AF Incubator 17-18: Chromatic Cabinet

The Aydelotte Foundation's support for new and experimental forms of intellectual life at Swarthmore and beyond continues in 17-18 with support for Chromatic Cabinet, a group of faculty and staff from across the college who meet regularly to discuss color. The group's interests are broad and touch on the physics, perception, linguistics, history, sociology, literature, and philosophy of color. Each meeting is led by one member of the group, focusing on an area of interest usually related to their expertise. The group (which welcomes new members) will meet every few weeks over the course of the academic year and has a blog that shares digital resources with the entire college community. Physical resources (such as books and physics demonstrations of color) will be shared in a physical cabinet that will appear at various locations around campus. The group also coordinates field trips to various color-related sites. Co-conveners Tristan Smith (Physics) and Logan Grider (Art) can be contacted for more information.