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Key Responsibilities

Alumni look at class lists at Alumni Weekend

Reunion Committee Key Responsibilities

  • Reconnect classmates with Swarthmore and encourage fellow alumni to participate in Reunion programming throughout the year.
  • Participate on committee Zoom calls to plan your digital reunion celebration experience.
  • Encourage classmates to make a gift to Swarthmore.
  • Generate ideas for quarterly digital activities, such as a lecture or panel discussion. A form to submit your ideas will be available in the fall.
  • Articulate why giving back to Swarthmore matters to you and encourage classmates to support current and future generations of students through peer-to-peer outreach and two Reunion Committee emails.
  • Develop a fundraising plan and creative strategies to utilize digital tools to fundraise.
  • Use our online volunteer portal to connect with classmates throughout the year.
  • Collect nostalgic photos and memories and share with classmates on social media.
  • Help us track down and re-engage “lost” alumni.
  • Last, but not least, lead the way by making a gift that is meaningful to you in honor of your reunion


Time Commitment

The approximate time commitment to serve on a Reunion Committee is 1–3 hours per month. Committee members will reach out to classmates, plan and attend digital events, fundraise, and meet as a committee over Zoom every other month. View the reunion planning timeline

If you are interested in volunteering for a Reunion Committee, please fill out this form. Your Swarthmore staff liaison will be in touch with you in early fall to officially kick off your work as a Reunion Committee. 

Swarthmore Staff Liaison Responsibilities

Reunion volunteers can expect Swarthmore staff to:

  • Serve as a resource for reunion digital event planning and oversee marketing and technology management.  
  • Train reunion volunteers on activity planning, fundraising, and the reunion volunteer portal. 
  • Support virtual events to ensure the technology is working properly.
  • Provide regular and accurate giving metrics through the volunteer portal.
  • Provide Zoom meeting rooms for virtual events. 
  • Plan and implement general reunion events, such as all-alumni virtual events, speakers, and virtual campus tours.
  • Coordinate the registration process for virtual reunion activities throughout the year. 
  • Send the fall and spring class emails. 

Helpful Resources for Reunion Committees

• About Reunion Committees

• Key Responsibilities for Committee Members and Staff Liaisons

• Reunion Planning Timeline

Reunion Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Volunteer Portal

Your link to your classmates and fundraising information. Our new volunteer tool in the Alumni Online Community allows you to select your own assignments, send one-click personalized messages to classmates, and receive real-time updates on your fundraising progress. To access the volunteer portal, log into the Online Community and click on the "Volunteer" tab. Please note: you must activate your Online Community account before you can gain access to the portal. 


Reunion Committee Staff Liaisons

2nd–50th Reunions
Katie Kuzoian
Associate Director, Alumni & Parent Engagement

Garnet Sages and Affinity Networks
Caitlin Halloran Edwards 
Associate Director, Alumni & Parent Engagement