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Countdown Year Reunion Volunteers

Alumni wave during the annual Parade of Classes


Connecting classmates to each other and to the College is the foundation of countdown year reunion volunteer activity. Since reunions at Swarthmore are celebrated every five years (5th, 10th, 15th, etc.), countdown years are those years between reunions.

When reunion year celebrations are over, fundraising ends and the focus is now on relationship-building. Countdown reunion volunteers connect with their class in ways that work for them: phone, email, texts, social media, even over coffee. There are four years to casually build a stronger network of class connections that will help when the next reunion planning year arrives in the five-year reunion cycle.

Countdown reunion volunteers can also use these years to ask other classmates to join as a countdown reunion volunteer. Class connections can be strengthened by things like planning a small informal event, sending photos, or contacting distant, out-of-touch classmates. Staff support is less individualized in the countdown years than in reunion year.