Black Cultural Center as well as other departments, offices and student organizations across the college.

Swarthmore's observance of Black History Month is the responsibility of the entire College. All segments of the campus community are invited to sponsor and co-sponsor Black History Month events. This way the college achieves a comprehensive offering of programs and events, as well as greater participation from various segments of the community.

It is, however, The Black Cultural Center's responsibility to oversee the month's activities by lending support to various efforts and by fashioning the month's calendar. Therefore, what you find in our Black History Month's Calendar is an array of contributions and a diverse set of activities representing a true campus community effort.

All members of the Swarthmore College and its surrounding communities are invited and encouraged to attend these events. We hope that you find them engaging, educational and fun. If you have any questions please contact The Black Cultural Center.