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    About Me

    I am a professor of mathematics and former chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

    About to have me as a teacher, or curious about my teaching philosophy? Read my Teaching Statement. You might also like to look at How I Learn. How do You?

    Here is a brief statement explaining Who Am I? If you want a longer, more personal description, read my Mathematical Autobiography. I often ask students to write their math autobiographies, and I am happy to give you this one of me in turn.

    Or, you can read my much longer, drier, but very complete curriculum vitae (2012 version); this is how academics describe themselves to each other.

    Office hours. I make a point of being around at least 2 afternoons per week, when you can simply walk in. We can arrange an appointment to see me at other times by emailing me (smaurer1). Some weeks are very busy with advising or paper conferences, and then it's important to make an appointment with Swarthmore's Office Hours software. Except when I am in class, I am almost always on email.


    Recent Courses and Course Materials

    Fall 2012

    Spring 2013 (coming soon)




    See my curriculum vitae.

    National Mathematics Activities

    Recommended Reading

    I highly recommend that any mathematically inclined person read the short book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time To find out why, click here.
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