Discrete Algorithmic Mathematics, 3/e (aka DAM3) was published by A K Peters Ltd in July 2004. In 2011 A K Peters became part of the Taylor & Francis Group of CRC Press. Their website for DAM3 is here. The latest errata list can be found under "Downloads Updates" on that page. Also on that page is information about solution manuals (a complete manual for instructors, a selected solutions manual for sale to students).

The first edition (DAM1) was published by Addison-Wesley in 1991. The second edition, which really just corrected typos, was published by A K Peters in 1998. DAM3 is a substantial revision, aimed primarily at a one-semester course.

If you are still using DAM1 or DAM2, here is our Errata List for DAM1 and 2 as a pdf.

(Last updated 12/13/12)