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SUBJECT FILE: Youth / Students

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Youth / Students: Organizations
Box 1
American Federation of Youth, New York (NY), 1926
American Student Endowment for Forcible International Peace, ca. 1937
American Youth Commission of the American Council on Education, Washington (DC)
American Youth Congress [org.]
American Youth Congress [org.]: periodicals
Campaign for Youth's Needs, New York (NY)
Columbia University Peace Council: "University Against War," April 1937
Committee of Expelled & Suspended City College Students, New York (NY), 1932-1933; and Committee
for the Defense of War Resisters at City College, New York (NY)
Committee on Friendly Relations Among Foreign Students, New York (NY), ca. 1936-1937
Committee on the World Council on Youth, Long Beach (CA), 1932
Committee on United Youth Program, Chicago (IL)
Committee on World Friendship Among Young People, New York (NY)
Confédération International Des Etudiants, Brussels (Belgium)
Conference of Youth Organizations, New York (NY)
Green International, The
High School Civilian Service, Washington (DC), 1940
Intercollegiate Cosmopolitan Club, New York (NY), 1922-1923 [includes periodical Bulletin, 1923-1924
Intercollegiate Disarmament Council, New York (NY), 1931
Intercollegiate League for Industrial Democracy New York (NY): "The Student Outlook," May 1935
[see also League for Industrial Democracy (CDGA)]
International League of Youth, ca. 1922-1932
International Student Committee: "The Student Internationalist," Jan. 1934
International Student Service, Geneva (Switzerland), 1928-1942, n.d.
International Students' House, Philadelphia (PA)
International Union of Students, Prague (Czechoslovakia), 1949, 1965
Inter-Scholastic Anti-Militaristic League of Greater New York (NY)
Iowa Intercollegiate Peace Commission, 1939
Joint Committee on United Youth Program, Chicago (IL), 1935
League of Youth of America, New York (NY), 1924
Metropolitan Student Defense Committee, New York (NY)
National Student Committee for the Limitation of Armaments

Box 2
National Council of Jewish Juniors, New York (NY): "War vs. Youth," 1934
National Student Federation of America, 1926-1940
National Student Federation of America: pamphlets, yearbooks, etc.
National Student Federation of America: 9th Annual Convention, 1933
National Student Forum, 1921-1930
National Student League, 1932, 1935
National Youth Administration Committee
Pacifist Youth in America, New York (NY)
Pathfinders of America, Detroit (MI), 1926
Peace Action Council of New Haven Youth, 1936
Peace Federation of the University of Wisconsin, 1938
Philadelphia Young People's International Fellowship
Philadelphia Youth Council, 1939
Pioneer Youth of America, 1926-1935
Regional Student Committee for Action Against War, Philadelphia (PA): "Student's Peace Call,"
Nov. 06, 1935
School World Friends League Inc., Brawley (CA)
Student Peace-Action Council, 1936
Student Peace Service, American Friends Service Committee
Students for Democratic Action: "A History of the Student Government Movement in America," 1953
Students' International Union, Geneva (Switzerland), ca. 1925-1938 [includes periodical Students'
International Union Bulletin, Dec. 1929, Nov. 1930 (uncatalogued)]
U.S. Student Assembly [org.], 1943
U.S. National Student Association, 1948-1949
U.S. National Student Association: 2nd Annual Student Conference, Aug.-Sept. 1949

Box 3
U.S. National Student Association, 1950-1964
U.S. National Student Association: 2nd Annual Student Conference, Aug. 1952
U.S. National Student Association: Periodical Student Government Bulletin & Report, Oct. 1952 - Feb. 1953
United States [U.S.] Peace Committee
World Assembly of Youth [org.], Paris (France): periodical Way for Peace Forum #16, Nov. 1955
World Federation of Democratic Youth, Budapest (Hungary), 1955
World League of International Education Association, San Francisco (CA), ca. 1930
World Student Association for Peace, Freedom and Culture, Paris (France)
World Youth Alliance: periodical Youth 1:1, 1:3, 1927
World Youth Community for Peace, Freedom & Progress, Paris (France), 1935-1938
World Youth Congress Committee for the United States, New York (NY), 1936-1938
World's Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations, Geneva (Switzerland)
World's Student Christian Federation, 1921-1928, 1934
World's Student Christian Federation: periodical The Federation News Sheet, Oct. 1927, March 1933

Box 4
Young Communist International and Young Communist League, 1933?
Young People's Religious Union, Boston (MA), 1934
Young People's World Citizenship League
Youth Committee Against Peacetime Conscription, Detroit (MI), 1945 [see also CDGA by same name]
Youth Committee Against War, New York (NY): periodical Newsletter, Oct. 1941; misc.
Youth Committee for Democracy, 1943
Youth Committee for the Oxford Pledge
Youth for Peace and Democracy, Champaign (IL), 1937
Youth Movement for World Recovery
Youth of All Nations Inc, New York (NY), ca. 1962-1963
Youth Protective Committee, New York (NY)
Youthbuilders Inc.

See also:
Young Women's Christian Association [YMCA] (CDGA)
Young Democracy (CDGA)
Young Friends Committee for Peace (CDGA)
Young Koreans United (CDGA)
Young Peacemakers Conference, 1997 (CDGA)
Youth Against War and Fascism (CDGA)
Youth Committee for Peace and Democracy in the Middle East (CDGA)
Youth Committee for Total Disarmament (CDGA)

Youth / Students: Conferences
Box 4 (cont.)
Intercollegiate Conference of Eastern Students "Youth and the Peacebuilders," Goucher College, Baltimore (MD), Dec. 07-08, 1923
Elmau Conference, Elmau (Germany), July 24-31, 1924
Interdenominational Student Conference, Evanston (IL), Dec. 29, 1925 - Jan. 01, 1926
Mass Meeting of Youth, Feb. 28, 1926
"What Price War? A Mass Meeting of International Youth," New York City? (NY), Nov. 11, [1926?]
and Mass Meeting to Organize International Youth, New York (NY), Nov. 05, [1926]
National Student Conference, Milwaukee (WI), Dec. 28, 1926 - Jan. 01, 1927
Pan-Pacific Student Conference, University of Washington (WA), Feb. 17-18, 1927
1st World Youth Peace Congress, Bilthoven (Netherlands), Aug. 17-26, 1928
1st World Youth Peace Congress, 1928: reports
Junior High-School Conference, New York (NY), March 13-14, 1931
Oriental Student Christian Conference, New York (NY), April 02, 1931
Rocky Mountain Students' Disarmament Conference, Denver (CO), Nov. 20-21, 1931
European Youth Crusade for Peace and Disarmament, Geneva (Switzerland), 1932
Student Convention on Disarmament and International Relations, Grinnel (Iowa), April 08-10, 1932
United Youth Conference Against War, New York (NY), Nov. 25-27, 1932
Student Congress Against War, Chicago (IL), Dec. 28-29, 1932
Southern California Congress of Youth, Oct. 20-22, 1933
New England Student Peace Confernece, Boston (MA), Feb. 24, 1933
National Conference on Students in Politics, Washington (DC), Dec. 29-31, 1933
1st American Youth Congress, Aug. 15-17, 1934
Students' World Congress Against War and Fascism, Dec. 1934
2nd American Youth Congress, 1935
Strike Against War [by students], April 12, 1935 [call to strike]
International Youth Conference for Peace, Freedom and Progress, Paris (France), April 20-21, 1935
Regional Student Peace Conference, Nov. 08, 1935 [proposed]
Armistice Day Peace Demonstration, Nov. 11, 1935

Box 5
3rd American Youth Congress, July 3-5, 1936
World Youth Peace Congress, Geneva (Switzerland), Aug. 31 - Sept. 06, 1936
Strike Against War [by students], April 22, 1937 [call to strike]
2nd World Youth Congress, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie (NY), Aug. 15-24, 1938
2nd World Youth Congress, 1938: reports
2nd World Youth Congress, 1938: publicity & media coverage
2nd World Youth Congress, 1938: scrapbook of newsclippings compiled by Betty Jacobs, 1938 [photocopied]
Leadership Institute on International Problems "Youth's Stakes in World Peace," Aug. 26 - Sept. 02, 1938
Leadership Institute on International Problems, 1939
National Pacifist Youth Conference, Camp Mack (IN), June 26-29, 1939
Congress of Youth, New York (NY), July 1-5, 1939
National Youth Anti-War Congress, Chicago (IL), Dec. 27-30, 1939
May Day Conference, New York (NY), April 20, 1940
Youth Needs Conference, June 09, 1940
Youth Labor Conference for Peace, Butler (NJ), Oct. 26-27, 1940
Armistice Day Peace Demonstration, Nov. 11, 1941
Christian Youth Congress on War, Columbus (OH), April 25-27, 1952
International Conference of Students & Youth for Disarmament, Peace and National Independence,
Feb. 1964 (?)
Youth & Militarism Conference, Baltimore (MD), Jan. 30, 1988
International Youth Rally "Let Us Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons 2007," Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Japan), Aug. 2007
"Youth & Conflict: Global Challenges - Local Strategies," Highland Hills (OH), March 28-29, 2008
Student Mass Meeting Against War, April 12, _____ and Regional Student Anti-War Conference & Mass Meeting, Philadelphia (PA), May 24, _____
Youth/Student conferences & demonstrations: misc.

Youth / Students: Miscellaneous
Box 6
Misc., 1915-1929
Misc. 1930-1935
Misc. newsclippings, 1930-1935
Misc.: MS "Students and Disarmament," 1931
Misc., 1936-1939
Misc., 1940-1945
Misc., 1946-current
Misc: MS "American Student Dissent in the Mid-Sixties," 1966
Misc., undated [pre-WWII through WWII era]

Youth / Students: Periodicals
Box 6 (cont.) [none are catalogued]
Misc. periodicals: A-P
Misc. periodicals: R-Z

Box 7 (1/2 box) [all are catalogued on OCLC & tripod]
Student Voice (World Student Association for Peace, Freedom & Culture, Paris), Dec. 1936, April 1937,
Nov. 1937, Jan.-Feb. 1938, June 1938
The Student World (World Student Christian Federation, Geneva), Jan. 1929, Jan.-April 1932, May-July
1935, 1965
The World's Youth (World's Committee of the YMCA), Oct. 1926 - Sept. 1928 [incomplete set]
World Messenger of Youth (Organizing Bureau of a World Community of Youth for Peace, Freedom and
Progress, Paris), [Nov. 1935?] - Jan. 1938 [incomplete set]
Youth (British Federation of Youth, London), Nov. 1927 - Nov. 1929
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