Nominate: Help Us Shine a Light on Compelling Alumni

Class of 2011 at Alumni Weekend


Now in its second year, the Aydelotte Foundation’s Frank 5 Fellows pilot program works to discover how we think and talk about liberal arts education.

Year two will focus on drawing from the everyday lives of a new cohort of liberal arts graduates under the age of 30. The Fellows will turn to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and members of their communities to find out about their impressions and experiences of liberal arts education.

The Aydelotte Foundation seeks alums who are open to wide-ranging conversations about their educations and lives. We hope to find Fellows who are willing to tell their stories richly and fully in order to help us create new opportunities for conversation about liberal arts education. We will be asking them to reflect, over the course of the year, on the meanings and influences of liberal arts education within their own lives and across their social networks.

The Aydelotte Foundation looks to faculty, staff, alumni and current students to identify candidates who can help us create new opportunities for conversation with public audiences about liberal arts education. We want to see a diversity of careers, lives, and roles. Fellows do not need to be traditionally-defined high-achievers who are conventionally successful. Rather, we seek candidates who are curious, open-minded and introspective. This is an ideal opportunity for someone who has an adroit sense of how to convene engaging, honest conversations with the people around them.

Do you know an alum who fits this profile? Please nominate them for the Frank 5 Fellows program by completing this online form. We will need the names and email addresses of candidates who likely graduated in 2009 or later. The Aydelotte Foundation will reach out to them and let them know that you have nominated them and to encourage them to apply.

The deadline for nominations is February 19, 2018.


Don’t Wait to Be Nominated!

Are you a Swat grad under age 30 who is interested in having conversations with public audiences about the liberal arts? If yes, please apply now. No need to be nominated!

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