Hopkins Swarthmore Faculty

After joining Swarthmore College in 1967, Professor Hopkins has served on a variety of committees and posts. He has served on the Council on Educational Policy, served as president of the AAUP, and on faculty representative of presidential search committees. Within his department, he has twice been department chair, and then for seven years directed the College-wide public policy program. His brief resume and curriculum vitae provide a synopsis of his background. Following work in Africa in 1965-96 he has consulted with UN and World Bank agencies on food security.  He lived in Rome in 1986-7, 1991-2, 1996 including serving as a delegate the November UN World Food Summit, and in 2002.   

1967: Hopkins began teaching at Swarthmore

Professor Hopkins 1967


Professor Hopkins 1995

1995: Hopkins received his Richter Professorship



2001: Hopkins
in class on
global problems
and institutions


2007:  College spring retirement picture

Alexander January 22, 2012

J2007-8: New grandsons Nico and Theo [below]

Nico November 30, 2008

Theo December 1, 2007



Aria, September 30, 2012