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Department Overview

The Aydelotte Foundation is a new interdisciplinary research center and intellectual community located at Swarthmore College. We aim to support the creation and dissemination of knowledge about liberal arts education as it exists across the broadest possible range of contexts and institutions. We seek to bring a spirit of experimentation and optimism to the project of discovering and sharing new forms of knowledge about liberal arts education in collaboration with a wide range of existing researchers, policymakers, and practitioners currently thinking about liberal arts education. Learn more

What is liberal arts education?

But we aim to find out. 

Join us as we start to learn from and support existing and new research on the past, present, and future of liberal arts education. 

liberal arts test tube

On campus

Convened by Ayse Kaya (Political Science) and Carina Yervasi (French & Francophone and Black Studies), the popular Second Tuesday Cafe lunchtime series for faculty and staff returns this fall. The 2018-19 Cafes will draw from diverse disciplines and approaches and showcase ways in which the “global” is reflected in Swarthmore faculty’s research.

Image from 2017-18 Cafe

2018-19 Frank 5 Fellows

Led by the Aydelotte Foundation’s Senior Associate Director, Pam Shropshire, the Frank 5 Fellows program follows five recent graduates over the course of a year. The program aims to demystify liberal arts education and spark conversation around the careers and life choices of actual liberal arts graduates.

Meet the 2018-19 Fellows

The Aydelotte Foundation welcomes a new cohort of Frank 5 Fellows this fall. Our 2018-19 Fellows come from the worlds of journalism, startups, education, innovation and public policy. We hope that you check out their bios and engage with their personal stories.

PhillyCAM Collaboration

For more on the Fellowship experience, watch this piece produced by the youth group of our community partner, PhillyCAM. The piece looks at media representation, talks with the 2017-18 Fellows (beginning at 4:39 minutes) and explores community media.


And, don’t forget to listen to the podcasts featuring the 2017-18 Fellows. The Fellows talk about life outside the classroom, first days on the job, and the meaning of success. A life-long obsession with Russia is revealed, along with the importance of a good chest pass, and much more.