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Mission, Purpose & Objectives

Swarthmore softball coach Renee Clark and visiting assistant professor Elaine Allard (Educational Studies) partnered up for the Aydelotte Foundation’s faculty seminar on pedagogy.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Frank Aydelotte Foundation for the Advancement of the Liberal Arts is to inspire the quality and inventiveness of Swarthmore College’s liberal arts practices and to promote the understanding of the Liberal Arts in higher education, throughout society, and around the world.


The Foundation draws on Swarthmore College’s reputation for innovation and tradition and its worldwide network to serve, support, and evolve the role of liberal arts education on the national and international stage. The Foundation’s work is based on the following objectives.


The Aydelotte Foundation believes that an ideal intellectual community is one that:

  • Stimulates its members to be aware of innovative scholarly and pedagogical practices.
  • Is deeply aware of the intellectual work and teaching practices of its members.
  • Responds publicly, via individual viewpoints, to current public debate in higher education and the liberal arts.
  • Investigates and makes known to a broad audience the influence of liberal arts education over the course of a person's life.