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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Friends Committee on National Legislation Records
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A Quaker lobbying group established in 1943 to bring conscience and spiritual values to the political process in Washington; it grew out of the work of the Friends War Problems Committee in 1940.

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Processed (mostly) by E. Raymond Wilson and other FCNL staffpersons; online checklist created by Anne Yoder (Archivist), May 2009
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Historical Background
The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) had its roots in the Friends War Problems Committee (FWPC), which worked in 1940 with government officials who were responsible for drafting the Selective Training and Service Act. The fact that provisions for religious conscientious objectors in this legislation were broader than those of the earlier Conscription Act was due in great part to the perseverence of the FWPC. With the increasing emergence of post-war problems relating to the securing of a just and durable peace, the concern arose among Friends that a broad-based organization for dealing with them was needed. This led to a meeting convened in Richmond, Indiana, on June 11, 1943, at which the FCNL was established. A General Committee was set up, with three members selected from the various Yearly Meetings and additional members representing Friends' organizations around the country. It appointed its own Executive Committee. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the FCNL's first Executive Secretary was E. Raymond Wilson. In 1962 he became Secretary Emeritus, and Edward Snyder, who had been serving as Legislative Secretary, took his place.

The FCNL is still active (in 2009). working on such issues as preventing war, Iraq, banning cluster bombs, nuclear disarmament, immigration, Native American rights, and protecting the environment. Its web site may be accessed at http://www.fcnl.org/index.htm.

Collection Overview
Chiefly correspondence and reference files including materials about and correspondence with other organizations including American Friends Service Committee, A Quaker Action Group, Friends Coordinating Committee on Peace, and other organizations of the Society of Friends; information on Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, Committee for Nonviolent Action, Consultative Peace Council, Federal Council of Churches (later National Council of Churches), Fellowship of Reconciliation, National Council for Prevention of War, National Peace Conference, National Service Board for Religious Objectors, SANE, and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom; material of and relating to FCNL staff members including E. Raymond Wilson, Edward F. Snyder, George I. Bliss, Wilmer A. Cooper, Jeanette Hadley, Charles H. Harker, and Frances E. Neely; records and correspondence of several affiliated committees including Friends Committee on Legislation of Northern California (organized in 1952), Friends Committee on Legislation, Southern California Section, and Illinois-Wisconsin Friends Committee on Legislation.

Includes reference files relating to disarmament, conscription, universal military training, conscientious objection, pacifism, United Nations, Vietnam war, civil liberties, civil rights, food supply, and Indian rights. Correspondents include Stephen L. Angell, Emile Benoit, Charles J. Darlington, Thomas A. Foulke, Paul Comly French, Hugh B. Hester, Dorothy H. Hutchinson, J. Stuart Innerst, Homer A. Jack, Samuel R. Levering, Mary Cushing Niles, Philip Noel-Baker, Victor Paschkis, Lawrence Scott, Annalee Stewart, John M. Swomley, and George Willoughby.

Items removed:
- Photos were removed to the Photograph Collection
- Audiocassette tapes made by E. Raymond Wilson were removed to the Audiovisual Collection
- Financial Ledgers (1943-1944, 1944-1945, 1945-1946, 1946-1948, 1978) were removed to the Scrapbook Collection

Arrangement of Collection
The early material from FCNL, arranged under the supervision of FCNL staff person, Jeanette Hadley, was sent to the SCPC in 1951. Subsequent accessions were added to the collection without rearrangement by SCPC staff (??). A very detailed checklist, including much historical background, was created by E. Raymond Wilson and is available at the SCPC for viewing. The online checklist is an attempt to interpret Wilson's somewhat confusing listing of series/boxes/folders; there may be some mistakes accordingly. It should be noted that later accessions do not follow the same Series outline.

Records of the Race Street Draft Committee (1939-1940) and the Friends War Problems Committee (1940-1943), and material from the Civilian Public Service Fund Committee of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (1941-1946) were removed to other collections.

Bound volumes of meeting minutes, newsletters, mailings and other material from the national office of FCNL (1966-current), and from the California FCL, are stored in the Periodical Collection. They will be incorporated into the FCNL Records collection when shelf space is available. Accessions of records received after 19885 are listed at the end of this finding aid, in order of receipt. These materials are unprocessed.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

original set of records
[all boxes on-site]
Note: many of these folder titles have an "included" note after them; these list some (not nearly all) of the names and subjects that appear on the very extensive and detailed finding aid prepared by E. Raymond Wilson(?). The names may have been correspondents with FCNL staff, or have been persons referred to in some way in reports, correspondence, or other material. Because of the time involved in listing these names and subjects by the archivist, it was decided to stop with 1960; the detailed finding aid is available in paper, on-site only, at the SCPC.
Note also that much correspondence from the 1940s-1950s about Universal Military Training (UMT) was not indexed by Wilson, but may possibly be found in many of these folders, even if not listed as such.

Box 1
-- Organizational meeting, Richmond (Indiana), June 11-12, 1943
-- Minutes of annual meetings, 1944-1948
-- Minutes of annual meetings, 1949-1952
-- Meeting minutes of the Executive Committee, 1943 (June) - 1945
-- Meeting minutes of the Executive Committee, 1946-1947
-- Meeting minutes of the Executive Committee, 1948-1949
-- Meeting minutes of the Executive Committee, 1950-1952
-- History; policy decisions, etc., 1944-1974
-- Legislative policy statements, 1943-1949
-- Legislative policy statements, 1950-1959
-- Legislative policy statements, 1960-1969
-- Legislative policy statements, 1970-1974

Box 1a (1/2 box)
-- Lists of officers, committee members, area chairs, etc., 1943- 1966
-- Financial records: budget and expense reports, fundraising, 1943-1945
-- Financial records: fund appeals to Monthly Meetings, ca. 1943-1944
-- Financial records: audit reports, 1946-1947, 1949-1950
-- Correspondence etc. of Thomas Foulke, 1943-1944

Box 2
-- Executive Committee and Annual Meetings: meeting minutes,1953- [includes reports]
-- Administration and Policy Committee
-- Employees Trust Fund

Box 3
-- Correspondence, 1943

Box 4
-- Correspondence: A-F, 1944 [correspondents/subjects include: American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Reed Cary, Harold and Waneta Chance, Civilian Public Service (CPS), Edward W. Evans, Federal Council of Churches, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Thomas A. Foulke, Paul Comly French]

Box 5
-- Correspondence: G-Z, 1944 [correspondents/subjects include: George Hallett, Rufus Jones, Orie Miller, John Nason, Ray Newton, J. Barnard Walton, Richard Wood, E. Raymond Wilson]
-- Members' replies (indicating viewpoints)
-- Policy Committee; correspondence re: policies

Box 6
-- Correspondence: A-F, 1945 [correspondents/subjects include: American Friends Service Committee, Gerald Bailey, Emily Green Balch, Clark Eichelberger, Richard Evans, Paul Furnas, Germask CPS Camp, Federal Council of Churches, Fellowship of Reconciliation]

Box 7
-- Correspondence: G-Z, 1945

Box 8
-- Releases (administrative and legislative), 1943-1955

Box 9
-- Releases (administrative, legislative, press, congressional) , 1956-1959
-- Memoranda on UMT, 1947-1955
-- Resolutions against UMT (handbook), 1945-1947

Box 9a
-- Releases (administrative, legislative, press, general committee), 1960- ; miscellaneous fact sheets, 1963- ; Vietnam, 1965-

Box 10
-- 20th Anniversary, 1963
-- Philadelphia Area Workshop, 1957 (June)
-- Workshop on FCNL Organization and Action, 1954 (March 19-21)
-- National Conference on FCNL 1953 (June) [10th Anniversary]
-- Seminar on Agriculture, 1950-
-- Miscellaneous conferences, seminars and workshops, 1950-

Box 11
-- Serial publications, 1947- [action sheets, etc.]
-- FCNL Memo, 1954-
-- Action Sheet on Conscription, 1955

Box 11a
-- Literature, 1943
-- Staff studies, 1961-
-- Voting Records of the 87th Congress

Box 12 [or box 81?]
-- Friends Committee on Legislation of California: meeting minutes, 1952-1964 (Southern California)
-- Friends Committee on Legislation of California: meeting minutes, 1952-1964 (Northern California)

Box 13 [or box 82?]
-- Friends Committee on Legislation of California: statements, 1952-1964
-- Friends Committee on Legislation of California: newsletters and action bulletins, 1952-1964 (Northern and Southern California)
-- Friends Committee on Legislation of California: releases and literature, etc., 1952-1946 (Northern California)
-- Friends Committee on Legislation of California: miscellaneous, 1953-1964 (Northern and Southern California)

Box 13a [or box 83?]
-- Friends Committee on Legislation of California: article on area office by E. Raymond Wilson
-- Friends Committee on Legislation of California: statements, 1965-
-- Friends Committee on Legislation of California: newsletters and action bulletins, 1952- (Northern and Southern California) [removed to Periodical Collection]
-- Friends Committee on Legislation of California: releases and literature, etc., 1965- (Northern and Southern California)

Box 14 [or box 84?]
-- Illinois-Wisconsin Friends Committee on Legislation: meeting minutes, 1957-1964
-- Illinois-Wisconsin Friends Committee on Legislation: newsletters, 1957-1964
-- Illinois-Wisconsin Friends Committee on Legislation: miscellaneous, 1957-1964, undated

Boxes 15
[part of checklist missing for this box prior to the following listings]
-- Congressional resolutions; legislative proposals
-- Correspondence, 1944
-- Distribution of newsletter #44-48, 1947 (Nov.)
-- National Peace Conference: correspondence and meeting minutes, 1945 (Dec.) - 1946 (Nov.)
-- Registration as lobbyists
-- Budget and policies, 1946 [correspondents/subjects include: reappraisal of legislative policies; visit to Senator Willis]
-- Consultative Peace Council, 1946: meeting minutes
-- Retirement Plan
-- American Friends Service Committee, 1946 [correspondents/subjects include: Peace Section meeting minutes (1942), C.O. Frozen Fund, CPS men in guinea pig experiments, CPS men in AFSC foreign service work, conscription bill, interview with Phileo Nash, UMT, prosecution of strikers at Glendora CPS Camp, various congressional bills, James Read and Gilbert White visiting Germany, immigration cases of Email Auspitz and the Leng family, immigration and naturalization statistics, post-war recovery, Sgt. Lewis Price (who stuck to his C.O. position while in the army for four years)]
-- A-D [correspondents/subjects include: Charles Boss, James Bristol, Earlham College, Harold Evans, Thomas Foulke, Harrop Freeman, Paul Comly French, Honolulu Friends Service Committee, death of Aaron Napier (former member of FCNL Committee)]
-- Fellowship of Reconciliation [correspondents/subjects include: A.J. Muste, amnesty for C.O.s, world government]
-- Federal Council of Churches [correspondents/subjects include: Walter Van Kirk]
-- G-I [correspondents/subjects include: food packages to Germany, Claims Commission for Japanese-Americans, Grover Hartman, Betty Jacob, UNNRA appropriations bill, Voorkis bill, release of C.O.s in Great Britain]
-- L-Mc [correspondents/subjects include: Hon. Philip La Follette, Senator Robert La Follette, world organization, feeding and reconstruction, Miriam Levering, Mary McDowell]
-- N [correspondents/subjects include: conscription voting record, Quakers in Congress, food parcels to Germany, Austria and Japan,, John Nason, National Peace Conference, world disarmament, National Mental Health Program]
-- National Council Against Conscription [correspondents/subjects include: UMT, the draft, Conscription News, recommendation to Nobel Prize Committee regarding Emily Green Balch, Devere Allen and Norman Thomas on peacetime conscription]
-- O-R [correspondents/subjects include: Ted Olena, Mildred Scott Olmsted, Robert Patterson, Presbyterian Church, feeding Germany and Japan, Clarence Pickett]
-- S-W [correspondents/subjects include: Emily Parker Simon, misconduct of American troops, sending workers to Eastern Europe as farmers etc., Norman Thomas, Fred Tolles, Senator Millard Tydings, Senator Kenneth Wherry, UMT, disarmament campaign]

Box 16
-- American Friends Service Committee Branches
-- American Friends Service Committee Draft Service: Glendora CPS strike
-- American Friends Service Committee Foreign Service Section
-- American Friends Service Committee: Elmore Jackson [correspondents/subjects include: UNICEF and relief bill, UMT, Norman Thomas, National Planning Association, conscription]
-- American Friends Service Committee Peace Section [correspondents/subjects include: foreign student seminars, UMT, American Legion]
-- American Friends Service Committee: correspondence between Richard K. Bennett and Martha Rossiter re: UMT
-- American Friends Service Committee: Clarence Pickett
-- American Friends Service Committee: publicity; general [correspondents/subjects include: Frank Aydelotte testimony, Fulbright Act, justice for Japanese-Americans]
-- A-B [correspondents/subjects include: Devere Allen, Japanese Exclusion Act,, UMT, "Jim Crow" in the army, Church of the Brethren/Brethren Service Committee]
-- C [correspondents/subjects include: Henry Cadbury, AFSC's winning of Nobel Peace Prize, UMT, legislation re: refugees, Julien Cornell's analysis of National Security Training Bill, Disciples of Christ
-- Citizens Committee on Displaced Persons]
-- Consultative Peace Council [correspondents/subjects include: Glendora CPS Camp strike, efforts to change CPS administration]
-- Bailey, Lloyd: diary, 1947 (Aug.-Oct.) [correspondents/subjects include: attendance at meetings and conference]s
-- D [correspondents/subjects include: William C. Dennis, conscription funding, UMT, Dolliver bill, displaced persons legislation, Japanese and German prisoners of war]
-- E [correspondents/subjects include: Kermit Eby, minimum wage legislation, President's Commission on Universal Training, J. Passmore Elkinton, amnesty for C.O.s, Dolliver naturalization bill, relief bill, editorials, Harold Evans]
-- F [correspondents/subjects include: Federal Council of Churches, Richard Fagley, displaced persons bill, Walter Van Kirk, UMT, field work in State College (PA) area, military aid to Greece and Turkey, interviews of Congressmen, Thomas A. Foulke, Leslie Frazer, Paul Comly French, Dolliver bill, frozen fund]
-- Fellowship of Reconciliation: hearings on arming Latin America [correspondents/subjects include: John Nevin Sayre, Muriel Lester, Ernest Galaza, A.J. Muste, Norman Thomas, Percy Bartlett, surplus of potatoes, United Nations and human rights]
-- G-I [correspondents/subjects include: William Green, American Federation of Labor, National Peace Conference, world trade, UMT, John Swomley, Frances Witherspoon]

Box 17
1947 (cont.)
-- J-L [correspondents/subjects include: relief for Poland, UMT, amnesty for C.O.s, German internees on Ellis Island, Japanese American Evacuation Claims bill, Finnish debt]
-- Levering: AFSC hearing on UMT before President's Commission, Jan. 4
-- Mills: Yearly Meeting Peace Conference, Jan. 14
-- National organizations [correspondents/subjects include: mental health, mercy killing, federal aid for education]
-- Newton, Ray
-- Prisoners of war
-- O-P
-- R-S [correspondents/subjects include: Claude C. Shotts, Friends Temperance Association, Calib Smith, bill for preserving Selective Service records, amnesty, Subcommittee on Conscription, Disarmament and Rights of Conscience]
-- T-V [correspondents/subjects include: Howard Taylor, League of Six Nations, United Christian Youth Movement, UMT, Young Friends Conference, Edward Thomas, displaced persons, Frederick Tolles, freeze on import of wool, relief for Rumania, Willard Uphaus, Senator Arthur Vandenberg, immigration, tax law]
-- Subcommittee on World Organization and World Government [correspondents/subjects include: United Nations, world government, Geneva Convention on outlawing bacteriological warfare]
-- Washington Seminar, Jan. 12-14, 1947
-- W-Z [includes War Department, UMT, rocket bombs, Eldora League of Women Voters, trade agreements, civilian relief fund, use of national guard in labor disputes]
-- State Department
-- Subcommittee on Food and Relief
-- Prisoners of war
-- Wood, Richard

Box 18
-- A-B [correspondents/subjects include: Ellen Starr Brinton re: $10,000 grant from Rockefeller for cataloging the Swarthmore College Peace Collection library]
-- American Friends Service Committee Foreign Service Section [correspondents/subjects include: Steve Cary testimony, immigration, Dr. Ayusawa, prisoners of war]
-- American Friends Service Committee Foreign Service Section [correspondents/subjects include: crisis in Germany, frozen fund, Finnish debt bill, displaced persons]
-- American Friends Service Committee Peace Section [correspondents/subjects include: UMT experiment at Fort Knox, Quaker Conference on Conscription, collaboration with communists]
-- American Friends Service Committee: Clarence Pickett [correspondents/subjects include: bearing of arms for naturalization, Stratton bill on displaced persons, tax exemption]
-- Brethren Service Committee correspondents/subjects include: [poster re: UMT, Dan West]
-- C-D [correspondents/subjects include: Tarao Takabushi, Northern Baptist Convention, world peace movement, Julien Cornell, Selective Service Act of 1948, C.O.s, Barsky case, UMT, World Health Organization]
-- Consultative Peace Council: goals; meeting minutes, Jan. 20, 1948
-- Dennis, William C. [correspondents/subjects include: cooperation with communists, Joachim Jaenicke, Dolliver bill, Mundt-Nixon bill, UMT, Condon case in House Un-American Activities Committee]
-- E-G [correspondents/subjects include: UMT, Henry Ford II, Dutton Peterson as FCNL lobbyist, Harrop Freeman, Paul Comly French, Nelson Fuson]
-- Federal Council of Churches
-- Fellowship of Reconciliation [correspondents/subjects include: action against "Jim Crow" in the army, amnesty for C.O.s]
-- H-J [correspondents/subjects include: Francis B. Hall, UMT, Byron Haworth, Dolliver bill, anti-lynching legislation, Guy F. Hershberger, China, Dorothy Hutchinson, tax exemption, Rufus M. Jones (death on June 16, 1948), testimony before Democratic Platform Committee and Progressive Platform Committee, peacetime economy]
-- M-N [correspondents/subjects include: Dolliver bill, Japanese-American legislation, United Nations, UMT, Phileo Nash]
-- National Education Association
-- National organizations: UMT hearings [correspondents/subjects include: United World Federalists]
-- O-R [correspondents/subjects include: UMT]
-- Platform Committee, New Party Convention: Satterthwaite statement
-- Bailey, C. Lloyd: trips for FCNL
-- Churchmen's Conference, April 6-7, 1948
-- Origins of FCNL; statement of purpose (1943)
-- Statements on Legislative Policy, 1947-1949
-- Whiskey and bread advertisements and testimony
-- Testimony, 1948

Box 19
1948 (cont.)
-- S [correspondents/subjects include: Willis Satterthwaite, F.F. Sharpless, Christian Science Church refusal to support C.O.s, John Swomley]
-- Stewart, Annalee and Alexander [correspondents/subjects include: UMT (both work for FCNL on this), first woman (Annalee) to offer prayer in House of Representatives, June 9, 1948]
-- T-V [correspondents/subjects include: language in law re: C.O.s, Howard G. Taylor, Iroquoia Confederacy, Dolliver bill, Norman Thomas, John Swomley, income tax laws, Oswald Garrison Villard ordered to Battle Creek Sanitarium]
-- W [correspondents/subjects include: Sac and Fox Indian tribes in Iowa, Frances Rose Ransom (War Resisters League), conscientious objection in United Nations Bill of Rights, interview with Speaker of the House (Joseph Martin) re: war hysteria and UMT, world reconstruction, UMT in Indiana, arms for Palestine, Florence Widutis (editor of Resolved), National Peace Conference, U.S.-Russian relations, Norman J. Whitney]
-- X-Y [correspondents/subjects include: YWCA, YMCA, UMT]

Box 19 (cont.)
-- American Friends Service Committee [10 folders]
-- A [correspondents/subjects include: Frank Aydelotte]
-- B [correspondents/subjects include: Baltimore Yearly Meeting, North Atlantic Defense Pact, Martin Cohnstaedt case, non-registrant Philip J. Howard, Kenneth Boulding, Gilbert Bowles, world disarmament, Charles Boss]
-- Br [correspondents/subjects include: Ellen Starr Brinton, North Atlantic Defense Pact, refugees, Brethren Service Committee, Peace Institute in Indiana, M.R. Zigler, world disarmament]
-- C [correspondents/subjects include: Henry Cadbury, North Atlantic Defense Pact, Oregon Yearly Meeting, Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, ROTC, priorities of FCNL, Susannah Crowe, Consultative Peace Council]

Box 20
1949 (cont.)
-- D [correspondents/subjects include: displaced persons]
-- E [correspondents/subjects include: health insurance]
-- F [correspondents/subjects include: fair employment practices, tax refusal, Selective Service, ROTC at Ohio Wesleyan, Foundation for Foreign Affairs, National Labor Conference for Peace, North Atlantic Defense Pact, peacetime draft, conference on religious and peace leaders]
[no index for rest of box, if there is anything more]

Box 21
-- American Friends Service Committee [9 folders]
-- A [correspondents/subjects include: surplus food commodities, agriculture, Japanese-American Claims bill, disarmament campaign, foreign policy based on armaments]
-- American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service [correspondents/subjects include: Commodity Credit bill, assistance to non-Communist areas of China, potatoes for surplus disposal]
-- B [correspondents/subjects include: foreign policy, immigration difficulties, Charles Boss, Methodist Seminar, surplus potatoes, C.O. frozen fund, early history of FCNL, Pearl Buck, UMT, Church of the Brethren, Ora Huston, draft]
-- Baptist [correspondents/subjects include: McCarren bill, United Nations, interview with Assistant Secretary of State (Hickerson) re: genocide convention, lease at FCNL headquarters, John Thomas, draft bill]
-- C [correspondents/subjects include: political prisoners in Greece, K.C. Chacko (Consulate General, India) Henry J. Cadbury, C.O. frozen fund, Iowa Yearly Meeting, disarmament resolution by Senator McMahon, agriculture surpluses, Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors, Wirt Warren parole, Brokaw case, Caleb Foote, draft extension hearings, Consultative Peace Council]
-- D [correspondents/subjects include: William C. Dennis, UMT, naturalization oath to bear arms, loyalty plank in FCNL statement of policy, Indian rights in Alaska Statehood bill]
-- Disciples of Christ [correspondents/subjects include: James A. Crain, surplus food disposal]
-- E-F [correspondents/subjects include: Harold Evans, amicus curiae brief in Cohnstaedt case, UMT, Mundt-Nixon bill, Harrop Freeman, Ralph Friedman (summer intern)]
-- G [correspondents/subjects include: surplus commodities, displaced persons legislation, withdrawal (by FCNL?) from Mid-Century Conference on Peace, hydrogen bomb, Tydings proposal for universal disarmament, negotiations with Russia, debate between Clarence Pickett and Ead Cooke Jr. re: UMT (Dec. 17, 1950)]
-- Government [correspondents/subjects include: Thompson Restaurant case, Genocide Convention]
-- H [correspondents/subjects include: Washington Friends Property Study Group, George Hardin, United Council of Church Women, Sociedad Fraternal Hutterians, Nguyen Dinh Hoa, Indo-China, Isidor Hoffman, war in Korea, United Nations]
[index for J-L missing]

Box 22
1950 (cont.)
[index for M-N missing]
-- National Council of Churches [Walter Van Kirk, UNICEF, draft extension, Churchmen's Seminar]
-- O-P [correspondents/subjects include: Frank Ortloff, C.O. frozen fund, disarmament, Vicktor Paschkis, Society for Social Responsibility in Science, civil liberties, H-bomb, U.S.-Soviet relations, German war orphans, Western Yearly Meeting, Mid-Century Conference for Peace, United Nations, world government, Charles Price]
-- R [correspondents/subjects include: Germany, relief to China, Robert Root, Morris Rubin, food distribution, effort to get Senators to reverse over-reliance on military (one week before outbreak of Korean War], May 24th dinner for Eleanor Roosevelt, United Nations]
-- S [correspondents/subjects include: Richmond Conference, Willis Satterthwaite, Korea, arming Arab States, peace fund, UMT, Campaign to Prevent World War III, draft extension, atomic weapons control, Latvian displaced persons, alcohol advertising, food distribution, Indian crippled children, refugees, Quaker economists, Annalee Stewart, National Peace Conference, current legislation]
-- Selective Service Extension [correspondents/subjects include: State Department, Genocide Convention, foreign aid, Den Rusk]
-- Swomley, John [correspondents/subjects include: UMT, draft, disarmament, Fellowship of Reconciliation, National Council Against Conscription]
-- T [correspondents/subjects include: Quaker peace testimony, Detroit Conference on Peace and War, Larry Gara case, Roger Baldwin ("no Negro instructors on Ohio State faculty"), ROTC, conscientious objectors, worldwide literacy, Frank Laubach]
-- U-V [correspondents/subjects include: Willard Uphaus, Mid-Century Conference for Peace, agricultural seminar, Robert Vogel, naturalization of people who refused to bear arms, Floyd Vorhis (later spent 14 winters as FCNL volunteer)]
-- W [correspondents/subjects include: United World Federation, atom bomb chronology, UMT, Korea, Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, high school seminars, declaration of national emergency, Larry Gara case, conscription legislation, Hoover Commission, Norman Whitney]
-- FCNL origin and statement of purpose
-- Warren, Roscoe
-- Wood, Richard R.
-- X-Z
-- Agricultural Seminar, Jan. 31 - Feb. 10, 1950: program, attendance, picture

Box 23
[most of index missing; not sure if folder names are as they appear below]
-- A-I [correspondents/subjects include: E. Stanley Jones, food for India, Korea, China, Ober Law, FCNL opposition for most of Richard Nixon's legislative proposals, Chester Graham's broadcast re: removal of General Douglas MacArthur, grain for India, Philip Jacob, conscription, E. Stanley Jones' interview with President Truman re: Korea and communist China]
-- FCNL negotiations for building (216 3rd Street SE)
-- K-L [ correspondents/subjects include: allocation of taxes paid by Quakers for non-war purposes]
-- M [correspondents/subjects include: agricultural seminar, Robert Michener case]
-- NCLCN [letter from President Truman]
-- American Friends Service Committee Foreign Service Section
[not sure if rest of folders are alphabetical or chronological; correspondents/subjects include: Ralph Rose renting rooms for NSBRO's Race Relations Committee, armed services increase, Elmore Jackson, grain for India, C. Lloyd Bailey leaving FCNL, interview with Justice William Douglas]

Box 24
1951 (cont.)
-- A [correspondents/subjects include: world peace referendums in Jamaica, statement for the Forum for the Air, FNCL annual budget]
-- B [correspondents/subjects include: Ellen Starr Brinton (?), Korea, interview with Dwight Eisenhower, UMT, ROTC Study Committee, Annalee Stewart, E. Stanley Jones, disarmament workshop, Pentagon Orientation Conference for Religious Leaders]
-- C-O
-- P-R [correspondents/subjects include: Point IV Committee member organizations, Adlai Stevenson's interview with John Ferguson (Oct. 20, 1952), Percy Bartlett, migratory labor legislation, Emily Green Balch, Korea]

Box 25
1952 (cont.)
[not sure if there are P-R folders in this box as well as in Box 24]
-- G-Z

Box 26
-- A [correspondents/subjects include: Workshop on World Disarmament, disarmament legislation, American Research Incorporated report, AFSC program on disarmament, doctor's draft, oath for naturalization, Walter Lippman, Robert Pickus, FCL of Northern California]
-- C- E

Box 27
1953 (cont.)
-- F-Z

Box 28
1953 (cont.)
-- Tenth Anniversary

Box 29
-- A
-- B
-- C [correspondents/subjects include: Joe McCarthy's voting record, Study Conference of the Historic Peace Churches (July 15-18, 1954), Consultative Peace Council, Conference on Responsibility for World Leadership in 1954 (Feb. 28, 1954)
-- D [correspondents/subjects include: FCNL budget]
-- E [correspondents/subjects include: agricultural surplus legislation]
-- F [correspondents/subjects include: Betty Zisk, John Forbes' statement as a non-registrant [C.O.], Bill Fuson joining special staff (Dec. 27, 1954), Fellowship of Reconciliation, Japanese and German war prisoners, Indo-China, UMT]

Box 30
1954 (cont.)
-- G
-- H [correspondents/subjects include: Dorothy Hutchinson, George Hardin, Capitol Gist poll, Indo-China]
-- I-K
-- L [correspondents/subjects include: Muriel Lester's visit (April 28-30), union efforts at the Chatham mills, letters to government officials]
-- M
-- N [correspondents/subjects include: Minneapolis Friends Meeting, Indo-China, National Civil Liberties Clearing House, National Council for Prevention of War, Capitol Gist poll]
-- O-V
-- W [correspondents/subjects include: Frederick Libby's 80th birthday (Dec. 9, 1954), Washington Churchmen's Seminar (Feb. 23-26)]
-- X-Z
-- American Friends Service Committee [correspondents/subjects include: Indo-China, German children of American Negro troops, Guatemala, Stockholm Peace Conference (June 19-23), Eric Johnson, regional offices, Communist China]

Box 31
-- American Friends Service Committee [correspondents/subjects include: British Ad Hoc China Committee, Kathleen Lonsdale, Ray Newton, UMT discussion at United Church Women's Assembly, Conference on Conscription (Feb. 7-8)]
-- A [correspondents/subjects include: Horace Alexander, American Association for the United Nations, Clark Eichelberger]
-- B [correspondents/subjects include: Hopi Indian visit to Washington, Dean Burton's citizenship case]
-- C [correspondents/subjects include: Grenville Clark, statistics re: military forces, Sheldon Clark, ROTC oath, Albert Coyle, refugees in Europe, National Council of Churches, Cameron P. Hall, Walter Van Kirk, Southern Baptist Christian Life Commission, Committee for World Development and World Disarmament, Ruth Chalmers, Harold Stassen (Presidential Advisor on Disarmament)]
-- D
-- E [correspondents/subjects include: Conference on World Disarmament and Development (March 24-26)

Box 32
1955 (cont.)
-- F [correspondents/subjects include: Steve Wilson's case re: sedition, Catherine Cory, Friends Committee on Legislation of Southern California, amnesty for C.O.s]
-- G [correspondents/subjects include: Virginia Gray's testimony re: UNICEF]
-- H-I
-- J [food surplus, Rural Life Association]
-- K
-- L [correspondents/subjects include: Cleveland World Order Conference (1953), Bricker Amendment, Harrop Freeman, relation of FCNL with the Religious Society of Friends, Fred G. Lehman, Wilmer Cooper]
-- M
-- O-P [correspondents/subjects include: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, United Nations]
-- Pacifica Foundation [correspondents/subjects include: FCC licensing for radio station (Pacifica News), loyalty tests for MPFA, FCNL statement]
-- R [correspondents/subjects include: William Rahill, sign-on statement re: licensing and the Fifth Amendment, wiretap hearings]
-- S [correspondents/subjects include: Wilmer Cooper, Paul Schiya, costs of warfare]
-- Scull, David [correspondents/subjects include: FCNL affiliating with National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing]
-- Thomas, Trevor (FCL of Northern California)
-- Snyder, Edward F.: correspondence with members of Congress
-- Stassen, Harold E: report of interview of four Friends, Sept. 27, 1955

Box 33
1955 (cont.)
-- T [correspondents/subjects include: Norman Thomas, Selective Service, Association of American Colleges, peacetime conscription]
-- Thomas, Trevor (FCL of Northern California)
-- U [correspondents/subjects include: UWF meetings (Feb. 3, April 19)]
-- W [correspondents/subjects include: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Lucy Carner, disarmament, capital punishment]
-- Williams, Stacey
-- American Friends Service Committee

Box 34
1956 (cont.)
-- A [correspondents/subjects include: Agricultural Seminar (Feb. 14-21), Voice of America phonograph interview]
-- B
-- C [correspondents/subjects include: Church World Service, Catherine Cory]
-- D [correspondents/subjects include: William Heriton's case]

Box 35
1956 (cont.)
-- E [correspondents/subjects include: reuniting Chinese family's case]
-- F [correspondents/subjects include: Fellowship of Reconciliation, communists, "Friends in Government"]
-- G
-- H [correspondents/subjects include: Dorothy Hutchinson's travel letters]
-- I
-- J [correspondents/subjects include: Clara Sturges Johnson, Maricopa Indian Cooperative Association]
-- K [correspondents/subjects include: Mary Knowles' case re: civil liberties]
-- L [correspondents/subjects include: Frederick Libby, hydrogen bomb tests]

Box 36
1956 (cont.)
-- Mc [correspondents/subjects include: view of E. Raymond Wilson re: various issues]
-- N correspondents/subjects include: National Association of Evangelicals, National Civil Liberties Clearing House, NSBRO, present number of I-W's (2,675 as of June 1st), narcotic addicts]
-- O [correspondents/subjects include: disarmament, Atlantic Union]
-- P [correspondents/subjects include: chemical/biological warfare, Aswan Dam, Point IV Information Service]
-- Q
-- R
-- S [correspondents/subjects include: Department of Peace, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's workshop on disarmament (April 19), Carl Shaw (Vienna), United World Federalists, John W. Swomley, National Council Against Conscription]
-- T [correspondents/subjects include: Trevor Thomas, ocean freight reimbursement to voluntary agencies, disarmament]

Box 37
1956 (cont.)
-- UN [correspondents/subjects include: Ambassador Lodge, UNREF Appropriation]
-- U
-- V [correspondents/subjects include: Vitarelli case (fired from his job in the Polan Islands because of pacifist stance)]
-- W [correspondents/subjects include: United Nations, Japan delegation to UN, Washington Seminary on International Affairs]
-- Willoughby, George [correspondents/subjects include: interview with General Hershey re: C.O. provisions]
-- Women's International League for Peace and Freedom: questionnaire for Congressional candidates
-- American Friends Service Committee [correspondents/subjects include: Friends Consultative Conference on the United Nations, British mission to China (1955), Hungarian refugee repatriation from Yugoslavia, legislation to make finger printing discretionary, foreign distributions over last seven years (by AFSC), Chicago office, New England region, H-bomb petition]
-- A [correspondents/subjects include: American Christian Palestine Committee, American Veterans Committee, Senator Morse, American Associates for the United Nations]

Box 38
1957 (cont.)
-- B [correspondents/subjects include: John Bailey, Atlantic Charter poster, nuclear testing]
-- Be [correspondents/subjects include: Albert Bigelow, nuclear bomb testing]
-- Bo
-- Ca-Ci [correspondents/subjects include: Henry Cadbury re: Paul Johnson's testimony, Edward F. Snyder, National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy]
-- Churches [correspondents/subjects include: National Council of Churches, eradication of malaria, Baptists, John Thomas, civil defense program, Disciples of Christ, Robert Fangmeier, nuclear test ban, Methodist Church, Margaret Bender, Washington Seminar, Church World Service, Senate Agriculture Committee on Policies and Operations, Senator Hubert Humphrey]
-- Committee to Stop H-Bomb Tests [correspondents/subjects include: beginnings of SANE (four pages of notes by Homer Jack, etc.)]
-- Committee for National Trade Policy
-- Committee for World Development and World Disarmament
-- Cooper, William [correspondents/subjects include: disarmament]
-- Cory, Catherine [correspondents/subjects include: Prayer and Conscience Vigil, direct negotiations with Soviet Union, suit against AEC re: radioactive fallout, Wayne Morse's speech on wiretapping]
-- D
-- E [correspondents/subjects include: Seymour Eichel's draft resistance case, Harold Evans, nuclear test ban]
-- F-G correspondents/subjects include: FCNL Diary]

Box 39
1957 (cont.)
-- Ha-Hi [correspondents/subjects include: tribute to Emily Harvey]
-- I
-- J
-- K [correspondents/subjects include: peace tax plan]
-- L [correspondents/subjects include: Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, Frederick J. Libby]
-- National Civil Liberties Clearing House
-- National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy

Box 40
1957 (cont.)
-- National Service Board for Conscientious Objectors
-- Non-violent Action Against Nuclear Weapons [correspondents/subjects include: Las Vegas Vigil (Aug. 3-9), Prayer and Conscience Vigil (Nov. 1 - Dec. 1)]
-- M [correspondents/subjects include: MacMillan Company, capital punishment] [out of order]
-- O [correspondents/subjects include: challenging Virginia's segregated seating law]
-- P [correspondents/subjects include: confiscated Japanese and German property, arms race, Wilmer Cooper, Clay Judson, Howard Kerschner]
-- R [correspondents/subjects include: immigration figures, William C. Rogers, AFSC on Attorney General's list of subversive organizations]
-- S [correspondents/subjects include: Alice Shoemaker, Pakistani orphans, Chicago area office (FNCL), Swarthmore College Peace Collection re: Friends War Problems Committee material]
-- T [correspondents/subjects include: Norman Thomas, atom bomb tests, disarmament, Trevor Thomas, atomic energy, Israeli-Egyptian border, McCarren Walter Act]

Box 41
1957 (cont.)
-- Wi [correspondents/subjects include: Robert Wixom, Mrs. Francis Eliot's testimony]
-- Women's International League for Peace and Freedom [correspondents/subjects include: Kathleen Lonsdale]
-- American Friends Service Committee [correspondents/subjects include: Norman Whitney, National Council of Churches' conference (Dec. 1957), interviews by E. Raymond Wilson and Stephen King-Hall of Senators Flanders, Humphrey and Kefauver, Harold Chance, Department of Peace, Food for Peace Act, conscription opposition, situation of Soboba Indians, Quaker UN program; and much else]
-- A [correspondents/subjects include: Lebanon, California Federation of Young Democrats, fallout suits, FCNL Arden House Disarmament Conference (March 20-23), American Council of Voluntary Agencies, Seminar Committee of Friends Meeting, Jeanette Hadley]

Box 42
1958 (cont.)
-- Area Offices [see Wilson list for details]
-- B [correspondents/subjects include: restrictions on travel for Russian visitors invited by Young Friends Committee of North America, loyalty investigation, honorary degree for E. Raymond Wilson]
-- C [correspondents/subjects include: Ruth Cadwallader]
-- Churches correspondents/subjects include: Baptist Church, John W. Thomas, Brethren Church, disarmament, travel to China, M.R. Zigler, Methodist Church, Herman Will Jr., Disarmament Conference (March 13-16)]
-- Cl [correspondents/subjects include: Grenville Clark, Disarmament Information Service, Denmark Yearly Meeting, LeRoy Collins (governor of Florida), Commonwealth Magazine, Consultative Peace Council, long-range strategy for FCNL]
-- E [correspondents/subjects include: arms race, Religious News Service, disarmament, Federal Bureau of Prison's document re: number of prisoners (65 = 2nd lowest in history)]

Box 43
1958 (cont.)
-- F [correspondents/subjects include: foreign aid, Foreign Policy Association, John Nason]
-- G [correspondents/subjects include: Grace Gibas, disarmament]
-- Ha [correspondents/subjects include: farm surpluses, disarmament, Ann Hardt, nonviolence]
-- He [correspondents/subjects include: Germantown Disarmament Conference]
-- Ho [correspondents/subjects include: reprint of Dorothy Hutchinson article "Is Disarmament Possible"]
-- I [correspondents/subjects include: International Affairs Seminar of Washington]
-- J [correspondents/subjects include: Japanese American Citizens League, Japanese claims to Department of Justice]
-- K [correspondents/subjects include: disarmament, nuclear weapon tests, travels of Leonard Kenworthy]
-- L [correspondents/subjects include: Earnest Lefever, Christian Ethics and National Security in a Nuclear Age, Samuel Levering, Haverford College's giving honorary doctor of law degree to E. Raymond Wilson]
-- M [correspondents/subjects include: Helen Mears, Lebanon, letters between Lockwood Myrick and Vice-President Richard Nixon, Southern Baptist Convention]
-- N [correspondents/subjects include: National Council for Prevention of War, Frederick J. Libby's book re: NCPW]
-- P [correspondents/subjects include: Pacific Yearly Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting]

Box 44
1958 (cont.)
-- R
-- S [correspondents/subjects include: Adlai Stevenson]
-- T [correspondents/subjects include: Norman Thomas, Tokyo Monthly Meeting of Friends, Middle East]
-- Wa [correspondents/subjects include: James P. Warburg, Tadao Watanabe (mayor of Hiroshima), Washington Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy, Washington Joint Religious Staff, Churchmen's Washington Seminar (Feb. 4-7)]
-- Wi [correspondents/subjects include: Edward Snyder, disarmament, nuclear weapons, European refugee immigration]

Box 45
-- American Friends Service Committee [correspondents/subjects include: meeting with Harold Slassen (Dec. 21, 1959), Colin Bell, food stamps plan, testimony before Legislative Committee, Henry Cadbury, World Refugee Year, statement on the right to travel]
-- American Friends Service Committee: Quaker U.N. Program [correspondents/subjects include: NGO briefing on German nuclear test ban negotiations (June 24, 1959), Humphrey Bill on Food for Peace, world law resolution, Harold Evans, Elmore Jackson, disarmament policy, interview with U.N. Secretary General Hammarskjold (May 20, 1959), U.N. Commission on the Status of Women]
-- American Friends Service Committee: American Section, Peace Education [correspondents/subjects include: E. Raymond Wilson invited to be a panelist at General Assembly of the Union of American Hebrew Congregationalists (Nov. 18, 1959), Consultation on Peace Education and Action (Sept. 17-20, 1959), disarmament]
-- American Friends Service Committee: American Section, Community Relations [correspondents/subjects include: farm labor legislation]
-- American Friends Service Committee: Foreign Service Section [correspondents/subjects include: availability of food items]
-- American Friends Service Committee: Middle Atlantic Region [correspondents/subjects include: "Economics of Peace" Institute (May 2, 1959)]
-- American Friends Service Committee: New England Regional Office [correspondents/subjects include: China, censorship of foreign mail by post office, atomic energy]
-- American Friends Service Committee: Northern California [correspondents/subjects include: disarmament, Ben Seaver, conscientious objectors' procedure problems, farm labor legislation]
-- American Friends Service Committee: Des Moines Regional Office [correspondents/subjects include: proposed Agricultural Abundance in a Hungry World conference]
-- A [correspondents/subjects include: atomic bomb tests, Laurence Apsey, Ed Snyder, ROTC at Dartmouth College, civil rights, American Jewish Congress, American Association for the United Nations, Annual Conference of National Organizations (March 6-8), racial and religious discrimination in industries working on government contracts, immigration case of Miss Nabiha Elias Audi]

Box 46
1959 (cont.)
-- B [correspondents/subjects include: nuclear disarmament, Howard Beale, story of Belmont House, Professor Yasui, Emile Benoit]
-- C [correspondents/subjects include: American Abundance in a Hungry World seminar, disarmament, withdrawal of Richard Casey from University of California because of compulsory ROTC, La Jolla Friends Meeting, Norman Cousins, tribute to Norman Thomas]
-- Churches [correspondents/subjects include: Mennonite, Guy F. Hershberger, disarmament, nuclear weapons tests, Methodist, Carl Soule, Daniel Taylor, Herman Will Jr., Unitarian, Mary Blanshard, Homer Jack, Program of National Workshops for Religious Liberals]
-- Committee for Non-violent Action [correspondents/subjects include: Francis Neely, Laurence Scott, chemical and biological warfare establishments, George Willoughby, IRS levy on Larry Scott, Omaha Action against nuclear missile policy, Edward Snyder declining to be an official sponsor]
-- Conscription [correspondents/subjects include: draft extension, Daniel Taylor, Methodist Church, UMT]
-- Consultative Peace Council
-- D [correspondents/subjects include: William C. Dennis, British conscription ending in 1960, James Dombrowski, Southern Conference Educational Fund, mock hearing "featuring Negroes from the deep south telling how local officials kept them from registering to vote," Robert Dunn, Labor Research Association, cost of military weapons, Frances Neeley, Charles Darlington, Friends critical of the FCNL]
-- E [correspondents/subjects include: Harold Evans, private property rights]
-- Embassies [correspondents/subjects include: nuclear weapons tests]
-- F [correspondents/subjects include: Federation of American Scientists, nuclear weapons, compulsory military training, Air Force ROTC at College of Puget Sound, James Finucane, return of confiscated German and Japanese property, Indian Relocation Program]
-- Fellowship of Reconciliation [correspondents/subjects include: Glenn Smiley]
-- Friends Coordinating Committee on Peace
-- Friends Journal [correspondents/subjects include: total disarmament, Burns Chalmers, Annalee Stewart, Harold Sherk, Frederick Fox]
-- Friends Peace Committee [correspondents/subjects include: supplying atomic weapons secrets]

Box 47
1959 (cont.)
-- G [correspondents/subjects include: Florence Gibson, American Field Service, Virginia Gray, UNICEF, Warren Griffiths, Edward Linta, testimony against capital punishment before House Judiciary Committee, euthanasia, government officials, Richard Nixon, Religious Leader Conference (May 11, 1959), Adelphia Friends Meeting, nuclear weapons tests]
-- Ha [correspondents/subjects include: Nixon Hadley, Kunzia Dam, Menominee Indian bills, Clifford Haworth, Illinois Yearly Meeting]
-- He [correspondents/subjects include: Virginia Helm, Oregon Yearly Meeting, alcohol on commercial and military aircraft, Senator Hugh B. Hester, Theodore B. Hetzel, Taos Indians, John Holden, WMAL-TV series "Eight Steps to Peace"]
-- I [correspondents/subjects include: George Beebe Institute for International Order, United Nations, Wilmer Cooper, Christian Action and Nuclear Weapons, International Council of Churches' attack on Annalee Stewart and Clarence Pickett, etc., nuclear arms race, Walter Isard, Regional Science Association's session on disarmament (Dec. 28, 1959), Six-Nation Indian Confederation, tax exemption for Indians]
-- J [correspondents/subjects include: Sam Jacobs]
-- K [correspondents/subjects include: Don Kaufman, alternatives to military taxes, fallout shelters, Howard Kurtz]
-- L [correspondents/subjects include: Lorenzo Lowe, Church and World Peace Day, Richard Nixon, Samuel Levering] [see also end of box 48]
-- M [correspondents/subjects include: criticism of FCNL, Hubert Humphrey speaking at State College, General Electric's proposal for cutting non-defense spending, disarmament, Allan Hunter, E. Raymond Wilson's trip with Chester Graham, Helen Mears, U.S.-Japanese Mutual Security Treaty, Dwight Michener, disarmament savings for the economy] [see also end of box 48]
-- Memoranda [correspondents/subjects include: Edward Snyder's interview with Eugeni A. Zaostrovtsev re: summit conference on disarmament (April 20, 1959), Edward Snyder's interview with Mr. Borvsky (Nov. 6, 1951 [1959?])]
-- N [correspondents/subjects include: Pat and Dick Naeye's desire to adopt orphan from Hong Kong, drought in Brazil, oil import quotas, New York Yearly Meeting's letter to President Eisenhower, M.P. Philip Noel-Baker, disarmament, North Carolina Yearly Meeting's letter to Nikita Krushchev]
-- National Organizations [correspondents/subjects include: National Farmers Union, Food for Peace bill, National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Donald Keys, Marvin Gewirtz, nuclear weapons, sharing atomic weapons information, National Service Board for Religious Objectors (NSBRO), J. Harold Sherk, George Willoughby, military discharges for C.O.s, Carl Soule, Methodist Church Board of World Peace]
-- New Jersey Friends Committee on the Social Order [correspondents/subjects include: Symposium on the Death Penalty (May 27, 1959)]
-- P [correspondents/subjects include: Pacific Yearly Meeting's telegram to President Eisenhower, nuclear weapons testing, Peoria Monthly Meeting, Charles and Eleanor Harker, Robert Pickus, disarmament, censorship of mail by post office]

Box 48
1959 (cont.)
-- Press releases [correspondents/subjects include: world disarmament / ending arms race]
-- R [correspondents/subjects include: world court, Senator Paul Douglas, Constance Randall, exchange of newsmen with China, letter to Eleanor Roosevelt on her 75th birthday, Milo Rose's resignation from FCNL General Committee "over the question of Red China"]
-- S [correspondents/subjects include: Sarah Swan's testimony re: legislation on return of confiscated German and Japanese property, grant for Earlham College Project in Kenya, Julius Sobon's letter to President Eisenhower, Soviet Union, Anne Stadler, Emlen Stokes, visit of M.P. Philip Noel-Baker, Seminar for Quaker Businessmen (June 12-15, 1959), Oliver Stone]
-- U [correspondents/subjects include: E. Raymond Wilson's "Morality in International Affairs" given at Union of American Hebrew Congregations assembly, World Refugee Year, United World Federalists]
-- V [correspondents/subjects include: W.V. Vitarelli's security risk case (Supreme Court decided in his favor]
-- W [correspondents/subjects include: Harold Walker, surplus food distribution, food stamps, E. Paul Weaver, UMT, Indiana Council of Churches, World University for Peace, Friends Medical Society, George Willoughby (CCCO's annual report), Robert Wixoms ("prolonged correspondence re: racial situation in Arkansas, including attempts of the Attorney General of Arkansas to smash the NAACP; this case is a good example of how high feelings on race run in Arkansas")]
-- L [correspondents/subjects include: Samuel Levering, Chuck Harker] [see also box 47]
-- M [correspondents/subjects include: Jean Malin, distribution of food to Americans, Lafayette March, Frances Neely, war debt, meeting on disarmament (Dec. 18, 1959), Mrs. James Marshall, Duane Moore, Agricultural Seminar, Irving Morrissett] [see also box 47]

Box 49
-- American Friends Service Committee
-- Area offices [Jan. 13 - Nov. 22; "extremely good review of FCNL information and activities"]
-- A [correspondents/subjects include: AFL-CIO, Henderson Textile Workers Union strike, Youth Corps, AFSC conference called too pro-Communist by Howard Kerschner, surplus food commodities]
-- American [correspondents/subjects include: American Farm Bureau, United Nations, world court, American Association for the United Nations, Republican Convention]
-- B [correspondents/subjects include: Sydney Bailey, Secretary of State Rusk, Kruzua Dam, Montclair Forum, Kenneth Boulding, scientific study of peace, Lloyd Bailey accused of being a Communist, chronology of test ban treaty (1958-1960)]

Box 50
1960 (cont.)
-- C [correspondents/subjects include: Eves Cadwallader, Agricultural Seminar "American Abundance in a Hungry World" (Dec. 1960), interview of Stanley MCaffery re: disarmament, appeal to Chase Fund for completing Frederick Libby's book, Chicago Monthly Meeting re: memorial for James Matchett, Church Peace Union, China, free elections under Batista regime, Governor (of Florida) Lercy Collin's statement re: "rights of Negroes to be served at lunch counters in stores accepting their patronage," Stuart Innerst, Committee of One Million, bi-partisan anti-Red China stand, Antarctica Treaty, funds for disarmament studies, National Peace Agency, Youth Corps, Quaker Peace Witness delegation to see Soviet Ambassador Mikhail Menshikow (Nov. 14, 1960), C. Edward Behre, nuclear test ban, Campaign for Disarmament, Summer Caravan for Disarmament's tour of 43 cities, Committee for Non-Violent Action, Vigil at Fort Detrick, Polaris Action Walk, shooting down of test pilot (Francis Gary Powers) over Soviet territory, report of experience in Honolulu city/county jail (by William Huntingdon, James Peck, Orion Sherwood, George Willoughby, Albert Bigelow), Crime and Punishment Committee of the New York Yearly Meeting, Cuba, interviews by Robert Lyon, projected visit to Cuba of Robert Stroud]
-- D [correspondents/subjects include: Indian concerns, Jerome Davis, military expenditures, Robin Dixon, economics of disarmament, Marion Dockhorn, Rosecoe Drummond, Charles Darlington, Drew Pearson's column on the FCNL, E. Raymond Wilson's 9-day midwest trip with Chest Graham, status of Midwest FCL Office, Jeanette Hadley, Advance Platform Committee of the National Democratic Convention, Disarmament Information Service, agricultural abundance, luncheon for Philip Noel-Baker (June 20, 1960), Campaign for Disarmament]
-- E [correspondents/subjects include: releases written by Glenn Everett re: FCNL activities]
-- F [correspondents/subjects include: Friends Medical Society, disarmament efforts with Kennedy's and Nixon's staffs, attacks (red-baiting) on the Fellowship of Reconciliation by the Church League of America, Al Hassler, John Swomley, U.S.-Japanese Security Treaty, John Nevin Sayre, University of Maryland's modification of ROTC policy regarding C.O.s, Friends Coordinating Committee on Peace, proposed meeting with Philip Noel-Baker, Stuart Innerst's story re: William Martin losing his job as Senate Page, Friends General Conference, disarmament, nuclear testing, Friends Peace Committee, George Hardin's call for more imaginative meetings and Quaker action, Friends Medical Society, chemical and biological warfare, books for the Central Theological Seminary in Korea, Friends Peace Conference "What Do the Scriptures Say About Peace?" (Feb. 27, 1960)
-- G [correspondents/subjects include: voluntary military training workshop at University of Wisconsin, disarmament, government officials, Charles Darlington, C. Edward Behre, test ban treaty, Chessman case, Philip Noel-Baker, Richard Nixon's part in steel [strike?] settlement, Congressional Committees, deductions for public interest organizations for lobbying, full appropriations for humanitarian programs in the Mutual Security Bill, opposition to transfer of nuclear weapons to NATO command, Comptroller of Foreign Propaganda, Youth Corps, malaria eradication, refugees, statement signed by 1000 representatives of Christian and peace groups in Japan re: Japanese-U.S. Security Pact, Kiuzua Dam, government officials in the executive agencies, food surpluses, international labor affairs, Charles Darlington, World Refugee Year, Disarmament Information Service, statement of Christian groups in Japan urging President Eisenhower to postpone his visit to their country, Geneva Test Ban Treaty, compilation of statements on disarmament and nuclear weapons testing by 38 national organizations]

Box 51
1960 (cont.)
-- H [correspondents/subjects include: Western Yearly Meeting, Oscar Hammerstein II, international peace force, Platform for Peace, Lowell Hershey, CBR installation in Indiana, Oregon Yearly Meeting, Quakerism of Richard Nixon, Social Security, Presbytery trial of Rev. Maurice McCracken, population control, nuclear testing, disarmament, Five Years Meeting, Stuart Innerst, U.N. Seminars, Political Action for Peace - Massachusetts PAX, Senator Kennedy, William Hefner, Adam Lohaus, firing of William Martin as assistant in the Republican Senate Cloakroom, immigration, U.N. High Commission on Refugees, General Hugh Hester]
-- I [correspondents/subjects include: Ada Wardlow, Rand Corporation, economics of disarmament, Illinois Yearly Meeting, Central Arizona Indian Committee re: tribal lands, appeal of Seneca Indians re: Kiugua Dam, Walter Isard, International Peace Institute's handbook]
-- J [correspondents/subjects include: disarmament, Robert Thomson, Clara Sturges Johnson, China, Youth Corps, Peace Corps]
-- K [correspondents/subjects include: Soichi Kato, Carroll Kenworthy, interview by 14 churchmen of Kennedy, Nixon and Humphrey, interviews re: Bill Martin's case, disarmament, Chester Bowler, Natalie Kimber, Kenneth Knowlton, Peace Corps, Sacrificial Peace Fund of the Wilton Friends Meeting, Kiuzua Dam, Seneca Treaty, Levinus Painter, Dr. Polycarp Kush, economic conversion from military economy]
-- L [correspondents/subjects include: Margarethe Lachmund (East Berlin, Germany), Association on Indian Affairs, Kent Larrabee, Irving Laucks, Summit Conference, Leonard Lazam's proposal for New York FCL office, Frances Neely, George Loft's summary of his experiences in Rhodesia for the AFSC in 1957-1960, Ellsworth Palmer, China, Samuel Levering's difficulties with California Yearly meeting, Colin Bell, approval for E. Raymond Wilson to attend World Assembly of the World Council of Churches in New Delhi, India]
-- Mc [correspondents/subjects include: disarmament, weapons testing]
-- M [correspondents/subjects include: Volunteers for International Development, Mrs. James Marshall, William Matchett, James Matchett, Kiuzua Dam, Governor (of New Jersey) Robert Meyner, Lela Mills, Minneapolis Monthly Meeting, U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold, Carl Soule, Methodist Church, chemical and biological weapons, Irving Morrissett, Purdue University, Mountain View Friends Meeting, Champaign-Urbana Friends Meeting, William Martin (letter sent by him and others from Washington Young Friends sent to 22,000 high school seniors, which led to his dismissal as Senate Page), Poughkeepsie Monthly Meeting, Senator Margaret Chase Smith, interview with Charles Coolidge, Wolf Mendl's report of activities (1959-1960)]
-- N [correspondents/subjects include: NBC story on Quakers, Warren Nelson, Food for Peace bill, Richard Newby, disarmament, Ferner Nulin, Summit Conference, national organizations, NAACP, Hecht Company's discrimination in restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, National Association of Social Workers, National Consumers League, Mexican farm labor importation, National Farmers Union, National Civil Liberties Clearing House, National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Homer Jack, nuclear weapons testing, 20th anniversary of NSBRO, New Jersey Friends Committee on the Social Order, M.P. Philip Noel-Baker]

Box 52
1960 (cont.)
-- O [correspondents/subjects include: Oberlin College, germ warfare]
-- P [correspondents/subjects include: Drew Pearson, Leo Poch, L. Pointer, Victor Paschkis, Summit Conference, Pennsylvania Committee to Abolish the Death Penalty, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Mary Philips, Platform for Peace, William Hanson, China, Alfred Kolberg, Youth Corps, Charles Price, Quaker Conference on Disarmament and the United Nations, Norma Price, Chester Graham, Civil Rights and Immigration Subcommittee of the Republican Convention, Henry Lohmann, Harold Evans' testimony before Senate Foreign Relations Committee re: the world court, execution of ____ Chessman, John Swomley, Disarmament News, test ban treaty]
-- R [correspondents/subjects include: James Read, Drew Pearson's column on Nixon and the FCNL, Ruth Replogle's testimony before House Committee re: foreign aid, Brig. General J. Rothschild, Morris Rubin, Dr. Richard Rogers, Secretary of State Herter]
-- S [correspondents/subjects include: Student Peace Union, Japanese Security Treaty, Doris Shamleffer, Committee on World Development and World Disarmament, germ warfare, United Nations bureaucracy, Susan Gower Smith's visit to Soviet Embassy with Ambassador Dobrynin, Somerset Mills Monthly Meeting, cold reception to Levinus Pointer's testimony re: Kinzua Dam, Robert Stroud's proposed trip to Cuba, experiment in dealing with drug addiction, Lobby for Peace, John Swomley Jr., disarmament]
-- T [correspondents/subjects include: Lyle Tatus, Southern Rhodesia, Peace Corps, Richard Taylor, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, dinner meeting with Charles Coolidge, foreign aid, civil rights, trade restrictions, Norman Thomas, economics of disarmament, Princeton Monthly Meeting, missile bases in Spain, D. Elton Trueblood re: Drew Pearson story, Friends Peace Committee (London)]
-- U [correspondents/subjects include: AFSC's efforts in Washington and Oregon re: peace planks for party platforms, Frank Uphoff, Peace Corps, refugees, Stuart Innerst, Julia Henderson, capital punishment, UNICEF, United World Federalists, Charles Price, National Political Action Committee, disarmament, American Farm Bureau, Connally Amendment]
-- V [correspondents/subjects include: McCarran Subversive Activities Control Act, Youth Corps conference, Jerry Voorhis, Frances Neely, Rep. Margaret Stitt Church]
-- W [funds for disarmament studies, Harold Walker's statement before the Advance Platform Hearings of the Democratic National Committee on the "Economics of Peace," Ada Wardlaw, Frances Neely, Disarmament Administration (to be responsible to the Secretary of State), nuclear policy, Stuart Innerst, execution of ____ Chessman, J. Paul Weaver, Western Yearly Meeting, capital punishment, Friends Medical Society, Westtown Monthly Meeting's Peace Committee, peace testimony of Friends, United Nations, chemical-bacteriological warfare, total disarmament, U-2 flights, World Government Sunday, Connolly Amendment, Peace Corps, Washington lobby for peace, transfer of nuclear weapons to Germany, Douglas Page ("a peace candidate for Congress in the 6th District of California"), agricultural surpluses, Richard Wood, Washington Staff Conference (including interview with Nixon, Kennedy and Humphrey, April 21, 1960), economics of disarmament, Foreign Policy Clearing House, George Willoughby re: young C.O. in army seeking discharge, Youth Service Corps, alternative to military service, Eston Rockwell citizenship case, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Herbert Jehle, SANE, CBR warfare, Esther Frankel, Janet Neuman, Katherine Arnett, abolition of House Un-American Activities Committee, withdrawal of Eleanor Roosevelt from WILPF, Summit Conference, treatment of Nazarene C.O.s in Yugoslavia, Adelaide Baker, Andre Trocine [Trocme?] luncheon (Jan. 20, 1960), Duncan Wood, nuclear test negotiations] [WILPF material in separate folders?]
-- X-Y-Z [correspondents/subjects include: refusal by Wilmer Young to pay taxes, Betty Zisk (former FCNL staff member)]
-- FCNL Inter-Office Memoranda [correspondents/subjects include: list of staff members with beginning and concluding dates (up to 1956), disarmament negotiations in Geneva (May 4, 1960), Jeannette Hadley in Geneva, list of potential volunteer jobs at FCNL, comments on statement of legislative policy]

Box 53 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1961 Box List

Box 54 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1961 (cont.) Box List

Box 55 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1961 (cont.) Box List

Box 56 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1961 (cont.) Box List

Box 57 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1962 Box List

Box 58 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1962 (cont.) Box List

Box 59 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1962 (cont.) Box List

Box 60 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1962 (cont.) Box List

Box 61 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1962 (cont.) Box List

Box 62 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1963 Box List

Box 63 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1963 (cont.) Box List

Box 64 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1963 (cont.) Box List

Box 65 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1963 (cont.) Box List

Box 66 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1963 (cont.) Box List

Box 67 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1964 Box List

Box 68 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1964 (cont.) Box List

Box 69 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1964 (cont.) Box List

Box 70 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1964 (cont.) Box List

Box 71 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1964 (cont.) Box List

Box 72 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1965 Box List

Box 73 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1965 (cont.) Box List

Box 74 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1965 (cont.) Box List

Box 75 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1965 (cont.) Box List

Box 76 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1965 (cont.) Box List

Box 77 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1966 Box List

Box 78 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1966 (cont.) Box List

Box 79 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1966 (cont.) Box List

Box 80 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1966 (cont.) Box List

Box 81 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1952-1960 Box List

Box 82 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1952-1960 (cont.) Box List

Box 83 on-site
-- Area Offices Correspondence, 1961-1965 Box List

Box 84 on-site
-- Area Offices Correspondence, 1961-1965 (cont.) Box List

Box 85 on-site
-- Area Offices Correspondence, 1961-1965 (cont.) Box List

Box 86 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1967 Box List

Box 87 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1967 (cont.) Box List

Box 88 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1967 (cont.) Box List

Box 89 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1967 (cont.) Box List

Box 90 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1968 Box List

Box 91 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1968 (cont.) Box List

Box 92 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1968 (cont.) Not Indexed

Box 93 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1969 A - C, Not Indexed

Box 94 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1969 D - H, Not Indexed

Box 95 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1969 I - O, Not Indexed

Box 96 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1969 P - Z, Not Indexed

Box 97 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1970 A - Cl, Not Indexed

Box 98 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1970 Co - G, Not Indexed

Box 99 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1970 H - N, Not Indexed

Box 100 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1970 O - Z, Not Indexed

Box 101 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1971 A - E, Not Indexed

Box 102 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1971 F - M, Not Indexed

Box 103 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1971 N - Z, Not Indexed

Box 104 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1972 A - G, Not Indexed

Box 105 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1972 Government - McG, Not Indexed

Box 106 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1972 Ma - Q, Not Indexed

Box 107 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1972 R - Z, Not Indexed

Box 108 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1973 A - C, Not Indexed

Box 109 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1973 D - Z, Not Indexed

Box 110 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1974 (January) Correspondence on Proposed Tax Statement, Not Indexed

Box 111 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1974 A - F, Not Indexed

Box 112 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1974 FCL - L, Not Indexed

Box 113 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1974 M - T, Not Indexed

Box 114 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1974 U - Z and 1975, Not Indexed

Box 115 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1975 (cont.) Not Indexed

Box 116 on-site
-- Correspondence, 1975 (cont.) Not Indexed

Box 117 on-site
-- Auditor's reports, 1944-1979

[all boxes on-site]
Boxes 1-9 on-site Box List
-- Carbons of outgoing correspondence [in chronological order]
[all boxes on-site]
Boxes 1-4 on-site Box List
-- Incoming mail summaries, 1959-1969 [1964 missing; 1969 incomplete]

SERIES D THROUGH N (AND THROUGH r?) ARE Stored Off-site; questions regarding contents cannot be easily answered ACCORDINGLY; contact scpc staff for more information

[all boxes off-site]
Boxes 1-118
Box LIst
-- Work files and reference files re: universal military training (UMT), conscription and disarmament, ca. 1911-1970s

[all boxes off-site]
Boxes 1-4, 5a-5b, 6-7 [and box 8?] Box List
-- Work files and reference files re: conscientious objection/objectors, 1940s-1950s [includes correspondence, statements by and cases of C.O.s, legislation, naturalization cases, war taxes, draft counseling]

[all boxes off-site]
Boxes 1-9, 9a Box List
-- Work files and reference files re: war and peace, pacifism, churches and peace, Quakers and peace, peace conferences/demonstrations, cost of war, etc., 1920-1969

[all boxes off-site]
Boxes 1-8 Box List
-- Work files and reference files re: civil liberties (including civil liberties cases), civil rights, immigration and naturalization legislation and cases, FEPC, poll tax, anti-lynching, refugees, American Indians, 1916-1960s

[all boxes off-site]
Boxes 1-26 Box list
-- Work files and reference files re: American foreign policy, foreign aid (to Africa, China, Cuba, Germany, Japan, the Middle East), war prisoners, war criminals, U.S.-USSR relations, China, Germany, Cuba, Korea, Japan, post-war planning, 1900-1972

[all boxes off-site]
Boxes 1-5, 5a Box List
-- Work files and reference files re: the United Nations, UN agencies' appropriations, programs, peacemaking, peacekeeping, human rights conventions, 1900-1973

[all boxes off-site]
Boxes 1-7 Box List
-- Work files (of Frances Neely, etc.) and reference files re: food and relief (for Europe, Japan, India, China), UNRRA, population, foreign aid, Food for Peace, hunger in the U.S., 1914-1967

[all boxes off-site]
Boxes 1-2 Box List
-- Work files and reference files re: federal aid for education, guaranteed income, environment and pollution, etc., 1928-1967

[all boxes off-site]
Boxes 1-2 Box List
-- Work files and reference files re: Congress, reform, ethics, powers, elections, candidates, Register, Citizens Opinion, treaty-making, 1932-1978

Box 2a [acc. 80A-010]
-- Material about J.F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, 1959-1960

[all boxes off-site]
Boxes 1-26 Box List
-- Work files (of Frances Neely, David Wurfel, etc.) and reference files re: the Vietnam War, 1961-1976

[all boxes off-site]
Boxes 1-41 Box List
-- Correspondence with retired congressmen, 1971-1982

[all tapes removed to Audiovisual Collection]
List of tapes

[all boxes off-site]
Box 1
-- Publicity by and media coverage of the FCNL, ___-1971

Box 2
-- Publicity by and media coverage of the FCNL, 1946-1976
Box 3
-- Newsclippings

[all boxes off-site]
Box 1
-- Criticism of FCNL, 1946-
-- Story by Drew Pearson, 1960
-- Lawrence C. Lockley, 1960-1961
-- Clifford Haworth, 1956-1964
-- Commendations of FCNL

Box 2
-- Criticism of FCNL by Glen Ridge Friends, 1959
-- Howard E. Kershner, 1954-1961
-- J. Kennedy Sinclaire, 1954-1963

[all boxes off-site]
Box 1
-- Churchmen's Seminar, 1951-1956
-- FCNL Agricultural Seminar, 1956

Box 2
-- AFSC Seminar, 1952-1953
-- National Conference on Disarmament, 1953 [see also Series D, Box 28]

Box 3
-- Various seminars and conferences, ___-1976

Accession 89A-080
[all boxes on-site]
Boxes 1-4 (paige boxes)
-- Correspondence with congresspersons; organizational files

Accession 89A-124
[all boxes on-site]
Boxes 1-3
-- Correspondence with Senators and staff [and general correspondence?]

Accession 90A-096
[all boxes on-site]
Boxes 1-4 (paige boxes)
-- Office files

Accession 95A-019
[all boxes on-site]

Box 1
Cranston, Alan
North Vietnam: early 1975
Co-signed letters, 1988
Miscellaneous correspondence

Box 2
Miscellaneous correspondence [2 folders]
1984 - chronological
Gus Yatron (Democrat) Pennsylvania 6(th Congressional District?)
Kostmayer, Peter H. (Democrat) Pennsylvania 8th Congressional District
James, Craig
Ireland, Andrew (Democrat) Representative Florida 8th Congressional District
Carroll Hubbard, Jr. Kentucky House of Representatives
Horn, Joan Kelly (Democrat-Missouri-2nd Congressional District)
Horton, Frank J. (Republican) New York 36th Congressional District
Hopkins, Larry J. (Republican) Kentucky 6th Congressional District
Charles A. Hayes 1st Congressional District Illinois
Hammerschmidt, John Paul (Republican) Arkansas 3rd Congressional District
Augustus Hawkins 21st Congressional District (Democrat) California
Green, S. William (Republican) New York 18th Congressional District
Guarini, Frank J. (Democrat) New Jersey 14th Congressional District
Joseph M. Gaydos (Democrat) Pennsylvania 20th Congressional District
Frenzel, Bill (Republican, 3rd Congressional District Minnesota)
Humphry, Gordon J. (Republican) New Hampshire
Armstrong, William L. (Republican) Colorado
Alan Dixon Democrat Illinois

Box 3
Timothy E. Wirth, Democrat Colorado House of Representatives 2nd Congressional District
Symms, Steven D., Senator Idaho
Sanford, Terry Democrat North Carolina
Eckart, Dennis E. Ohio-Democrat
Erdreich, Ben (Democrat) Alaska 6th Congressional District
Wolpe, Howard E. (Democrat) Michigan 3rd Congressional District
Warren B. Rudman New Hampshire
Les AuCoin Oregon House of Representatives 1st Congressional District
Trayler, R. Michigan
Tauke, Thomas J. (Republican) Iowa 2nd Congressional District
Tallon, Robin (Democrat) South Carolina 6th Congressional District
Stangeland, Arlan Minnesota
Denny Smith - member of Congress
Bill Schuette Michigan 10th Congressional District
Vander Jagt (Republican) Michigan 9th Congressional District
Walgren, Doug (Democrat) Representative Pennsylvania 19th Congressional District
Wylie, Chalmers P. (Republican) Ohio 15th Congressional District
Representative Lagomarsino California
Byron, Beverly (Democrat) Maryland 6th Congressional District
Carper, Thomas R. (Democrat) Delaware Alaska
Bloomfield, William S. Republican Michigan 18th Congressional District
Jeffords Vermont
Kenneth J. Gray (Democrat - Illinois)
Willis D. Gradison, Jr. House of Representatives Ohio 1st Congressional District
Robert Garcia, New York
Fascell, Dante B. Democrat Florida 12th Congressional District
Parris, Standford E., Republican, Virginia
Roe, Robert A. (Democrat 8th Congressional District, New Jersey)
Schneider, Claudine Republican-Rhode Island
Price, Melvin (Democrat.) Illinois 24th Congressional District
Madigan, Edward R., Republican, Illinois
Bonker, Don Washington - (3rd Congressional District) (House of Representatives)
Thomas J. Downey New York 2nd Congressional District House of Representatives
Dorgan, Byron (Democrat) North Dakota
Bacchus, Jim (Democrat-Florida-11th Congressional District)
Jones, Ben (Democrat-Georgia-4th Congressional District)
Office Procedures
1980 Draft Senate
Redress - House Resolution 442

Box 4
Current Year
Bennett, Charles Florida 30th Congressional District (Democrat)
#314 Questionnaire for Congress in 1970 background issues... April 1970
Dyson, Roy Maryland-Democrat
Jim Wright Democrat Texas 12th Congressional District
Gray, William H. III (Democrat) Pennsylvania 2nd Congressional District
Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Democrat New Jersey, 10th Congressional District
Udall, Morris Democrat Arizona 2nd Congressional District
Boschwitz, Rudolph E. (Republican) Minnesota
Fowler, Wyche Georgia
Garn, Jake Utah Senate
Biaggi, Mario 19th Congressional District, New York Senate
Robert Kasten Wisconsin
Matsunaga, Spark M. (Democrat) Hawaii
Wilson, Peter Republican California
Lehman, William, Republican Florida
Levine, Mel (Democrat) California 27th Congressional District
Lukens, Donald "Buz" Republican-Ohio-8th Congressional District
Luken, Thomas (Democrat) Representative Ohio 2nd Congressional District
Albert G Bustamante (Democrat-Texas)
Terry L. Bruce (Democrat-Illinois)
R. Lawrence Coughlin (Republican) Pennsylvania 13th Congressional District
Glenn M. Anderson (Democrat) California 17th Congressional District
Bates, Jim (Democrat) California 44th Congressional District
Feighan, Edward F. (Democrat) Ohio 19th Congressional District
Fauntroy - District of Columbia
Alexander, William (Democrat) Arkansas 1st Congressional District
FCNL in the News 1988
Adams, Brock Washington
Staggers, Harley O., Jr. (Democrat) West Virginia 2nd Congressional District
Cox, John W., Jr. (Democrat-Illinois-16th Congressional District)
Owens, Wayne Democrat-Utah-2nd Congressional District
Spratt, John
Rep. Jones, Walter B. (Democrat) North Carolina 1st Congressional District
Donnelly, Brian J. (Democrat) Massachusetts 11th Congressional District
Rep. Dickinson, William L. (Republican) Alabama 2nd Congressional District
Davis, Robert W. (Republican) Michigan 11th Congressional District
Crockett, George W., Jr. Michigan-Democrat
Craig, Larry E. Idaho-Republican
Clarke, James McC. Democrat-North Carolina-11th Congressional District
Courter, James Andrew (Republican) New Jersey 13th Congressional District
James J. Florio House of Representatives New Jersey 1st Congressional District
Conte, Silvio O. Republican Massachusetts 1st Congressional District
Mavroules, Nicholas (Democrat) Massachusetts 6th Congressional District
McEwen, Bob Ohio-Republican
Mathew F. McHugh New York House of Representatives 27th Congressional District
McMillen, Thomas Democrat-Maryland-4th Congressional District
John Miller (Republican - Washington)
Morrison, Sid Republican-Washington
Robert J. Mrazek
Morrison, Bruce A. (Democrat) Connecticut 3rd Congressional District
Nagle, Dave Democrat-Iowa-3rd Congressional District
Oakar, Mary Rose (Democrat) Representative Ohio 20th Congressional District
Pease, Donald (Democrat) Representative Ohio 13th Congressional District
Pashayan, Charles (Chip), Jr. (Republican) California 17th Congressional District
Purcell, Carl (Republican) Representative Michigan 2nd Congressional District
Rinaldo, Matthew R., Rep. New Jersey
Roybal, Edward R. (Democrat) California 30th Congressional District
Martin A. Russo, Illinois House of Representatives 3rd Congressional District

Box 5
James H. Scheuer New York 11th Congressional District House of Representatives
Schulze, Richart T. (Republican) Pennsylvania 5th Congressional District
Sikorski, Gerry (Democrat) Minnesota 6th Congressional District
Smith, Lawrence J. (Democrat) Florida 16th Congressional District
Stephen J. Solarz House of Representatives New York 13th Congressional District
Moody, Jim (Republican) Wisconsin 5th Congressional District
MacKay, Kenneth H. Buddy (underlined) (Democrat) Florida 6th Congressional District
Kastenmeier, Robert W. Democrat Wisconsin 2nd Congressional District
Campaign Financing FCNL
The Relevance of Quaker Representation in Washington, D.C.
Coalition on Natural Priorities and Military Policy [3 folders]

Box 6
Coalition on Natural Priorities and Military Policy
Food for Laos Letter to Carter 1977 December - 1978 January
1966 Election Campaign File
Testimony Master
coalition legislative committee
Coalition on National Priorities and Military Policy

Accession 96A-003
[all boxes on-site]

Box 1
20th FCNL anniversary dinners: programs etc. 1963
10th FCNL anniversary dinner 1953
20th FCNL anniversary dinners: promotion 1963
FCNL 10th anniversary
FCNL 20th anniversary
FCNL 20th anniversary
EC. Minutes 1977 (September 17-September 18)
Letter 1947 (July)

Box 2
Sixth national conference on world disarmament 1959 (January 23)
Letter to President Dwight D. Eisenhower re disarmament from Lawrence McK. Miller
Letter to signers Glen Ridge letter (dissidents) 1959 (May 19)
Meeting with FCNL critics Gov. Clinton Hotel, New York City 1959 (October 16)
Letter to Nehru re Geneva negotiations on nuclear weapons signed by ERW and national leaders 1959 (April)
Cable to Khruschev, Eisenhower & Macmillan signed by ERW and national leaders 1959 (March)
Disarmament news WU numbers 1-9 extra copies 1960
Letter to President-elect John F. Kennedy re disarmament- Charles J. Darlington 1960 (December 12)
Chronicle of a friend in Washington 1960-1962
Archival information for Jean Jones
Friends national conference on World Order
1970 without arms-a call to the Society of Friends 1960 (February)
A NewHome for Friends Agencies in Washington
War Problems Committee memo No. 4-evolution of C.O. provisions 1940
The findings of the All-American Friends conference, Richmond, Indiana 1942 (March 17-March 20)
Richmond conference to consider Friends Responsibility with reference to National Legislation 1943 (May 1)
Dumbarton Oaks Proposals-FCNL 1945
Hearing before President’s Commission on Universal Training, Clarence Pickett, Harold Evans, E. Raymond Wilson 1947 (January 24)
Correspondence with Scotts 1940s+1950s
National workshop on World Social and Economic Development
Brethren-Friends-Mennonite conference No. Manchester, Ind. 1956 (July 24-July 27)
Newsletter enclosures for FCNL newsletter packet 1946-1951
Historical- ocean freight 1956
FCNL Washington agricultural seminar- theme: agricultural surpluses-opportunity or threat? 1956 (February 14- February 21)
83 citizens commend Eisenhower disarmament step 1957 (July 8)
Meeting for worship and business in Washington D.C. (duplicates) 1958
20th anniversary luncheon of FCNL 1963 (July 20)
FCNL 30th anniversary 1973
Material on agricultural seminar 1972 (November)
Requested Nixon visit 1968
Witness in Washington by 100 Friends gathered at Cape May (duplicates) 1966 (June)
Chronicle of a Friend in Washington 1965
Results of the 1966 questionnaire for candidates
Ed Synder letter to Rep. Morgan re ACDA Extension 1965 (January 29)
FCNL 20th anniversary- contributors to reserve fund 1963
Visit to Chinese charge d’affaires London 1962 (October 26)
E. Raymond Willson’s visit to Kenya 1961 (December)
Committee of American Friends in the Service of Society, from international year-book. Politics and Economics, Moscow
FCNL memo

Box 3
Evolution of 1977 statement of legislative policy
Whiskey or bread? Washington Post advertisement 1948
Friends Service Association for the Delaware Valley, Inc. Newportville Road Fallsington, Pa.
Friends Vigil 1962 (May)
Original drafts of index
Historical Index- Friends Committee on national legislation 1956-1964
D.C. self-deter 1996-1998
Historical 1956
Policy: population, family planning
Freedom of religion and the present draft law, by 2 Philadelphia Yearly Meetings, 1949 (March 28-March 29)
Press releases 1976
Workshop on conscription 1955

Box 4
Non-governmental Organizations and global policy development: a study of two Quaker organizations
Virden Seybold
The Friends Committee on National Legislation and Foreign Policy, 1945-1953
Nash dissertation on church lobbying
The political implications of the Quakers in the United States
History of FCNL anti-conscription campaign by Marie S. Klooz
The Friends Committee on National Legislation: a study project presented to the department of government and public administration
Independent study: the effectiveness of Friends Committee on National Legislation
Humanizing American foreign policy: non-profit lobbying and human rights
A study of religious social action intervention in Washington D.C.
The Friends Committee on National Legislation: a study of Quaker lobby on its 10th anniversary
The Friends Committee on National Legislation- an analysis
Preliminary study: literature of the peace movement- pamphlets and study courses

Box 5
ERW correspondence
ERW correspondence
Brown, The Rev. Donald S. 123 West Grimsby Road Kenmore, New York 14223
Correspondence- Chrono. E. Raymond Wilson
DR notes

Accession 96A-013
[all boxes on-site]

Boxes 1-2
-- Office files, 1940s-1980s


Accession 96A-055
[all boxes on-site]

Box 1
Indonesia 1970-76
Okinawa Treaty
Continuing Consultation on Pakistan 1972
Pakistan Conference
Pakistan 1971
Water Gate Impeachment
Elections 1972
Appeals to Nixon by Democratic Senators 1970 (July)
Berrigan Case 1971
Peace Candidates 1970
Nixon-Kissinger Correspondence
United States and China Relations- National Leadership Conference 1976
China 1972
China Conference 1971 (October 29)

Box 2
Congress 1971 China
Citizens to Change U.S. and China Policy
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Public Working Group 1971
Committee for New China Policy
Committee for New China Policy- Washington Legislative Group
Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) Policy- China
Genocide 1972
Genocide 1970
Congress Reform- Record Teller Votes 1970-1971
Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) Annual Meeting 1967
“To Whom Much is Given” – 1966

Box 3
Tax Refusal [2 folders]
Draft 1966
Tran Van Dinh
Religious Freedoms in Communist Countries 1965-1967
Norman Morrison 1965 (November 2)
Friendly Footprints in Congressional Records
Logan Act 1958
Aid to Thieu in Southeast Asian 1973
Anti-War legislation in Senate 1973
Emergency Conference to End the War- 1972 (May 10-11)
Reconstruction in Southeast Asia
Party Platform 1972
Foreign Policy Study- 1972
Testimony of Edward Snyder before the Senate Appropriations Committee- 1972 (February 2)
In Vietnam
Refugees, Civilians, and Casualties

Box 4
Vietnam Child Care Bill-1972
Senate 1972
House 1972
Negotiating Positions
Prime Facts 1972-1973
House on the War 1971
Senate Attitude on the War 1971
Cambodia, Laos and Thailand 1971-1972
Miscellaneous Anti-War Activities 1971
Anti-War Groups 1970-1973

Box 5
Peace Campaign 1978-1980
Cambodia 1970
Pastor Jean Clavaud
Cooper-Church Amendment
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Washington Visit 1970
Project to Solicit Vietnam Returners Reactions to Economic and Social Development Programs
South Korea 1975-1976
Timor 1975-1977
Angola 1975-1976
Trading with Enemy Act 1975-1976
Miscellaneous Outreach 1975
MIA Select Committee 1975
MIA House Select Committee 1975
Vietnam Evacuation and Human Assistance 1975
Complete Cutoff- Indochina- 1975
Cambodia Supplemental 1975
Vietnam Supplemental 1975
Indochina War Projects File 1975
Food for Peace, Not War 1974-1975

Box 6
Foreign Aid Bill 1971
Air War Information
Nixon Aid Bill 1971
1974 Support
Foreign Aid Senate Authorization 1974
Miscellaneous 974
Foreign Aid House Authorization 1974
Anti-War Legislation House 1973
Political Prisoners in Southeast Asia
Foreign Aid Senate Authorization 1973
Foreign Aid House Authorization 1973
Debate- 1980
Iran 1980
Washington for Jesus
Iran 1979-1980
Indochina 1979-1980
Vietnam Human Rights- 1979-1980

Box 7
Human Rights Countries
Human Rights/Human Needs
Overseas Private Investment Corporation- 1977-1978
Lee, Yoon-Gu-1978
Human Rights International -1977
South Africa- 1975-1979
Stop Nuclear Testing-1977-1979
Mayors’ Resolution on Transfer Funds-1977
OMB Visit 1977 (November 2)
Nuclear Proliferation Legislation Projects-1977
Project File- Conference of Mayors Disarmament Resolution- 1977
Human Rights- 1977-1978
Military Sales and Aid- 1977
International Monetary Fund (IMF)- 1978
ABA- 1978
Post-War Cambodia- 1978
Tuong, David Treason Case- 1978
Junior ROTC Cincinnati Military
Untitled Folder
Human Rights
Young, Crane and Ashbrook Amendments
Draft Letter to Members of the Senate and House
Letter to Conference on Foreign Military Aid
Letter to house on Procurement Authorization
Carter Delegation- 1976
Friend’s Delegation to Carter Appointees

Box 8
New Call to Peacemaking
FCNL Discussion- 1983 (January 24)
Ten Minutes for Peace Vigil- 1983 (January 1)
Nuclear Freeze/Reduction- 1982
Chemical Weapons- 1982
Nerve Gas- 1980-1981
MX Missiles- 1982|
Ground Zero
Regan- 1982 (May 9)
U.S.-U.S.S.R. Exchange- 1982
Department of Defense (DoD)- 1982
International Society of Political Psychiatry
Congress 1982
Cruise-Pershing- 1983-1984
Peace thru Strength Resolutions- 1982-1983
MX Missiles- 1984
MX Missiles- 1983
MX Missiles- 1981
Washington Conference on First-Strike Nuclear Weapons
Review and Voting Record: The 1967 Session of Congress
Cuba 1973
UN Disarmament Poster Contest- 1981
Uphoff, Sherman Blair- Avoidance of Nuclear War
Soviet Delegation- 1981
Rostow Nomination
Foreign Aid Authorization
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA)- Arms Control Agency (ACA)- 1981
Financial Year (FY) 1982 Budget

Box 9
Nuclear Freeze
1980 SALT II
Miscellaneous [2 folders]
Arms Control and Disarmament Agent (ACDA) Amendment
Limited Nuclear War- 1975
Arms Control- 1974
Navy’s Project Sanguine for Wisconsin- 1972
Correspondence- Radio Free Europe
Letters to Bush- 1989 (June)
Nuclear Weapons Program- 1979 (May 9-10)
Letter to President Regan- 1988
National Peace Garden-1987
Peace Garden- House Resolution 4476
Arms Control Lobby- 1987

Box 10
Miscellaneous legislature projects war powers 1986
Chemical Weapons-1986
Comprehensive freeze 1985-1986
Arms control lobby 1986
Nuclear testing 1985-1986
Star Wars SDI 1986
Save SALT project 1985-1986
Arms control lobby 1985
Chemical weapons 1985
Comprehensive Test Ban 1984-1985
MX 1985
Strategic Defense Initiative/ Anti-Satellite (ASAT) 1985
Peace round table 1984
Barber-Helmick Snyder disarm Mtqs 1984
Middle East etc. 1984
Coalition against production of lethal weapons 1983-1984
Arms control lobby 1984
Freeze moratorium 1984-1985
Freeze 1983

Box 11
Arms control lobby group “Monday lunch” 1983
U.S./Soviet nuclear weapons freeze- Citizens lobby
Letter to Reagan 1987 (April 7)
ABC TV show “Amerika” 1987 (February)
U.S.-Soviet working group 1986
U.S.-USSR cooperation 1987
U.S.-USSR working group 1987
COOP projects filing 1987
U.S.-Soviet study packet 1986 (May)
Hamilton Hearing Sign-On Letter
U.S.-Soviet working group-Hamilton hearing
Edward Snyder
Post-summit state briefing 1985

Box 12
American Friends Service Committee- Soviet-American International Seminar 1985
U.S.-Soviet exchange legislation 1985
U.S.-Soviet relation W.G. Monday lobby 1985
U.S.-Soviet relation W.G. Monday lobby 1984
Consigning- US-Soviet examples 1983
U.S.-USSR exchanges (-state department report, -FCNL summary, -Fenton Communication Press release)
U.S.-Soviet exchanges 1984
HR 3500 US-Soviet exchanges home hearing 1983
Miscellaneous documents
U.S.-Soviet military leaders exchange
FAS/FCNL Persons interested in increasing US-USSR understanding 1983 (February 8)
U.S.-USSR Sov. Peace groups etc.

Box 13
Soviet pipeline 1982
Appeal to Reagan 1980
USA-USSR Exchange 1970
US-Soviet working group 1985 [2 folders]
Campaign finance report
Convert action
Foreign policy committee
Chemical weapons 1987
Background RE E. Europe
Middle East arms 1989
Philippines 1989
El Salvador 1989
FWCC on child soldiers 1988-1989
Space for peace 1988-1989

Box 14
World Peace Tax Fund
Arms control lobby 1988
Arms control lobby 1989
PLO in US 1988
Protest French tests 1988 (November)
US-USSR search for common ground
UN Rapporteur on religious intolerance
Torture victim protection act
Military basing 1988
AC lobby- long range planning 1988
World Federalist court case
Nicaragua hurricane relief
Neutrality act
Central America- Nicaragua 1988
El Salvador 1987-1988
El Salvador aid 1988
Iran Conns
Central America 1984

Box 15
Walker Amt- limit travel to Nicaragua 1987
Public Training 1987
Nicaragua 1986
Central America Lobby Group
Nicaragua 1985
FCNL Historical 1940’s
FCNL Historical 1950
FCNL Historical 1951
FCNL Historical 1952
FCNL Historical 1953
FCNL Historical 1954
FCNL Historical 1955
FCNL Historical 1956
FCNL Historical 1957
FCNL Historical 1958

Accession 08A-052
[all boxes on-site]

Box 1
FCNL FBI files
FCNL Freedom of Information Act request, FBI files
FBI file of Ed Snyder

Accession 08A-066
[all boxes on-site]

Box 1
Minutes, 1950
“Study of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, “ by Marilyn Mumma, 1957
“Study of a Protestant Lobbying Group, Friends Committee on National Legislation,” by Mark E. Bell, 1965
Ed Snyder-trip to Cambodia, 1970:  notes and reference material
Ed Snyder-trip to Cambodia, 1970-1971:  notes
Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, 1971
Capital punishment and Friends, 1909-1966

Accession 09A-013
[all boxes on-site]

Box 1

Internationalism and Interventionism Working Group
Nuclear Testing
Washington Interreligious Staff Council Retreat (January 7, 1993)
Arms Transfers Working Group (2 files)

Box 2
Arms Transfers Working Group
Arms Transfers Working Group Code of Conduct 1993
Arms Transfers Working Group (ATWG)/Arpm-Nonproliferation
ATWG/Legislative Group Correspondence and Misc.
Monday Legislative Group
Monday Legislative Group Coolfont
ATWG: Landmines
Gulf War
MacNeil/Lehrer Media/PR
Transition Pre-Clinton
Selective Service/National Service
North Korea

Box 3
Aid to Former Soviet Union
Bosnia Use of Force (June 1993-  ) [2 folders]
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC): Middle East Program Panel
Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP): Fiscal Agent 1993
Yoshihiro Hattori Petition Campaign
Atomic Bombings- 50th Anniversary (AFSC)
Coalition Contributions
Superintendents and Secretaries (September 25-28, 1992)
Law of the Sea Packet
Law of the Sea

Box 4
U.N. Conventions, Ad Hoc Committee on Genocide (1964-1967)
Genocide [2 folders]

Box 5
Lobby Visits- Samples
Cooper, Jim: Lobby Visits Case File
Executive Committee
Executive Committee/Education Board 1993
Education Board 1991
Education Fund
Executive Committee 1991
Executive Committee 1992
Executive Committee 1994

Box 6
Finance Committee
Finance Committee 1990
Finance Committee 1991
Finance Committee 1992
Finance Committee 1993
Miscellaneous Financial Statements 1993/1994 and Education Fund Finance Committee
FCNL/Education Fund Allocated Costs

Box 7
Education Fund Logs 1990
Education Fund Logs 1989
Education Fund Logs 1988
Education Fund Logs 1987
Education Fund Activity Logs
Education Fund Logs
Legislative Breakfast Group
Legislative Breakfast Group 1990
Legislative Breakfast Group 1991
Legislative Breakfast Group 1992
Selective Service Regulations 1948 Bureau of National Affairs

Box 8
Strengthening the UN Task Force
Cuba Working Group
Campaign to Oppose the Return of Khmer Rouge
Horn of Africa
Southern Africa Working Group
Washington Interreligious Staff Council Foreign Policy and Military Spending Task Force

Box 9
FARWG: Foreign and Reform Working Group
NAFTA Ad Hoc Working Group (green)
NAFTA Working Group
Covert Operations Working Group
Intelligence Agencies: Intelligence Identities Protection Act
Trade Working Group
Haiti Lobbying Group
UN Human Rights Treaties- 1994

Box 10
Interaction Advocacy Subcommittee
Persian Gulf Education Network
Central America
WISC Economic Sanctions Discussion
Central America Working Group (2 Files)

Box 11
Churches for Middle East Peace
Action Kits/Solicitations
Washington Coalition on Human Rights
Human Rights – Torture
“Ratification of Human Rights Conventions” paper by Diane E. La Vog June 1976
East Timor
Equal Access
Civil Liberty/LGBT
Constituent Requests: Cuba

Box 12
Quaker Women’s Circle Muncle, Indiana
Quaker UN Office - Geneva
Northwest Yearly Meeting
Pendle Hill
London Yearly Meeting: Rob Robison
Quaker Peace & Service
Friends World Committee for Consultation
Friends General Conference
Friends United Meeting
Thesis: The FCNL, 1945-1953  by Michael Nugent
Thesis: The Church’s Strategy in Influencing National Legislation Toward the Abandonment of War by Virden Seybold
Westtown School
Independent Study: The Effectiveness of FCNL by Lockhart Kiermaier
A Study of a Protestant Lobbying Group: FCNL by Mark Bell
Press- Quakers Historical
EPIcenters Series I – Federal Spending Choices Winter 1995
EPIcenters Series II – Arms Trade 1995
EPIcenters Series III – Native Peoples 1995
EPIcenters Series IV – The United Nations 1996
EPIcneters Miscellaneous
50th Anniversary Publication

Box 13
Promotional Brochures – Historical
Jubilee – Remarks and Minutes
Ed’s Retirement Party (Pendel Hill) February 6, 1990
“Keeping Our World” Indian Affairs in 105th Congress
Native American Program
“Houston Area Survey” Klineberg
NN – Program Activity – Historical
Phase I – copied originals
Policy Committee July 10-12, 1998
Phase I – 1998, Batch #4 originals
Phase II – individuals 

Box 14
Policy Committee, 1996
Policy Committee, 1997
Policy Committee, 1998
Futures Committee
Education Fund: Lobbying Rules
FCNL – Alerts and Legislative Messages

Box 15
Priorities Process 1998
Policy Committee September 25-27, 1998
Economic Sanctions Committee
Policy Committee, up to 1986
Policy Committee, 1987-1989
Policy Committee, 1900-1994
Policy Committee, 1995

Box 16
October 2002 – Lee. Res.
Field Program Review Process 1991 and earlier
Transition to Field Team
Field Program Memos and Minutes 1993-1994
Field Team Retreat
Field Program Visions
Field Program Review 1992-1993
Report of ad hoc Field Program Design Committee to the Executive Committee July 1994
Field Program Review 1994
Personnel: Field Program Coordinator
Field Plan 1995
Support Staff Stuff 1993
Staff Meeting Notes
1986 Budget
Personnel: Legislative Secretary
Personnel Committee
1990-1991 Intern Letters of Interest Applications
1993 Personnel Committee

Box 17
Personnel Committee 1992
Personnel Committee 1991
Personnel Committee 1990
Personnel Committee 1994
Personnel Committee January 1994
Personnel Committee Meeting May 6, 1994 and October 14, 1994
Personnel Committee Author Meyer Boyd
Personnel Committee Meg Hummon
Personnel Committee Cushman Anthony
Personnel Committee Diana Bird
Mary Lord
Rod Grams (Minnesota)
Senator Mark Hatfield

Documents Removed
Friends Committee on Legislation of Southern California, Minutes, Vol. I, 1950-1964
Friends Committee on Legislation of Northern California, Minutes, Vol. I, 1952-1957
Friends Committee on Legislation of Northern California, Minutes, Vol. II, 1958-1964
Friends Committee on Legislation of Northern California, Statements 1955-1963, Newsletters 1952-1964, Vol. I
Friends Committee on Legislation of California, Miscellaneous, Vol. I, 1953-1964
Friends Committee on Legislation of Illinois-Wisconsin, Newsletters, Minutes, Vol. I, 1957-1964


accession 11A-081
[all boxes on-site]

Box 1
Program/Administration : Legislative Action Message
Monday Lobby 1995
Legislative Breakfast Group 1990-1992 [2 folders]
Washington Interreligious Staff Council (WISC)/memos/faxes/correspondences Foreign Policy Task Force 1995

Box 2
Native American PR6 (?)
School Prayer
Campaign to Protect Sane Gun Laws
Heads of Washington
Washington Interreligious Staff Council (WISC)
Miscellaneous Issues
Central America
Rigoberta Menchú – 1993, June 19-22 Visit to D.C.
Korea 1994
Delegation of the Chinese Peoples Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD)
Africa – General Background on FCNL Positions
South Africa Delegation from Defense Ministry 1995, October 5

Box 3
Commonwealth of Independent States Aid
Internationalist and Interventionist Working Group (INTWG)
Quaker International Consultation (QIC)
Quaker Consultation
Former Yugoslavia

Box 4
ML(?)/Nuclear Disarmament/Enola Gay/Working Group
CBW (?)
Arms Transfers Working Group/Arms Control and Disarmament Agency/Background Information Correspondence
Chinese Embassy Visit
Citizen’s Commission for a New U.S. Policy Toward the Developing World 1994
Peace Tax Fund
Congress and War Powers Act 1990
October Surprise
Contract with (on) America
U.S. Peace Institute
MOC(?)/ Snyder Peace Award
Annual Meeting
Staff Travel Reports
Volk Talks

Box 5
Futures Committee
Seminars, 1957-1964
Policy, 1992-1993
Personnel, 1992-1993
Personnel Committee material from Joe Volk binder, 1991

Box 6
Nominating Committee: past
Reports to Policy Committee
Finance, 1993-1995
Correspondence: Yugoslavia
Financial Crisis, 1991

Box 7
Opposition to military action in the Gulf
Quaker Meetings’ statements on Gulf Crisis, 1990
Gulf crisis [2 folders]
Quaker Middle East Lobby Days, April 19-20, 1993
Peace in the Middle East
Iraq: activists' inquiries, 1990
Gulf War: FCNL statements

Box 8
Committee to Save the Children of Iraq Front Group
Opposition to arms sales in the Middle East
F-15 sale, 1992
Quaker Middle East Consultation Group
Coalition to Rethink U.S. Aid to the Middle East, 1995
Churches for Middle East Peace
Conscientious objectors
Eric Corson / Prisoner Visitation and Support
The Draft / Military
Arms Transfers Working Group: llandmines
Landmines Convention text
Arms Transfers Working Group: landmines
ML(?)/Military Spending Working Group

Box 9
ML(?)/Military Spending Working Groups
Washington Interreligious Staff Council: Foreign Policy and Military Spending Task Force
Reduce the Military Budget
Omnibus Counterterrorism Act, 1995
Arms Transfers Working Group, 1992 [2 folders]
Arms Moratorium for Middle East Working Group: agendas, 1991-1992

Box 10
Arms Moratorium for Middle East Working Group: agendas, 1991-1992
Conduct Unbecoming America – U.S. Arms Exports Code of Conduct on Arms Transfers: organizer's packet, 1994 (February)
Year 2000 (Indonesia)
Arms Transfers Working Group/Landmines/Leahy Evans Landmine Legislation: House Resolution 4696 -- co-sponsors
Arms Transfers Working Group: code press conference, 1994 (February)
Arms Transfers Working Group: directory
Code of Conduct: Quaker endorsement letters
Arms Transfers Working Group

Acc. 2019-026 [Digital files only]
2014-2018 Archive Complete
- 2014 ARCHIVE (partial)

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Box 1
-- Correspondence with Senators and staff

Box 2
Re-file material, 2008
Re-file material, 2009
Re-file material, 2010
Re-file material, 2011
Re-file material, 2012
Re-file material, 2013
Re-file material, 2015-2016

[all boxes on-site]

Box 1
-- Index: original handwritten carbons

Box 2
-- Reference material

Box 3
-- Releases, published material, etc. by FCNL re: conscription and UMT, 1955
-- Anti-conscription / UMT efforts by other organizations (many in response to plea from FCNL), 1955
-- Pages from notebook re: FCNL interviews with Congresspersons by Eugene Boardman and many others, 1965-1967
-- FCNL electioneering handbook, 1970
-- Voting records of Congresspersons, 1956-1965

Box 4
--- Energy Policy Group (1976-1977)
--- SOS OEP (1974-1979)
---Other Health Legislation (includes HMO's and HSA's and Hill BNAON (1961-1978)
---WISC Health Care Task Force/ICHC (1976-1978)
---Miscellaneous (1976)
--- Point Four Youth Corps (1960)

BOUND VOLUMES [unboxed on shelves]
-- 34 volumes from Washington office, 1954-2007 [currently in Periodical Collection]
-- 6 volumes from Northern California office [currently in LL:42]


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