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AF Consultancy

The Aydelotte Foundation at Swarthmore College focuses on the idea of liberal arts: what do we mean when we say the term? It also examines what we do in the name of liberal arts, both at Swarthmore and across higher education. We look behind the scenes and into the histories of liberal education, ranging from high-minded rhetoric about the aims of liberal arts education to the operations of everyday business in administrative and faculty offices.

We offer cost-free consultancy services to individuals, organizations, office, departments, and programs at Swarthmore. If you would like to talk through an idea or project in its early stages, re-examine an existing initiative or practice, or solve an intractable problem, we are available to assist you.

Why might you turn to us rather than an external consultant or a colleague in your own department or office? Where external consultants often lack context and knowledge about our particular type of institution, we have deep knowledge of our institution’s particular affordances and challenges and can therefore provide focused advice. And where your immediate colleague and collaborators have deep knowledge about the institution, they may be so deeply embedded in your own context that they miss some opportunities.

We have advised clients inside and outside Swarthmore on a range of questions, including but not limited to: the creation of new curricular units and programs; experimental pedagogies; the faculty governance process; global liberal arts education; faculty development across the disciplines; the relationship between higher education and its publics; questions of assessment in liberal arts contexts; faculty-staff relations; and comparative curricular research.

Whether you have a blue-sky idea for a new institutional program, a struggling or fractured initiative that needs fresh eyes, or simply want to know what the available and imaginable choices might be in relation to a problem you want to solve, we and our affiliates have knowledge and experience available to help you focus and shape your thinking. We approach all of our consultancy work outside of institutional governance. Like any consultants, what we provide is advice and insight. Implementation if up to you.

If you are part of an organization outside Swarthmore, you may be able to take advantage of our services as part of our pilot project to extend AFC into other institutional contexts on a sliding-scale fee basis. Feel free to get in touch.