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How to Apply for Support

Maurice Eldridge '61 read a poem from The Hungry Ear during the final meeting of the Aydelotte Foundation's book group on food.

Step 1: Consultation

Interested in producing a liberal arts initiative with the support of the Aydelotte Foundation? Interested faculty members and staff are encouraged to contact Pam Shropshire, the Associate Director of the Aydelotte Foundation, at, who can set up a consultation meeting with members of the Executive Committee to brainstorm on the idea.

Note: The Aydelotte Foundation supports opportunities that wouldn't otherwise have a means of support at the College. The Aydelotte Foundation is particularly interested in initiatives that create a space for faculty learning and engagement; that initiate rigorous and creative conversation and experimentation on the liberal arts; and/or that generally advance liberal arts education in the world at large. To learn more about the Aydelotte Foundation and its mission, visit

Step 2: Application Submission

Download and fill out the application [pdf]. Note: If the initiative appears to be an appropriate fit for Aydelotte Foundation support after the initial consultation, Executive Committee members will work with the project leader(s) to develop the proposal, if desired.

Step 3: Application Review

Submitted applications are reviewed by the Aydelotte Foundation on a rolling basis, but applications should be submitted with sufficient lead time to allow for a thoughtful review.

Step 4: Implementation

If a proposal is approved by the Aydelotte Foundation, the Associate Director will partner with the project leader(s) to execute the initiative. (Note: each initiative is different. Particular tasks and responsibilities to be determined in consultation with the Associate Director.)  

Step 5: Evaluation

On completion of the initiative, project leader(s) will be asked to submit a brief narrative (format to be provided) which talks about the experience, assesses how the articulated initiative goals were met and shares any learning gathered through the process.

Please contact Pam Shropshire at with any questions or concerns that you may have.