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Disarmament Congresses
Conference for the Reduction and Limitation of Armaments, Geneva, February 1932
(also called World Disarmament Conference)

Note: This collection of material was originally arranged and catalogued as a CDGA. Upon closer analysis, it was later discovered that almost none of it was created at the conference; instead, much is about how various organizations were working to promote the conference in their literature etc. and their follow-up actions. Also, there is much material that should more correctly be filed in the various organizations' records since it is related to their views on disarmament rather than on the conference. However, because of the time factor involved in re-filing everything, the decision was made to leave the collection intact for now (though significant re-sorting within the collection was done in March 1999).

Box 1
League of Nations: Preparatory Disarmament Commission, 1928-1932
League of Nations: World Disarmament Conference, 1932
- general
- speeches given during conference
- radio addresses given during conference
- President of Congress, Arthur Henderson (speeches etc.)
League of Nations work/reports re: conference, 1931 (Sept.) - 1932 (Dec.)
League of Nations work/reports re: conference, 1933 - 1935 (March)
League of Nations: Committee on Moral Disarmament, 1932 (April-May)
League of Nations: Vox Populi Committee, 1932 (Feb.)
World Disarmament Petition (originated by WILPF)
Austria: Misc., 1932 (Feb.)
Belgium: International Federation of League of Nations Societies, 1931-1932
Canada: Misc., 1931-1933
Germany: Misc., 1931-1934

Box 2
Great Britain:
- Miscellaneous
- Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1931
- League for Industrial Democracy, 1931
- League of Nations Union, 1927-1934
- National Council for Prevention of War, 1928-1932
- National Peace Council, 1931-1933
- No More War Movement, ca. 1930-1932
- Miscellaneous
- American Inter-Organization Group in Geneva, 1932 (March-July)
Switzerland (cont.):
- Disarmament Information Committee, 1931-1932
- Geneva Information Research Bureau, 1932 (Jan.)
- International Consultative Group, 1933-1935
- International Group for Total Disarmament, 1932 (Feb.-April)
- Interparliamentary Union, Jan. 1931
- [Peace and] Disarmament Committee of the Women's International Organisations, 1932
- Total Disarmament Group, 1932
United States:
- Miscellaneous
- Committee for Total Disarmament Now, 1932
Box 3
United States (cont.)
- Committee on Militarism in Education, ca. 1931-1932
- Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, ca. 1932
- Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1931-1932
- Foreign Policy Association, 1926-1931
- Georgia Peace Society, ca. 1929-1932
- Interorganization Council on Disarmament, 1931 (Sept.) - 1933 (March)
- League of Nations Association, 1928-1932
- National Council for Prevention of War, 1926-1935
- National League of Women Voters, 1926-1933
- Pennsylvania Committee for Total Disarmament, 1931
- Society of Friends, ca. 1931
- Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, ca. 1932-1933
Post-Conference work: misc., 1932-1934
Post-Conference work: World Disarmament Campaign, October 01-15, 1933
Reports by William Hull, Feb. 20 - March 30, 1932
Writings of Laura Puffer Morgan, 1931-1935
Writings of Bertram Pickard, 1932-1933

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