Letter of Mrs. Anna Zeidler to Frances Witherspoon of the New York Bureau of Legal Advice [see below for translation]

Translation of letter [note -- she used the German convention of putting a c mark over words that had an "oo" sound, though she wasn't always consistent in this and used it for other sounds as well]:

11 June 1918

Miss Witherspoon:
I am sorry to say I was really mistaken it seems in his letter. When I read it over again I found he did want to go with the Quakers to France. The farming might help the war and he is so against war. I will ask him to try the farming for my sake and when war is over by that time we can do very much[?] better too till[?] August[?] and all be well. By all means I want him to stay in America and I will write to him now at once and beg him to stay here for my sake.

Excuse me now and I thank you very much.

Mrs. Anna Zeidler
Medford, NY


Source: Swarthmore College Peace Collection, Collected Records of the New York Bureau of Legal Advice (CDGA)

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