Frank 5 Fellows

2017-18 Frank 5 Fellows (left to right) Sam Sussman, Nell Bang-Jensen, Kimberly St. Julian Varnon, Kara Peterman, Marissa Davis


The Frank 5 Fellows program (named for Frank Aydelotte, one of Swarthmore’s past presidents) is now heading into its second year. Launched by the Aydelotte Foundation in 2017, it seeks to spark conversation around the evolving careers and life choices of liberal arts graduates. The 2018-19 Fellows will be announced this fall.

Through the stories of five young alums and the people in their lives, we hope to listen in to the national conversation about liberal arts education and to help kindle and sustain new conversations with public audiences, including both those who feel a strong affinity for the liberal arts and those who are uncertain of its value.


The Frank 5 Podcasts Are Here!

Want to know what’s on the minds of recent grads? Listen in on conversations between the Frank 5 Fellows and their faculty partners. In our new podcast series , the Fellows talk about life outside the classroom, first days on the job, and the meaning of success. A life-long obsession with Russia is revealed, along with the importance of a good chest pass, and much more.


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