Swarthmore College Peace Collection, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399 USA

Art in War
& Peace

(Subject File #1)

Unless otherwise noted,
the artwork listed here
is not original

Box 1
o General
o Political cartooning/cartoonists
o Peace posters (information about) [owned by SCPC & beyond]
o Prints of Soviet posters [none owned by SCPC]

o Peace stamps & stickers, etc. (information about) [owned by SCPC & beyond]
o Illustrated covers [envelopes]
o Gillette scrapbook of cartoons [dismantled & photocopied]
o List of graphics in Oversize Graphics Collection [as of February 2000]
o Graphics by individual artists, A-E:

- Tony Auth: cartoons
- Peg Averill: cartoons
- John Miller Baer: drawings
- Captain Bruce Bairnsfather: drawings set "The Bystander's Fragments From France," 1916 [7th edition]
- Private C. LeRoy Baldridge: booklet "'I Was There!' With the Yanks In France: Sketches Made On the Western Front 1917-1919"
- George Watson Barratt: artwork
- Max Beerbohm: booklet "Tales of Three Nations: A Series of Historical Cartoons of the Relations of England, France, & Germany Since the Time of Napoleon," 1924
- R.O. Berg: cartoons
- Herb Block: cartoons
- Gwyneth King Brown: "Drawings About War"
- Bulbul [Genevieve Leland Guracar]: cartoons
- Margaret Strawbridge Clews: booklet "The Sorrows of War," ca. 2007
- Albert Daenens: woodblock prints [gathered by Francis Onderdonk]
- Otto Dix: artwork; booklet "Der Krieg," 1924 [gathered by Francis Onderdonk]
- Jerry Doyle: cartoons
- Edmund Duffy: cartoons
- Kerr Eby: pamphlet "War"

Box 2
o Graphics by individual artists, F-N:

- Jules Feiffer: cartoons
- Ernst Friedrich: publicity pamphlet for book "The War in Pictures," ca. after WWI
- Louis Freund: pamphlet "Nine Lithographs by Louis Freund," ca. after WWII
- Helios Gomez: booklet "Viva Octubre Dessins sur la Revolution Espangnole," 193_
- Alfons Gossens: booklet "Cartoons for Peace," 1984?
- Esther Greenleaf: pamphlet "Children at Play: A Lithograph" (with photo of artwork), 1934
- William Gropper: cartoon/s
- George Grosz: cartoon; looseleaf booklet "Hintergrund: 17 Zeichnungen zur Auffuhrung des 'Schwejk' in der Piscator-Buhne," 1928
- W.K. Haselden: booklet "The Sad Experiences Of Big and Little Willie During the First 6 Months of the Great War as Portrayed by W.K. Haselden in The Daily Mirror," ca. 1915
- Daniel Heyman: catalog/s for exhibition "Bearing Witness, Recent Works by Daniel Heyman," 2010
- Ellison Hoover: cartoon/s
- Hugh Hutton: cartoons
- Langford Jones: pamphlet of woodcuts "A Peace Portfolio" designed by Langford Jones, 1935
- György Kádár: information re: exhibit "Gyorgy Kadar: Survivor of Death, Witness to Life," 1993 [poster removed to Poster Collection]
- Rockwell Kent: artwork, 1918
- Rollin Kirby: cartoons
- Willibald Krain: booklet "Ein Kulturbilderbuch," ca. 1919-1929
- Francisco Lezcano: booklet of cartoons "Parole et Société: Lepointvirgule 11," 1973
- J. Linze: booklet "Ecce Homines"
- David Low: book of cartoons "Europe Since Versailles," 1940
- McRay Magleby: flyer re: art [framed, signed silkscreen print of "Peace Wave" hangs in SCPC]
- Frans Masereel: book "Politische Zeichnungen," 1924
- Bill Mauldin: cartoon, 1961
- John Tinney McCutcheon; cartoons
- ____ Morris (for the George Matthew Adams Service): cartoons
- Alice Neel: images of artwork
- Ed Nofziger: pen & ink original(?) cartoons
- Bohdan Nowak: artwork [gathered by Francis Onderdonk]

Box 3
o Graphics by individual artists, O-Z:

- John Olday: booklet "The March to Death," 1943
- Béla Ormo: pamphlet "War or Peace," 1921
- Walt Party-Miller: booklet "Cartoons by Walt Party-Miller of The Gazette and Daily, York, Pa."
- Imre Pérely: booklet "Guerre: Dessins de Imre Pérely"; packet of artwork prints "Fény és árnyék"
- Mike Peters
- Louis Raemaekers: cover with poster folded inside "Satirieke Kaart van Europa"; pamphlet "Raemakers Cartoons," 1916; booklet of postcards "Dessins d'un Neutre: Extraits du Journal 'De Telegraaf' d'Amsterdam" [see also artwork by Raemaker in Peace Collection Ephemera on Triptych]
- Edna Reindel: color print "Treaties to Abolish War"
- ROGER: "Cartoons from Nicaragua"
- Ben Shahn: article from American Art (Smithsonian American Art Museum), 2016
- Louise Rochon-Hoover: postcard with artwork; book "Through the Gateway" with artwork, 1925 [see also postcards filed under DG 023: NCPW]
- Vaughn Shoemaker: cartoons
- Arthur Stadler: cartoons; booklet "1914-? 42 Teekeningen van Arthur Stadler," 1932
- Bill Stout: booklet of cartoons "Those Lovable Peace-Nuts," 1967
- Sidney Strube: cartoons
- Harold Talburt: cartoons
- Willem van Schaik: booklet "Aanklacht: Verzen van Mratien Beversluis, Reproducties van de Schilderijen van Willem van Schaik," 1930
- John Pitman Weber: catalog for exhibit "John Pitman Weber: Art of Social Conscience," 1991
- Karl Yens: information about artist
- Art Young: cartoons; periodical "The Soldier: Art Young's First Quarterly," 1922
- Gyula Zilzar: cartoons

Box 4
o Graphics from archival collections:

- From CDGA/CDGB collections
** CDGA: American Association for International Conciliation Collected Records
** CDGA: Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation Collected Records
** CDGA: Peace Center of Delaware County
** CDGA: Jayne & Paul Wilhelm Collected Papers -- includes original pencil & pen/ink drawings
** CDGA: Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND) Collected Records
** CDGA: World Peaceways Inc. Collected Records [includes World Peace Posters]
** CDGB Australia: includes original pen/ink cartoon "What Our Streets Would Look Like If Individuals Behaved Like Nations"
** CDGB Great Britain
** CDGB Japan.
** CDGB Netherlands
** CDGB Norway
** CDGB Vietnam: set of drawings "South Vietnam Land and People Sketches, Part 1" by Liberation Publishing House, 196_
- From DG collections [filed in DG order]:
** DG 001: Jane Addams Collection
** DG 003: American Peace Society Records -- color print of "Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1844"; hand-tinted & painted design for APS seal "A Vote For Peace," ca. 1916-1917
** DG 004: American Union Against Militarism Records
** DG 006: Emily Green Balch Papers -- print of pen/ink portrait of EGB; print of portrait of EGB, on card, signed by artist(?), ca. 1920
** DG 012: Emergency Peace Campaign Records: printed artwork; pen/ink drawings (including "The Civilized Monster (War Machine)" by Mac E. Clarke
** DG 013: Fellowship of Reconciliation [F.O.R.] Records -- printed artwork; original drawings by Iraqi & American children
** DG 013: Fellowship of Reconciliation [F.O.R.] Records -- MLK comic book (use in Egypt etc.)
** DG 023: National Council for the Prevention of War Records; printed artwork; original pen/ink & paint drawings
** DG 040: War Resisters League Records -- printed artwork; original pen/ink conscription cartoon/drawing
** DG 041: War Resisters' International

Box 5

o Graphics from archival collections:

- From DG collections [filed in DG order]:
** DG 043: Woman's Peace Party / Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] Records -- miscellaneous graphics
** DG 043: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] Records -- cartoons by Doug Beekman
** DG 043: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] Records -- cartoons by Bulbul
** DG 043: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] Records -- cartoons by John Jonik
** DG 043: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] Records -- cartoon from Sally Forth [series] by MAC
** DG 043: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] Records -- cartoons by Stephanie McMillan, 2003
** DG 043: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] Records -- 4 color prints of women dancing by Claudia Naesith(?)
** DG 043: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] Records -- original pencil/chalk self-portrait by Harry J. Peters, 1924 [winner of WILPF's poster contest]
** DG 043: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] Records -- original art by Margaret Seeler (Jane Addams Centennial artist), circa 1959-1960
** DG 043: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] Records -- cartoons by Signe Wilkinson
** DG 043: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [WILPF] Records -- painting by Bar Neijer (8 years old) from the Netherlands, for Art for World Friendship [acc. 2017-067]
** DG 045: Wilhelm Sollman Papers -- original color portrait in oil on canvas by Saralice, 1949; 3 original pen/ink drawings by Roland H. Bainton
** DG 053: Devere Allen Papers -- printed artwork; original colored pencil drawing/caricature by an itinerant artist in Havana, 1942
** DG 053: Devere Allen Papers -- graphics used in No Frontier News Service, 1934, undated [2 photos of peace displays removed to Photograph Collection; 2 original artwork cartoons by R.O. Berg removed to Oversized Items Collection: Graphics]
** DG 056: Civilian Public Service: Personal Papers and Collected Material
** DG 057: George & Florence Nasmyth Papers -- printed artwork "The Vision," 1895
** DG 058: SANE Inc. Records -- miscellaneous graphics [includes printed artwork; original pencil drawing of storefront (where SANE had its office?)]
** DG 058: SANE Inc. Records -- original drawings & other artwork used for slide show "Guns or Butter...?" [incomplete set] [2 folders]

** DG 063: Homer Jack Papers -- printed artwork featuring Albert Schweitzer
** DG 073: Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors [CCCO] Records -- original pencil drawing of man seated on stump

Box 6
o Graphics from archival collections:

- From DG collections [filed in DG order]:
** DG 074: A Quaker Action Group Records -- original pen/ink drawing of angry man by Nabuo MatuNoo Chofu Mara [or part of that is title of artwork]
** DG 076: Albert Bigelow Papers -- sketches & painting by AB of Golden Rule and scenes in Honolulu jail
** DG 089: Tracy D. Mygatt and Frances Witherspoon Papers: drawings by Julia Newberry, ca. 1876-1915
** DG 108: Dispatch News Service International Records -- printed cartoon; original pen/ink cartoon by Marcus, 1972; photos (copies) of children's drawings re: war in Indochina
** DG 115: Women Strike for Peace Records -- printed artwork; mock-up (with original artwork?) of booklet "A Short Course for the Legitimately Confused," 1987
** DG 117: J. Nevin Sayre Papers
** DG 119: Victor Paschkis Papers
** DG 121: Clergy and Laity Concerned Records [CALC]
** DG 132: New Jersey SANE Records
** DG 154: Movement for a New Society Records
** DG 165: Gerhard Elston Papers -- original pencil drawing of unknown man
** DG 167: Indochina Resource Center Records -- printed artwork by Vietnamese & other artists
** DG 169: Kay Camp Papers -- 2 original painted artworks of women holding babies by ___ Preston, 1963-1964
** DG 201: John Dear Papers -- original pen/ink & watercolor prints by Lewis Bonbel [sp.?] from Ezekiel series, for book on Daniel Berrigan, 1995
** DG 203: Alice Wiser Papers -- original watercolor portrait by Charles Hilske [sp.?], 1987
** DG 208: NARMIC Records -- printed artwork; original pen/ink drawings
** DG 214 (Ernest Bromley & Marion Bromley Papers) – EB’s paintings; EB's drawings of C.O.s
** DG 218: Children's Peace Campaign Records -- original artwork by young children on theme of "I can help create a world in harmony when I . . ."
** DG 236: George & Lillian Willoughby Papers -- printed etching of Scattergood Hostel, drawings of Lillian, watercolor postcard/s of The Golden Rule at sea; original artwork by Robert/a Dickinson
** DG 238: Louis Friedman Papers -- folder of prints "Soviet Artists in the Struggle for Peace," 1984
** DG 239: Nonviolent Action Community of Cascadia
** DG 240: Veterans for Peace Inc. Records
** DG 252: Washington Peace Center Records
** DG 262: Juanita and Wally Nelson Papers
** DG 264: Marjorie Swann and Robert Swann Papers
** DG 266: Duncan Murphy Jr. Papers -- political cartoon by W. Svennson, 1991

Box 7

o Graphics: Miscellaneous (by date):

- 1897-1911
- 1912-1921
- 1922-1929
- 1930-1933 -- includes periodical "Le Rire: Pacifistes! . . . Engagez-Vous! Texte et Dessins de Derso et Kelen," Dec. 31, 1932 (#726); periodical "Disarm!: An L.I.D. Publication," Autumn 1931
- 1934-1936
- 1937-1939
- Undated, circa through 1939

Box 8
o Graphics: Miscellaneous (by date):
- 1940-1959 -- includes booklet "Internationale Karikaturen-Ausstellung, Berlin, November 1957"
- Undated, circa through 1959
- 1960-1969 -- includes booklets "Protest and Hope: An Exhibition of American Art" & "Art in a Concentration Camp: Drawings From Terrezin" & "Art as a Political Weapon: An Exhibition of German Posters"
- Undated, circa 1960s
- 1970-1979
- 1980-1989 -- includes comic book "World War 3 Illustrated"
- Undated, circa 1980s -- includes cartoons re: apartheid
- 1990-1999 -- includes comic book "Helen and Tom and the Nuclear Reactor"
- 2000-2010
- 2011-
- Undated

Box 9
o Graphics: Miscellaneous

- From Onderdonk collection

Box 10
o Graphics: Postcards

- From DG collections:
** National Council for Prevention of War Records (DG 023)
** Pennsylvania Committee for Total Disarmament Records (DG 030)
** Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Records (DG 043)
** A. Ruth Fry Papers (DG 046) [postcards of Soviet children & Soviet posters]
** Devere Allen Papers (DG 053)
** SANE Inc. Records (DG 058)
** Homer Jack Papers (DG 063)
** Elihu Burritt Papers (DG 096)
** Rockland County Peace Association Records (DG 121)
** Promoting Enduring Peace Records (DG 141)
** Gerhard Elston Papers (DG 165)
** Philadelphia CISPES Records (DG 183)
** School of the Americas Watch Records (DG 207)

Box 11
o Graphics: Postcards

- From CDGA/CDGB collections
- From other Subject File collections
- From unknown/miscellaneous sources
- About subjects:
** Conscientious objection
** Peace leaders (Gandhi, Tolstoy, Bertha von Suttner, Victor Hugo)
** WWI era, 1915-1922
** WWII era, 1931-1941
** Hiroshima
** Vietnam War era
** 1980s anti-nuclear movement
** Disarmament, 1984
- From Arthur B. Gillett scrapbook
- From F. Onderdonk collection
- From collection of postcards given by Thomas Hill

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