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AF Faculty Dinner Discussions

Grace Ledbetter, convener of the Aydelotte dinners.


The Aydelotte Foundation continues our support for an initiative that helps faculty get to know their colleagues’ scholarly work more deeply. Convened by Associate Professor Grace Ledbetter (Classics and Philosophy), Aydelotte Foundation Faculty Dinner Discussions occur several times over the course of each semester. At these dinners, a small group of faculty gather to discuss a short piece of published work by a colleague. Dinner conversation encompasses a brief presentation of the work by the featured author and also questions posed by the group. This is a dinner-party, Swarthmore-style.


Here’s the schedule for 2018-19 dinners:

  • October 11: Lara Cohen (English Literature), "Solomon Northup's Singing Book"
  • November 29: Daniel Laurison (Sociology and Anthropology), "The Room Where it Happens: Campaign Staff and Consultants in American National Elections"
  • December 6: Gwynn Kessler (Religion), "The Queer Bible"
  • February 21: Megan Brown (History), “The Absurdity of Algeria: French Supremacy in Europe from Independence to the Empty Chair (1962-1965)"
  • March 7: Ahmad Shokr (History), “Cotton Nationalism and the End of Empire in Egypt, 1919-1965”
  • March 28: José Vergara (Russian), “Plagiarism in Contemporary Russian Fiction: The Case of Mikhail Shishkin’s Borrowings”