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Frank 5 Fellows

2018-19 Frank 5 Fellows at the PhillyCAM studio with members of their youth group.

The Frank 5 Fellows program (named for Frank Aydelotte, one of Swarthmore’s past presidents) is now heading into its second year. Launched by the Aydelotte Foundation in 2016, the program seeks to spark conversation around the evolving careers and life choices of liberal arts graduates.

Through the stories of five young alums and the people in their lives, we hope to listen in to the national conversation about liberal arts education and to help kindle and sustain new conversations with public audiences, including both those who feel a strong affinity for the liberal arts and those who are uncertain of its value.


Meet the 2018-19 Fellows

The Aydelotte Foundation welcomes a new cohort of Frank 5 Fellows this fall. Our 2018-19 Fellows come from the worlds of journalism, startups, education, innovation and public policy. We hope that you check out their bios and engage with their personal stories.

  • Bridget Boakye: Writer, activist and entrepreneur engaging the African Diaspora to address challenges on the continent
  • Paloma Perez: Policy communications specialist on a mission to pass the mic to the underserved
  • Dr. Lorenzo Ramirez: Scientist with a focus on motivating and supporting low income and underrepresented STEM students
  • Riana Shah: Bad ass entrepreneur & WOC using innovation, strategy and tech to increase access to opportunity
  • Dina Zingaro: Journalist who questions accepted convention so that the voices quieted by those in power are not silenced


The Frank 5 Podcasts Are Here!

And, don’t forget to listen to the our new podcast series featuring our 2017-18 Fellows. The Fellows talk about life outside the classroom, first days on the job, and the meaning of success. A life-long obsession with Russia is revealed, along with the importance of a good chest pass, and much more.


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