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Exhibit Of Selected Images From The Martha Freund-Hoppe Collection

Preparations, Propaganda and Effects of World War I




Der Tempel des Patriotismus [The Temple of Patriotism] (Text at bottom: Das Volk: 'Furs Vaterland den letzen Pfennig!' Die Industriellen: 'Das Vaterland sind wir!' [The People: 'Our last penny for the Fatherland!' The Industrialists: 'The Fatherland, that's us!'])

8.25" x 10.5" illustration, Germany, 1913
exhibit image #1


American poster soliciting funds for the war effort, as shown in a German publication
2.75" x 4" half-tone image, Germany
exhibit image #2


Coupon booklet from the War-Loan Savings Bank, German Savings Bank Association [Deutscher Sparkassenverband, Kriegsanleihe - Sparkasse]
6.5" x 5.5" coupon booklet, Germany (with red stamp "Ausstellung Krieg und Frieden, Martin Lutherpl., Dresden" [War and Peace Exhibition])
exhibit image #3


Certificate given to Rudolf Hofmann: Grosse Zeit fand dich bereit! halfst schmieden das schwert zu hartem Streit! Zu Erinnerung an freudige Mithilfe bei der 4. Kriegsanleihe. [A great era has found you ready. You have helped forge the sword for the hard fight! In remembrance of joyous aid in the fourth war-loan.]

8.5" x 6" certificate, Germany, 1916
exhibit image #4


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This exhibit produced by Anne Yoder, Archivist.

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