How Frank 5 Stories Will Be Told

Career panel featuring the 2017-18 Frank 5 Fellows on September 28, 2017.

The Frank 5 program aims to bring a wider range of people into conversations about higher education and the liberal arts. By talking about the evolving careers, achievements and challenges of college graduates and investigating the perceptions of liberal arts education within their extended social networks, the Aydelotte Foundation hopes to learn more about how people think about liberal arts education.

Each Fellow will partner with a faculty/staff member who will help to curate the conversation and guide the Fellow through the year. As part of their fellowship year, Fellows commit to participating in the following activities.

  • Profile featured on Aydelotte Foundation web and social sites
  • Brief group visits to campus (1 fall + 1 spring) for public workshops and other small group activities
  • Conversations convened during the fellowship year by the Fellow with members of one of their social networks about perceptions of liberal arts education and its practices.
  • Podcasts collaboratively edited by the Fellows and Swarthmore partners that showcase and discuss the conversations within their social networks.
  • Host Your Own event*

*Host Your Own: Each Fellow will promote, host and share (on social media) a customized event in their region some time during the year that showcases their interests and offers up an informal and hands-on opportunity that welcomes public audiences into the liberal arts experience. Be creative—make the event your own! You’ll have a budget of up to $1,000 for production and promotion.

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