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2017-18 Frank 5 Fellows

This Is What the Liberal Arts Looks Like

Meet five liberal arts grads under age 30 who have been selected to represent five different fields of work. The five Fellows in the 2017-18 cohort come from the worlds of business, engineering, the arts and education, and represent a wide range of career paths and possibilities. 


2017-18 Frank 5 Fellow: Arts & Culture

Nell Bang-JensenNell Bang-Jensen, Age 28

“I believe in art that causes revolutions of consciousness.”

Associate Artistic Director, Pig Iron Theatre Company and Adjunct Professor, The University of the Arts

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2017-18 Frank 5 Fellow: Business ● Law & Policy

Marissa DavisMarissa Davis, Age 29

“Bridging gaps across differences by leading with empathy."

Co-Founder, Adopt a Degree

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2017-18 Frank 5 Fellow: Education

Kimberly St. Julian-VarnonKimberly St. Julian-Varnon, Age 27

“Live the life of the mind. Learn every day; it’s how you know you are alive.”

High School Teacher, Dayton High School and Adjunct Professor, Lee College

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2017-18 Frank 5 Fellow: STEM ● Healthcare

Kara PetermanDr. Kara Peterman, Age 29

“Why not include engineering in the liberal arts?”

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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2017-18 Frank 5 Fellow: Wildcard

Sam SussmanSam Sussman, Age 26

“Find the best in others and let others find the best in you.”

Founder/Director, Extend

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