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Reunion Volunteer FAQ

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about reunion planning and implementation for volunteers.

Reunion Volunteer 101

What are my responsibilities as a Committee member? 

As a reunion volunteer, you are essential in helping to plan and promote reunion activities throughout the year, fundraising, and connecting with classmates. View a detailed list of key responsibilities. ​​​

What is the volunteer timeline? 

Now that we are celebrating reunion milestones throughout the year, classes will have the opportunity to plan quarterly events in addition to all-alumni programming planned by the Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement. In addition, an official class letter will be sent via email once a semester. View the full reunion timeline. 

How can I send a letter to my classmates?​​​

If you are planning to write an all-class letter, please allow 10 business days for the email to be formatted and sent. Whenever possible, we encourage classes to communicate electronically through the volunteer portal.​​​​

How can I find my classmates' contact information? 

You can find classmate contact information, and contact them directly, through the volunteer portal. To access the portal, sign into the Alumni Online Community at, click on “Volunteers,” and then select your class year. From there, you can click “Classmates.” A list of your classmates and their contact information, if available, should appear.  

Can I share classmate information with someone who is not a Committee volunteer?

No. As per the confidentiality agreement, only Committee volunteers can use the information found in the online portal. The Alumni Online Community “Directory” feature allows classmates to contact fellow alumni who have opted into peer-to-peer outreach. ​​​​​


What types of virtual activities can we plan? 

Many activities you would have planned for an in-person gathering can also be executed via Zoom! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Paint night
  • Wine/beer/chocolate tasting​​​​​
  • TED-style talks on hobbies, interests, or research​​​​​​
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Book club discussions
  • Debate, BINGO, or Open Mic Nights
  • Social drop-ins or happy hours
  • Breakout room networking or discussions
  • Panel discussions
Can we have our reunion session recorded? 

Yes. If you would like your Zoom session to be recorded, please let your staff liaison know. A Google Drive link will be shared with you following the event. Please note: when a Zoom session is recorded, chat logs (both public and private) are automatically saved.

Is there registration for digital reunion events?

Yes. In order to attend a digital event and receive the event link, classmates must register online. Your Swarthmore staff liaison will create a registration form for you. 

How do we get access to a Zoom link?​​​​​

Your Swarthmore staff liaison will provide you with a Zoom link for your event.


What is my class giving goal?

You can find your class goals on the volunteer portal. To access the portal, sign into the Alumni Online Community, click on “Volunteers,” and select your class year. 

Where can I find information about gifts my classmates have made towards our reunion? 

You can find your class goals on the volunteer portal. To access the portal, sign into the Alumni Online Community, click on “Volunteers,” and select your class year. 

I was supposed to have my reunion in 2020. Is my class still fundraising for reunion in 2021? 

No. Those classes currently in a reunion cycle — class years ending in 1 or 6 and the Class of 2019 — are actively fundraising during fiscal year 2021. Alumni in class years ending in 0 and 5 and the Class of 2018 will fundraise as part of their next reunion cycle in 2024–25. 


Helpful Resources for Reunion Committees

• About Reunion Committees

• Key Responsibilities for Committee Members and Staff Liaisons

• Reunion Planning Timeline

Reunion Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Volunteer Portal

Your link to your classmates and fundraising information. Our new volunteer tool in the Alumni Online Community allows you to select your own assignments, send one-click personalized messages to classmates, and receive real-time updates on your fundraising progress. To access the volunteer portal, log into the Online Community and click on the "Volunteer" tab. Please note: you must activate your Online Community account before you can gain access to the portal. 


Reunion Committee Staff Liaisons

2nd–50th Reunions
Katie Kuzoian
Associate Director, Alumni & Parent Engagement

Garnet Sages and Affinity Networks
Caitlin Halloran Edwards 
Associate Director, Alumni & Parent Engagement