Swarthmore College, Fall 2007
Stat 1 - Statistical Thinking

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This is the home page for Statistics 1.

11/19/07 - Exam 2 answers: 1exam2-2007-answers.doc

11/12/07 - Here's a template for the posters. It's one giant PowerPoint slide.

11/5/07 - Homework 6 is posted under "course documents," below.

Plus one more link:
1notes2nov07.ppt - PowerPoint slides for class 11/02.

10/29/07 - Three links:
1homework5.doc - Homework 5, due 11/2
1notes29oct07.ppt - PowerPoint slides for class 10/29.
1projects-207.doc" - project handout 10/29.

10/21/07 - Tomorrow's miniquiz is on Chapter 13 (distributions, including normal distributions), and NOT Chapter 14.

Here's homework 4, due Friday Oct. 26: 1homework4-2007.html

10/3/07 - Some links:
blogs at www.pollster.com; used to be "mystery pollster"

10/3/07 - What's on the exam? 1preexam1.doc

Note also: All three homework sets are now posted below under "course documents."

Also: I'll miss office hours on Thursday, except maybe by appointment early in the afternoon, so send me an email if you need to see me.

9/18/07 - I'll miss my office hours on Thursday, 9/19, but I'll be here till at least 4:30 today (Wed. 9/18) and also most of the afternoon Friday.

Here's a link to the USA Today article on the civics test: http://www.usatoday.com/news/education/2007-09-17-history-test_N.htm. The USA Today article has a link to the test itself, and from there you can get to the rankings and the organization's other pages.

9/17/07 - Try this link [link fixed 9/19; if there's an ad just wait it out] to the New York Times Magazine article by Gary Taubes. If that doesn't work, just go to www.nytimes.com and search (at their site) for "Taubes bad science"; you want the article dated Sept. 16. Please read it for Wednesday, or at least to the second subheading (the paragraph starting "No one questions the value..."). We'll discuss it Wednesday and then start checking the references.

9/17/07 - Here's homework 2, due Friday, 9/21/07: 1homework2-2007.html

9/7/07 - Here's homework 1, due next Friday, 9/14/07 (sorry, not Friday 9/16): 1homework1-2007.html

9/7/07 - OK, here's a statistical claim we can check up on: aboutbees.html. The claim is that the cause of "colony collapse disorder" in bees might be a particular virus.

8/24/07 - Want to get a jump on the first day's topic? Start here. Sex, stereotypes, statistics, a famous Swat alum, an actual mathematical proof, and imaginary numbers all in the same article. What more can you ask for? It was all on the front page of the NY Times Week in Review on August 12.

If the link doesn't work, try this one. Or go to the NY Times site, do any registering you have to, and search for "Kolata Gale Graham prom".

UPDATE: Here are some followup articles, including a response in the NYT by Kolata and Gale: 03sep07.html

8/24/07 - Here's the text:
Moore and Notz, Statistics: Concepts and Controversies, 6rd ed., W. H. Freeman, ISBN 0-7167-8636-2.
It has a website of its own.

Course documents:
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ztable.doc - 1-page normal table, from class Oct. 22-24.
classworksheet-24oct07.doc - 1-page worksheet 10/24/07

1preexam1.doc - "What's on the Exam" #1 (2-page WORD, 10/3/07)

1homework6-2007.html - homework 6, due 11/9/07
1homework5-2007.doc - homework 5, due 11/2/07 (Word document)
1homework4-2007.html - homework 4, due 10/26/07
1homework3-2007.html - homework 3, due 10/5/07
1homework2-2007.html - homework 2, due 9/21/07
1homework1-2007.html - homework 1, due 9/14/07

1Schedule.htm -- schedule (as of 10/21/07)
1Schedule.xls -- schedule (as of 10/21/07) (Excel version)
1Schedule-1.xls -- schedule (original version, Excel)
1CourseInfo.html -- syllabus (preliminary 8/24/07)

Course info:    (or see syllabus)
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Class: Science Center L26, MWF 10:30-11:20am.

Instructor:   Walter Stromquist
   Office: Science Center 159.
   Office hours: Tu-Thur 1:30-3:30 or whenever.
   Email: wstromq1@swarthmore.edu
   Phone: Cell 610-220-4382 (ok to leave messages).
   Office phone 610-690-6827 (please don't leave messages).
   For snow emergencies on class days, call the office phone 610-690-6827 after 9:30am.

Text:   Moore and Notz, Statistics: Concepts and Controversies, 6rd ed., W. H. Freeman, ISBN 0-7167-8636-2.

Course objectives:  We'll read the entire text. (That shouldn't be too painful; it is well written and has just the right amount of material.) We'll look for uses of statistics in science, politics, and the news generally---mainly, uses of statistics to persuade---and apply what we have learned to analyze and critique them. We'll use Excel and become masters of Excel's data-handling and statistical features. Finally, we'll do projects and, in the process, learn how to make those giant 2-foot-by-3-foot scholarly posters you see in the Commons.

Web site:    http://www.swarthmore.edu/NatSci/wstromq1/stat1-2007/index.html

Course requirements:   Homework due weekly on Fridays. (Stat clinic is available on Wednesday and Thursday night.) Chapter mini-quizzes weekly on Mondays. Two exams, tentatively about Oct. 5 and Nov. 16. Projects in the form of posters analyzing some statistical claim found in science or the news. Final exam.

From the catalog:  "Statistics provides methods for collecting and analyzing data and generalizing from their results. Statistics is used in a wide variety of fields, and this course provides an understanding of the role of statistics in these fields and in everyday life. It is intended for students who want an appreciation of statistics, including the ability to interpret and evaluate statistical claims critically but who do not imagine they will ever need to carry out statistical analyses themselves. (Those who may need to carry out statistical analyses should take STAT 011.) This course cannot be counted toward a major in mathematics, is not a prerequisite for any other course, and cannot be taken for credit after or simultaneously with any other statistics course, including AP Statistics and ECON 031."

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