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Alison Holliday

Welcome to the Holliday Lab!

Department Overview

Welcome to the Holliday Lab!

My lab uses analytical chemistry to answer environmental questions. In particular, we have active projects to investigate the chirality of pesticide biodegradation and to map the chemical ecology of beetle secretions.

Most of this research is completed by Swarthmore undergraduate students, who have the opportunity to work independently and make contributions to published research.

In addition to research, I teach a course on analytical methods and instrumentation (Chem 43) and an upper year seminar on topics in environmental chemistry (Chem 103). I am also active in the general chemistry curriculum, teaching general chemistry (Chem 10), a chemistry course for non-majors (Chem 1), and a first year seminar on food chemistry (Chem 2). I am involved in the Environmental Studies program at Swarthmore.

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