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Swarthmore College Peace Collection
War Resisters League, 1923-1994
War Resisters League Records
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Dates ofrecords 1923-1994
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DG 040

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The War Resisters League is a pacifist organization whose members
are against all war. Witnessing the establishment of the War Resisters' International in Europe in 1921, and sensing a need for a similar organization in the United States, Dr. Jessie Wallace Hughan established the War Resisters League as an independent organization. The War Resisters League membership pledge, which has remained essentially unchanged since its inception, reads: "The War Resisters League affirms that war is a crime against humanity. We therefore are determined not to support any kind of war, international or civil, and to strive non-violently for the removal of all causes of war." The League seeks to end war and social injustice through pacifist and nonviolent tactics.

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Yes, Reels 20 and 21 (War Resisters League News 1967 and 1968)
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Gift of War Resisters League 1949, 1950, 1952, 1969, 1979, 1985, 1990, 1994-1999, 2001, 2004, 2005
Finding aid for later accessions (1995-)
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Partial checklist prepared by Martha Shane, September 1983; updated by Anne Yoder, March 1995
; updates on later accessions by Wendy Chmielewski, August 2007; updated by Kathy Sun, April 2013.
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Historical Background
Although the War Resisters League declares its official birthday year as 1923, its roots go back to 1915 when Jessie Wallace Hughan, Tracy D. Mygatt, and John Haynes Holmes founded the Anti-Enlistment League to solidify protest against U.South participation in World War I. Witnessing the establishment of the War Resisters' International in Europe in 1921, and sensing a need for an organization where war resisters of all persuasions, regardless of gender or religious convictions, could join together, Dr. Hughan formed the Committee for Enrollment Against War under the auspices of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. In 1923, Hughan established the War Resisters League as an independent organization.

The War Resisters League membership pledge, which has remained essentially unchanged since its inception, reads: "The War Resisters League affirms that war is a crime against humanity. We therefore are determined not to support any kind of war, international or civil, and to strive non-violently for the removal of all causes of war."

During World War II, War Resisters League especially supported absolutist conscientious objectors who protested any form of military support, including alternative service. In 1948, it helped found the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors to further aid all Conscientious Objectors. It has continually lent its resources to the causes of war tax protest, draft resistance, and civil rights.

War Resisters League encouraged civil disobedience against civil defense drills in the early 1960s by sponsoring the Civil Defense Protest Committee. It encouraged tax resistance as the Indochinese conflict escalated, and formed War Tax Resistance in 1969 to protest all taxes that benefited the military. In the 1970s, War Resisters League supported Campaign Freedom and the United Campaign for Peace in Indochina, both efforts to help improve conditions and free political prisoners in Vietnam. It helped focus nationwide attention on nuclear protest and civil liberties by organizing the Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice in 1976.

War Resisters League is affiliated with War Resisters' International and the International Peace Bureau. Throughout its existence, it has worked closely with many other peace organizations, including the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the American Friends Service Committee, and the American Civil Liberties Union. In 1958, it helped start the Committee for Nonviolent Action (CNVA), which shared its headquarters and finally merged with War Resisters League in 1968.

The League has sought to promote pacifist and nonviolent tactics through various periodicals. In 1956, War Resisters League helped start Liberation, an independent monthly dealing with nuclear testing, civil rights, socialism, and nonviolent direct action. it was discontinued in 1977. WIN, a widely read peace periodical begun by the New York Workshop in Nonviolence, has received War Resisters League support. The League publishes its own bimonthly magazine, War Resisters League News. Its annual Peace Calendar reached annual sales of 20,000 in 1980.

War Resisters League is presently headquartered at 339 Lafayette Street in New York City with one regional office in Norwich, CT. There are or have been three branch offices, located in San Francisco, CA (War Resisters League-West), Austin, TX (War Resisters League South Central), and Chapel Hill, NC (War Resisters League Southeastern), with numerous local War Resisters League groups across the country.

A more complete history of War Resisters League, produced for its 50th Anniversary, can by found in Series B, Subseries I, History.

Collection Overview
SCPC became the official repository for the War Resisters League in 1947. War Resisters League records in DG 40 included scattered minutes of the Executive Committee (1925- ), the National Committee (1974- ), and a small amount of scattered financial records. There is correspondence from 1926 forward. War Resisters League literature and releases (1931- ) include fund appeals, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, and memoranda. There are also annual Peace Calendars (1956- ). Numerous War Resisters League periodicals (1942- ), including War Resisters League News, can be found in the SCPC stacks. A list of these periodicals is available in Series B, Subseries III.

There are significant amounts of material documenting War Resisters League's work in publishing The Conscientious Objector, a newspaper produced from 1939 to 1946, the work of the Conscientious Objectors Problems Committee (1940-1946), preparation of the annual Peace Calendar, and the work of the Literature Committee (mostly 1960s) which created peace bibliographies. Records about War Resisters League's civilian defense protest project (1955-1963) and its efforts to help political prisoners in Vietnam following the Indochinese War, are significant parts of this collection.

The administrative files of Executive Secretaries Abe Kaufman, Roy Kepler, and Sidney Aberman span the years 1948 to 1953. Other administrative files are those of Executive Secretary Ralph DiGia (1955-1961), Field Secretary David McReynolds (1960-1977), Chairman Ed Gottlieb (1962-1967), staff member Wendy Schwartz (1970-1971), Special Project Secretary Grace Hedemann (1974-1978), and staff member Ed Hedemann.

War Resisters League correspondents include Sidney Aberman, Devere Allen, Allen H. Barr, R. Boland Brooks, H. Runham Brown, Julius Eichel, Harrop Freeman, Edward P. Gottlieb, Kenneth Greenawalt, George W. Hartmann, Alfred Hassler, Grace Hedemann, Ammon A. Hennacy, John Haynes Holmes, Jessie Wallace Hughan, Abraham Kaufman, Roy Kepler, Frieda Langer Lazarus, David McReynolds, Charles Macintosh, A.J. Muste, Tracy D. Mygatt, Frank Olmstead, Frances Rose Ransom, Bayard Rustin, Igal Roodenko, Winifred W. Schaum, Wendy Schwartz, Evan W. Thomas, Olivia Dunbar Torrence, Lydia G. Wentworth, and Frances Witherspoon.

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Scrapbook: See Oversize Collection Photographs: See Photograph Collection (4x5, 5x7)
Buttons: See Button Collection
Bumperstickers: See Stamp Collection
Magazines/Newsletters: See Periodicals Collection

Arrangement of Collection
The War Resisters League records held by SCPC are divided into two series: 1) Series A (1923-1949) contains material processed in 1954. Similar records, such as minutes, correspondence, committee files, etc. were placed together, as found in the checklist; and 2) Series B (1948-1989) contains material processed in 1983 and 1995, as well as material that War Resisters League routinely mails to SCPC, its official depository. Most subseries are arranged similarly to those in Series A. The administrative files were left in the order in which they were received. Where a considerable amount of loose material was found, an imposed order was created.

Correspondence in Series A is sorted by individuals, groups, and subjects. In Series B, rather than being placed together, correspondence is left in original folders and is found mostly in the Administrative Files.

Two separate document groups were created from War Resisters League records received in the 1969 and 1979 accessions. One is DG 134, the papers of David McReynolds, Field Secretary for War Resisters League. While some of McReynolds' papers in DG 134 are of a personal nature, there is a significant amount of information pertaining to his work with War Resisters League There is a large file of McReynolds' material in DG 40 as well. The second document group created from the War Resisters League records, DG 135, contains the records of the Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice whose principal sponsor was War Resisters League.

Unprocessed World Peace Brigade material mentioned in the 1981 SCPC Guide was moved to DG 1950 (A.J. Muste).

Re-File Box, received 1990- 


Archived web sites of the War Resisters League

These web sites were created by the national office of the War Resisters League. Beginning in 2001 the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archives (IA) cached War Resisters League's web site. Please check both URLs listed as there are some each may list different dates on which web sites were saved.

The links are provided here for the convenience of researchers interested in the history of War Resisters League's web presence. The Swarthmore College Peace Collection has no control over the web sites or how they are saved by IA.

Dates of web sites marked with an * indicate a change in that site from the last saved web site.

http://wayback.archive-it.org/22March */http://www.warresisters.org/

Born Digital Files

Detailed Description of the Collection

SERIES A: 1923-1949
[see also Series B, Subseries VII for 1948-1949 Administrative files]

Subseries I. History
Box 1
Founding of WRL, 1923-1924
Organizational Conference, 1925

Subseries II. Minutes/Finance
Box 1 (continued)
Minutes and Reports, 1925
Minutes and Reports, 1926-1929
Minutes and Reports, 1930-1932
Minutes and Reports, 1933-1934
Minutes and Reports, 1935
Minutes and Reports, 1936
Minutes and Reports, 1937
Finance, 1929-1937

Box 2
Minutes and Reports, 1938
Minutes and Reports, 1939
Minutes and Reports, 1940
Minutes and Reports, 1941
Minutes and Reports, 1942
Minutes and Reports, 1943
Minutes and Reports, 1944
Minutes and Reports, 1945
Minutes and Reports, 1946
Minutes and Reports, 1947
Minutes and Reports, 1948-1949
Finance 1938-1949

Subseries III. Releases/Literature/Mailings
Box 3
Literature, 1933-1937
Literature, 1938-1939
Literature, 1940
Form Letters, Mailings, 1931-1937
Literature, 1920s-1932
Form Letters and Solicitation Letters, Mailings, 1938-1939
Press Releases, 1930-1940
Form Letters, Mailings, 1940

Box 4
Literature, 1941-1943
Literature, 1941-1943 (continued)
Literature, 1944-1945
Literature, 1946-1950
Mailings, 1941-1943
Mailings, 1944-1945
Press Releases, 1941-1949
Mailings, 1946-1950

Box 5
Miscellaneous literature-no date
Undated mailings
Drafts of Articles
Literature Lists through 1950
Book Reviews

Box 6
Minutes before incorporation
List of Board Members
Minutes of Board Meetings
Articles of Organization
Cooperating Groups
Correspondence and Finance, 1940-1941
Correspondence, 1942
Correspondence, 1943
Correspondence, 1944
Correspondence, 1945-1946

Box 7
Washington Staff
Postwar Pacifist Press
Letters of Approval
Finished Articles
Future Ideas
Hold Matter
Editorial Contributions
Receipts and Finance
Department of Justice Foreign Agent Registration Act

Box 8
Manual of Instructions for Business Manager
Testimonials, 1942-1943
Form Letters, 1943-1944
Form Letters, 1945
Contributors Letters, 1943
Promotion Ideas
Bills and Receipts
Subscriptions and Renewals
Miscellaneous Material
Cartoons and Posters
Cartoons - Ed Nofsiger

Subseries IV. Conferences/Dinners/Anniversaries
Box 9
First Annual Conference, 1930
Second Annual Conference, 1931
Third Annual Conference, 1932
Fourth Annual Conference, 1933
Fifth Annual Conference, 1934
Sixth Annual Conference, 1935
Seventh Annual Conference, 1936
Eighth Annual Conference, 1937
Ninth Annual Conference, 1938
Tenth Annual Conference, 1939
Eleventh Annual Conference, 1940
Twelfth Annual Conference, 1941
Twelfth Annual Conference, 1941 Photographs
Thirteenth Annual Conference, 1942
Fourteenth Annual Conference, 1943
Thirteenth Annual Conference, 1942 Photographs
Fifteenth Annual Conference, 1944
Sixteenth Annual Conference, 1945
Seventeenth Annual Conference, 1946
Eighteenth Annual Conference, 1947
Nineteenth Annual Conference, 1948
Twentieth Annual Conference, 1949
Annual Dinner, December 21, 1937
Fifteenth Anniversary Dinner, December 29, 1938
Fourth Annual Dinner, January 3, 1940
Seventeenth Anniversary Dinner, February 6, 1941

Box 10

Eighteenth Anniversary Dinner, February 9, 1942
Nineteenth Anniversary Dinner, February 8, 1943
Twentieth Anniversary Dinner, March 10, 1944
Twenty-first Anniversary Dinner, February 27, 1945
Twenty-second Anniversary Dinner, January 4, 1946
Twenty-third Anniversary Dinner, January 27, 1947
Twenty-fourth Anniversary Dinner, February 17, 1948
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Dinner, March 1, 1949

Subseries V. Branches
Boxes 10 (continued)
Chicago Branch, 1940-1944
Philadelphia Branch, 1946-
Los Angeles Chapter, 1944-1945
California East Bay Branch, 1944-1947
New York Chapter, 1932-1954
Washington Area, 1942-1947

Subseries VI. Correspondence
Box 11
With Individuals, 1929-1948

A 1939-1947
A 1948
Aberman, Sidney
Alexander, Barton
Allen, Devere
App, Austin
B 1931-1943
B 1944-1945
B 1946-1947
B 1948
Bainton, Roland H.

Box 12
With Individuals, 1929-1948

Baldwin, Roger
Barmore, Isabelle
Barr, Allen
Bishop, Corbett
Bloomstein, Charles
Bofman, Albert
Brinton, Ellen
Brooks, R. Boland
Butcher, Charles
C 1939-1946
C 1945-1947
C 1948
Chalmers, Allan K.
Corfman, Rex
Cram, Mrs. J. Sargeant

Box 13
With Individuals, 1929-1948

D 1941-1947
D 1948
Dancis, Winston
David, Emily
Davies, Natalie
Demond, Avery
Denton, John
De Silver, Harrison
E 1939-1947
E 1948
F 1937-1947
Eichel, Julius
Einstein, Albert
F 1948
Floyd Estate

Box 14
With Individuals, 1929-1948

G 1936-1947
G 1948
Geiger, Henry
Graves, Anna Melissa
Guetzkow, Harold
H 1935-1947
Hoffman, Isidor
H 1948
Hartmann, George
Hennacy, Ammon

Box 15
With Individuals, 1929-1948
Hughan, Jessie
Holmes, John Haynes
Isely, Phil
I 1944-1947
I and J 1948
Jenkins, Hester
Jenner, Thomas D.
J 1943-1947
Johnson, Edward C.
Kampelman, Max
Kaufman, Abe
K 1948
K 1943-1947
Kraschutzki, Heinz
L 1939-1947
L 1948
Land, Leon

Box 16
With Individuals, 1929-1948
Lathrop, John H.
Limbert, Paul
Lazarus, Frieda L.
Lulkovich, Joseph
M 1940-1947
M 1948
Manning, Natalie
Man, Albon P.
Manoukian, A.J.
Mayer, Milton
Meighan, Paul
Mielke, Thelma
Moffett, Anne
Morgan, Ernest
Morris, Stuart
Mosesco, Filippus and Lillian
Muste, A.J.
Mygatt, Tracy

Box 17
With Individuals, 1929-1948
N 1931-1947
N 1948
Neumann, Henry
Nevitsky, Reuben
Norton, Ralph
O 1936-1947
O 1948
Olmstead, Frank 1934-1942
Olmstead, Frank 1943
Olmstead, Frank 1944
Olmstead, Frank 1945-1947
Olmstead, Frank 1948
P 1944-1947
P and Q 1948
Paisley, John

Box 18
With Individuals, 1929-1948
Palmer, Jack
Pearlman, Max
Price, Paton
Podenas, Karolis
Q 1947
R 1933-1944
Reeves, George
Richards, Edward
Roodenko, Igal
S 1935-1945
S 1946-1947

Box 19
With Individuals, 1929-1948
S 1948
Schaum, Mrs. Carl
Schoenberg, Samuel
Silber, Bertram
Smith, J. Holmes
Smith, Nellie
Sohrab, Mirza
T 1944-1947
T 1948
Taylor, Eleanor
Templin, Ralph
Thomas, Evan 1938-1940
Thomas, Evan 1941-1947
Thomas, Evan 1948
Tinker, W.
Tuck, Jerry
U 1941-1946
Urie, Caroline
U and V 1948
V 1943-1947
Van Cleve, Kita

Box 20
With Individuals, 1929-1948
Verne, Samuel
Vicary, James
Villard, Oswald G.
Vining, Lester
W 1940-1947
W 1948
Weidner, Charles
Wentworth, Lydia
Witherspoon, Frances
White, Elliot
X, Y, and Z 1939-1947
Williams, Robert
X, Y, and Z 1948
Yamerellos, Elie
Zucker, Jack

Box 21
With groups
America First Committee 1940
American Civil Liberties Union 1942-1948
American Friends Service Committee 1941-1942
American Friends Service Committee 1943-1945
Americans for Peace 1942
Association of Families of Conscientious Objectors 1943-1944
Break with Conscription Committee 1947
Brethren Service Committee 1944-1945
Call Radio Bureau 1943
Campaign for World Government 1942-1945
Central Board for Conscientious Objectors 1942-1945
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors 1948
Central Committee on Conscientious Objectors
Chicago Conference on Social Action 1943
Citizens Conference on International Economic Union 1943
Civilian Public Service, Germfask
Civilian Public Service, Government Camp
Civilian Public Service Union
Civilian Public Service, Miscellaneous
Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, 1942-1943
Committee on World Peace 1942
Common Sense 1943-1945
Conference on Pacifist Farming Communities 1942
The Conscientious Objector 1942-1944
Conscription News 1945
Consultative Peace Council 1948
Emergency Peace Campaign 1935-1939
Episcopal Pacifist Fellowship 1942-1943

Box 22
With groups
Fellowship of Reconciliation Pendle Hill Conference 1936
Fellowship of Reconciliation 1928-1937
Fellowship of Reconciliation 1938-1939
Fellowship of Reconciliation 1940-1942
Fellowship of Reconciliation 1943-1944
Fellowship of Reconciliation 1945-1948
Free India Committee 1943-1944
Friends Committee on National Legislation 1942-1945
Friends Peace Committee 1939-1942
Help the Children Committee 1943-1944
Interagency Demobilization Committee 1945
International Rescue and Relief Committee 1942-1943
Jewish Peace Fellowship 1944-1945
Joint Staff Conscription Campaign 1945
Keep America Out of War Committee 1938-1941
Legal Service to Conscientious Objectors 1942
Legal Service to Conscientious Objectors 1943-1944
Mennonite Publishing Company 1942-1945
Metropolitan Board for Conscientious Objectors 1942-1945
Ministers Peace Group 1935-1938

Box 23
With groups
National Committee for Conscientious Objectors 1942-1943
National Committee for Conscientious Objectors 1944-1945
National Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Letters to the Government National Committee on Food for the Small Democracies 1943-1944
National Council for the Prevention of War 1929-1940
National Council for the Prevention of War 1941-1945
National Peace Conference 1938-1948
National Service Board for Religious Objectors 1940-1941 A
National Service Board for Religious Objectors 1940-1941 B

Box 24
With groups
National Service Board for Religious Objectors 1942-1943
National Service Board for Religious Objectors - WRL Morale Questionnaire
National Service Board for Religious Objectors 1944-1948
New History Society 1935-1937
No More War Movement 1929-1935
Northern California Service Board
Pacifica Views 1943-1945
Pacifist Action Committee 1929-1933
Pacifist Research Bureau 1943-1948
Peace News 1947
Peace Now Movement 1943-1944
Peace Pledge Union 1937-1944
Pennsylvania Committee for Total Disarmament 1931-1934
Post War World Council 1942-1945
Presidential Committee on Civil Rights 1947
Progressive Book Club 1948
Selective Service System 1943-1945
Student Peace Service Temporary Committee for Local Aid to Conscientious Objectors 1942

Box 25
With groups
United Pacifist Committee 1938-1939
United Peace Church 1937-1939
United States Government 1936-1939
United States Government 1940-1950
United States Government, Department of Justice 1941-1950
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom 1930-1944
Women's Peace Society (New York) 1929-1933
Women's Peace Union 1927-1940
Works Progress Administration 1937-1940
World Citizens Cooperative 1942-1943
World Peaceways 1931-1936
Youth Committee Against War 1940-1941
Youth Committee for Democracy 1942
Miscellaneous Groups, foreign 1926-1943
Miscellaneous Groups, religious 1930-1944

Box 26
With groups and By subject

Miscellaneous Groups, liberal 1938-1944
Miscellaneous Groups, peace 1926-1944
Miscellaneous Groups, other 1939-1945
Atlantic Pact
Brokaw, Amos
Civil Rights Commission
Congressional Questionnaire
conscientious objector - Amnesty and Pardon
conscientious objector - Greece
conscientious objector - Italy
conscientious objector - Nonregistrant and other cases
Davis, Garry
Duke University Survey
Peace News

Box 27
War Resisters International 1945-1947
War Resisters International 1948, January - March
War Resisters International 1948, April - June
War Resisters International 1948, July - September
War Resisters International 1948, August -
War Resisters International January, 1949 -

War Resisters International February, 1949 - Mid April, 1949
War Resisters International April, 1949 - May, 1949
War Resisters International June, 1949 - September, 1949
War Resisters International July, 1949 - December, 1949
War Resisters International October, 1949 - February, 1950
War Resisters International February, 1950 - March, 1950
War Resisters International December, 1949 - March, 1950
War Resisters International April, 1950 - June, 1950
War Resisters International June, 1950 - July 1950
War Resisters International August, 1950 - September, 1950
War Resisters International October, 1950 - December, 1950

Subseries VII. Committees
Box 28

Budget Committee, 1935-1936
Emergency Anti-War Committee, 1935 (Committee of Ten)
Enrollment Committee, 1931-1932
Finance Committee, 1931-1948
FOR-WRL Relations, Committee on, 1947-1948
General Policy Committee, 1940-1941
Legislative Committee, 1930-1940
Literature Committee, 1941-1943
Literature Committee, 1944
Literature Committee, 1945
Literature Committee, 1946-1947
Nominations Committee, 1935-1950
Membership Committee, 1942-1947
Office Committee, 1941-1943
Organization Committee, 1932-1942

Box 29
Pacifist Action Committee, 1932
Peace Aims Committee, 1943
Peace Policy Committee, 1944
Personnel Committee, 1944-1948
Political Information Committee, 1942
Refugee Committee, 1938-1940
Steering Committee, 1935
Strategy Committee, 1939-1940
Youth Division Committee, 1939-1945
Youth Committee on Peace, 1928-1932
Minutes of conscientious objector Committee
Miscellaneous Committees
Statement on CPS
Correspondence, Individual - Barnes
Correspondence, Individual - Bennett
Correspondence, Individual - Biddle
Correspondence, Individual - Gill
Correspondence, Groups - American Civil Liberties Union
Correspondence, Groups - Fellowship of Reconciliation
Correspondence, Groups - National Committee on conscientious objectors
Correspondence, Groups - Pacifist Research Bureau
Correspondence, Subject - Absolutists
Correspondence, Subject - Amnesty
Cases - Bishop, Corbett
Correspondence, Subject - Army Cases
Correspondence, Subject - Baird Petition

Box 30

Correspondence, Subject - Cases
Cases - Andresen, Bent
Cases - Bofman, Albert
Cases - Brinton, William
Cases - Brooks, Bob
Cases - Buettner, Janusch
Cases - Cooney, Vernon
Cases - Eikrem, Bjorn
Cases - Fielding, Frank
Cases - Hart et al
Cases - Heisler, Francis
Cases - Johnson, Lester
Cases - Kaffler, William
Cases - Kepler, Roy
Cases - Kramer, Milton
Cases - Marquardt, Paul
Cases - McDaniel, Joseph
Cases - Mecartney, John
Cases - Penley, Howard
Cases - Weber, Henry
Cases - Miscellaneous
Correspondence, Subject - Civil Rights of Ex-cons
Correspondence, Subject - CPS Reclassification
Correspondence, Subject - Draft Card Returning
Correspondence, Subject - Families of conscientious objectors in Prison
Correspondence, Subject - Fighting Fund
Correspondence, Subject - Letters from Prison
Correspondence, Subject - Parole, Changes
Correspondence, Subject - Parole, Noncooperators
Correspondence, Subject - Parole, Plan 8641
Correspondence, Subject - Parole, Price (Paton)
Correspondence, Subject - Parole, Problems
Correspondence, Subject - Statistics on Prisoners
Correspondence, Subject - Parole, Projects (Hospital Survey)
Correspondence, Subject - Parole, Summers (Joseph)
Correspondence, Subject - Selective Service Expiration
C.P.S Report on Release Statement 1945
Information for conscientious objectors
conscientious objector Statements on C.P.S.

Box 31
Ashland Prison
Big Flats Camp
Danbury Prison
Germfask Camp
Germfask Camp - Andresen, Dingman, Lazarus
Lewisburg Prison
Mancos Camp
Minersville Camp
Sandstone Prison
Tuscon Prison
Springfield Prison
Springfield Prison, continued
Terre Haute, Prison
Veterans Hospital (Detached Service)
Briefs of Appeal Cases

Box 32

Clip Summaries A1-A31
Clip Summaries A32-A48
Clip Summaries B1-B18, C1-C12
Clip Summaries M1-M6 and Special Statistics Charts
Clip Summaries D1-D4, E1-E10, Lew Ayres Report

Box 33

Toward Greater Opportunity in CPS [2 folders]
Paton Price, "White Paper"
Paton Price, Miscellaneous
Special Cases
Camper Attitudes Statements of Walkouts
American Friends Service Committee
FOR-WRL re Price
NCCO re Isley and Price
NSBRO re Isley
Isley, Miscellaneous

Box 34

Background Material
Correspondence, Intra-Strike
Correspondence, U.S. Congressmen
Correspondence, U.S. Government
Official Proclamation of Government and Camp Director
Correspondence, Other
Clippings [2 folders]
Literature and Releases
Press Releases

Subseries VIII. Projects/Field Work
Box 35

Anti Air Maneuvers Protest Demonstration, May 1931
Belgian Stowaways, 1940
CPS Ballots, 1941-1942
Hughan Anti-War Write-in Campaign, 1940
Congressional Questionnaire, August 1946
Decade Plan, 1944
General Service Fund, 1944-1946
Handbook, 1937
Lagot Affair, 1939-1940
Martin Case, 1939
Outdoor Demonstration, May 22, 1937
Plowshare Press Project, 1943-1944
Promotion Campaign, 1944-1948
Protest Against Additional Naval Appropriations, July 1933
No More War Parade, 1934-1935
Stamp Plan, 1947
Statement on Far East Policy, 1937
Spiessen Case, 1936 (Henri and Constant Spiessen Belgian conscientious objector's)
Statement on Postwar Military Conscription, 1944
Statement on War, 1941
Washington Birthday Conference, February 1938
U.N. Bill of Rights, 1947-1948
Women's Conscription Questionnaire, 1943
Yugoslav Conscientious Objectors, 1947

Box 36

Publicity Material for Frank Olmstead
Field Work, 1936-1937
Reports, 1941
Reports, 1942
Correspondence, 1943
Reports, 1943
Reports, 1944
Correspondence, 1944
Correspondence, 1945
Reports, 1945
Correspondence, 1946-1947
Correspondence, 1948
Correspondence, 1949
Reports, 1946-1949
Reports and Correspondence, 1950
Reference/Miscellaneous (1923-1950)

SERIES B: 1950-1989

Subseries I. History
Box 1
History, 1950-1983

Subseries II. Meeting Minutes/Financial Records
Box 1 (continued)

Executive Committee meetings, 1950-1952
Executive Committee meetings, 1950-1959
Executive Committee meetings, 1960-1964
Executive Committee meetings, 1965-1969
Executive Committee meetings, 1970-1972
Executive Committee meetings, 1973

Box 2

Executive Committee meetings, 1974-1976
Executive Committee meetings, 1977-1978
Executive Committee meetings, 1979-1980
Executive Committee meetings, 1981-1983
Executive Committee meetings, 1984-1985
Executive Committee meetings, 1986-1987
Executive Committee meetings, 1988

Box 2a
National Committee meetings, 1973-1980
National Committee meetings, 1981-1983
National Committee meetings, 1984-1986
National Committee meetings/ reports/mailings 1986-1988
Steering Committee meetings, 1983-1984
Working Committee meetings, 1984-1988
Miscellaneous meetings
Finances, 1950-1951, 1955, 1966-1988

Subseries III. Releases/Literature/Mailings
Box 3

Releases, 1951-1959
Releases, 1960-1964
Releases, 1965-1967
Releases, 1968-1969
Releases, 1970-1971
Releases, 1972
Releases, 1973

Box 4
Releases, 1974-1975
Releases, 1976
Releases, 1976
Releases, 1977
Releases, 1978-1979
Releases, 1980
Releases, 1981
Releases, 1982
Releases, 1983

Box 5

Releases, 1984
Releases, 1985
Releases, 1986
Releases, 1987
Releases, 1988
Releases, 1989
Releases, undated
Memoranda, 1962-1969
Memoranda, 1970-1976

Box 6
Memoranda, 1977-1981
Memoranda, 1982-1982
Memoranda, undated
List of periodicals by War Resisters League [see also Releases], 1970s
ROTC dismantling kit, 1985
S.P.E.W. newsletter, 1988-1989
Mailings to key list, 1983-1984
Mailings to key list, 1985-1986
Mailings to key list, 1987
Mailings to key list, 1988
Mailings to key list, 1989

Box 7
Peace calendars, 1956-1980

Box 7a
Peace calendars, 1981-1992

Subseries IV. Events
Box 8
Annual conferences
Annual dinners
50th anniversary, 1973
21st Annual Conference, 1950
26th Annual Dinner, 1950 (March 1)
War Resisters League South Central, 1972-1974
War Resisters League South Central, 1975-1977
War Resisters League Southeast, 1974-1976
War Resisters League Southeast, 1977

War Resisters League Southeast, 1978
War Resisters League Southeast, 1979
War Resisters League Southeast, 1980
War Resisters League Southeast, 1981
War Resisters League Southeast, 1982
War Resisters League Southeast, 1983
War Resisters League Southeast, 1984

Subseries V. Branches
Box 8 (continued)
War Resisters League South Central (Austin, Texas), 1972-1977
War Resisters League Southeast (Chapel Hill, North Carolina), 1974-1984

Box 8a
War Resisters League Southeast, 1985
War Resisters League Southeast, 1986
War Resisters League Southeast, 1987-1988
War Resisters League West: Removal sheets
War Resisters League of California, 1965-1967
War Resisters League West, 1968-1969
War Resisters League West, 1970-1973
War Resisters League West, 1974
War Resisters League West, 1975
War Resisters League West, 1976
War Resisters League West, 1977
War Resisters League West, 1978
War Resisters League West, 1979
War Resisters League West, undated (circa 1960s-1970s)
War Resisters League West, 1980
War Resisters League West, 1981
War Resisters League West, 1982
War Resisters League West: report by Bayard Rustin on his visit to Lebanan, 1982
War Resisters League West: report by Ed Hedeman on trip to Japan, 1982

Box 8b
War Resisters League West, 1983
War Resisters League West, 1984
War Resisters League West, 1985
War Resisters League West, 1986
War Resisters League West, 1987
Miscellaneous material, undated
Mark Morris: correspondence, 1967-1970
Amnesty for draft resisters
B-1 Bomber Project
Bay Area (California): nonviolent groups
Berkeley (California): radical community

Box 8c
"A Call to Resist": signatories of petition against the draft, 1968 [see also East Bay Committee for Draft Resistance]
Coalition to Cut Military Spending, 1975-1977
Conscientious objection, 1968
Downtown Peace Coalition, 1970-1971
The draft, 1968
Draft boards, 1986
Draft counseling, 1970-1972
Draft, National Coalition to Repeal the..., 1971-1973
Draft Repeal Coalition, 1972-1973
Draft resister Robert Wray, 1969-1971
Draft, resolutions on the..., 1979-1980
East Bay Committee for Draft Resistance, 1968
War Resisters League West: Feminism and Nonviolence Program, 1978-1984
Fest for Truth and Love, 1973
Fresno Shanti Center
, 1973

Box 8d
Honeywell Campaign, 1969-1971
Indo-China Peace Campaign, 1972
Institute Mountain West, 1972
Monterey Peace Center, 1971-1972
New England Committee for Nonviolent, 1965
Direct Action
Nine for Peace, 1968
Northern California Mid-East Peace Coalition, 1976
The NOSE, Monterey County WTR, 1975
The Peace Brigade, 1971
Peacebuilders, 1969-1971
Pentagon Papers Project, 1972
Peoples Blockade, 1973
Poor Peoples Campaign, Bay Area, 1967-1968
Port Chicago Vivil, 1968
Quaker Action Group, 1968-1971

Box 8e
Radical Education Project, 1968-1970
Resist, 1968-1969
Sacramento Peace Center, 1971-1976
San Francisco Resistance, 1967-1970
Selective Service, 1967-1970
Syracuse Peace Council
U.C. Nuclear Lab Weapons Conversion Project
Vietnam, 1969-1976
Vietnam Era Veteran National Resource Project, 1974
Vietnam Veterans' movement, 1974
Vietnam Veteran Bonus March, 1974

Box 8e (2)
War Tax Resistance, ___-1970, undated
War Tax Resistance, 1971
War Tax Resistance, 1972
War Tax Resistance, 1973

Box 8f
Provisional Defense Committee: "legal" Bayard Rustin, 1955
Provisional Defense Committee, 1955-1958
Civil Defense Protest Committee, 196_-1963
Meetings, 1960-1961
Releases, 1955-1959
Correspondence, 1956-1961
Court appeals,
Correspondence re: "Against Air Raid Drills," 1963

Box 9
Civilian defense: briefs, 1955-1960
Civilian Defense: statements and reports 1961
Civilian Defense: lists, 1956-1961
Newsclippings, 1961
Student Institute on Non-Violence and Social Change,1960
Scott Herrick/Montcivitano Project, 1978-1979

 Subseries VII. Administrative Files
 Box 10
Abe Kaufman, Roy Kepler, Sidney Aberman, Executive Secretaries (1948-1953)
Release, 1950
War Resisters League (New York Branch): Executive Committee meetings, 1953
Demonstration: miscellaneous, 1950
Correspondence: G. Hartmann, 1950
Correspondence: Roy Kepler, 1950-1953
Correspondence: foreign, 1948-1952
Correspondence: C. Mackintosh, 1951
Projects: demonstrations, Hydrogen Bomb Protest
Hiroshima Day, Korea leaflet, 1950
The Peacemakers, 1949-1952
Rosika Schwimmer: reference material
World government and citizenship
World Pacifist Meeting, 1949

Box 11
Abe Kaufman, Roy Kepler, Sidney Aberman, Executive Secretaries (1948-1953)
World Pacifist Meeting, 1949 (December)
Australia, 1950
Denmark, 1989-1950
Holland, 1948
Italy, 1950 (April)
Israel: constitution, 1949 (April)
Selective Service hearings, 1950-1951 (January)
Non-registrant statements [extra copies]
UMT and Conscription statements
C.O.s in court: briefs, 1943-1944
conscientious objector cases, 1951
Selective Service court cases, 1941-1945

Box 12
Abe Kaufman, Roy Kepler, Sidney Aberman, Executive Secretaries (1948-1953)
American Civil Liberties Union, 1952
Washington Pacifist Fellowship, 1946-1947
National Peace Conference, 1949-1953
Friends Committee on National Legislation, 1951-1952
Putnam Co. News: Communist charge, 1950
Peace News: American supplement proposal, 1950
The Objector, 1949,1953
One World, 1949
Alternative, 1949-1950
Miscellaneous literature from other organizations, 1949-1951
Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1950
Literature from other organizations

Correspondence re: Bayard Rustin as Executive Secretary, 1953 [Acc. 98A-001]
Ralph DiGia, Executive Secretary, 1955-1961
Liberation: formation proposal, 1955
Amnesty Demonstration Committee, 1955
Seymour Eichel defense, 1956
Liberation: Editorial Board meetings, 1957-1960
American Forum, 1957
Committee for Nonviolent Action
, 1957

Box 13
Ralph DiGia, Executive Secretary, 1955-1961
Anti-nuclear picketing, 1957
Pacific Project, 1958
Walk for Peace, 1958
Omaha Action, 1959
Act for Peace, 1959
Hiroshima Walk, 1960
Election protest,1960
Easter Walk (CNVA), 1961
Cuban protest, 1961

Box 14
Ed Gottlieb, Chairman, 1960-1967

Correspondence, 1962-1967

David McReynolds, Field Secretary, 1960-1977
Speaking Tour: correspondence, 1960
Speaking Tour: correspondence, 1960 (Fall)
Speaking Tour: correspondence, 1961 (Fall)
Civil Defense Protest Committee, 1961
Pacific Nonviolent Action, 1961
Student Peace Union: Advisory Council, 1962
Student Peace Union: periodicals, 1962
Association for Commitment to World Responsibility,1962
George Rockwell case,
1962 [American Nazi leader]
Articles by David McReynolds re: Rockewell case, 1962 [carbon copies]

Box 15
David McReynolds, Field Secretary, 1960-1977
Calendar quotes, 1960
Peace calendars: preparation/correspondence, 1962-1966
Peace calendar: correspondence/quote material, 1966

Box 16
David McReynolds, Field Secretary, 1960-1977
Peace calendars: preparation/correspondence, 1966-1967

Literarture list produced by Literature Committee, 1961-1968
Vietnam: literature list, 1967

Box 17
David McReynolds, Field Secretary, 1960-1977
Literature Committee 1973
Advertisements for literature lists and peace calendar, 1963-1967
Lists of names, 1965-1968
Manuscripts and articles, 1966-1968
Manuscript by Roy Kepler, 1964
Manuscripts and articles, 1965-1967
Manuscript by Sidney Peck, 1968

Box 18
David McReynolds, Field Secretary, 1960-1977
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1962-1969 [found with David McReynolds' material]
Article "Dissenting from Dissenters" by David McReynolds, 1962
Speaking Tour: correspondence, 1963 (November-December)
American Civil Liberties Union, 1964
Speaking Tour: correspondence, 1963
Jailing of 26 in Albany (Georgia), 1964
Speaking Tour: correspondence, 1964
Memo re: possible merger of the War Resisters League with CNVA, 1964
Vietnam protest, 1964: A.J. Muste correspondence; releases; reference material
War Resisters League and Canada, 1964

War Resisters League: releases re: Vietnam protest, 1964
Bayard Rustin, 1962: correspondence; writings; miscellaneous

Box 19
David McReynolds, Field Secretary, 1960-1977
Multilateral Nuclear Force: reference material / newsclippings, 1964
Cuba, 1964
Article re: civil rights by David McReynolds, 1964
Turn Toward Peace: eetings, 1963-1965
War Resisters League: statement on [of?] principles
Writers' and artists' protest re: Adlai Stevenson's resignation, 1965
Speaking tour: correspondence, 1965
War Resisters League Conference, 1965 (November 13)
Periodicals / newsclippings, 1965
Memo to the Executive Committee re: the future of the War Resisters League, [1966?]
Geneva Park Conference, Ontario (Canada), 1966 (January 23-27)
July 4th demonstration, 1966
Vietnam International Conference, 1966
Student Pacifist Conference, 1966 (May 7-)
David McReynolds and A.J. Muste correspondence re: impeachment (proposed) of President Lyndon Johnson, 1966 (October)
Impeachment (proposed) of President Lyndon Johnson, 1967 (April)

Box 20
David McReynolds, Field Secretary, 1960-1977
War Resisters League: advertising, 1967
Canada, 1967
Southern Student Organizing Committee, 1967
University Christian Movement, 1967
Student Mobilization Committee, 1967
Draft correspondence; reference material, 1967
G.I. answers to David McReynolds' open letter, 1967
National Lawyers Guild
Hiroshima Day march to Montreal, 1967
British pacifists' arrest petition, 1967

Box 21
David McReynolds, Field Secretary, 1960-1977
Draft correspondence: J. Kearns, 1967
Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1967 (September 12, October 10) [from David McReynolds]
Tsurumi visit, 1967
Fellowship of Reconciliation: forms, 1967
Czechoslovakian newspapers, 1968
International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace, 1970-1975
War Resisters' International, 1970s
War Resisters League: tape program, circa 1970
Draft Action, 1970-1971
War Resisters' International: correspondence re: London internship, 1970-1971
People's Coalition for Peace and Justice, ca. 1971
War Resisters' International, 1972-1978
National Caucus of Labor Committees, ca.1972
Election statement (presidential and congressional), 1972
War Resisters League: elections, 1972
War Resisters League: training program, 1972

Box 22
David McReynolds, Field Secretary, 1960-1977
War Resisters League: air war packet, circa 1972
Correspondence with Fellowship of Reconciliation, and International, 1973
Confederation for Disarmament and Peace, 1973
150th Anniversary Committee, 1973
Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1973-1975
National Action Group, 1973-1977
Committee for International Nonviolence,1973-1974
Chile, 1974
Task Force on Domestic Crisis, 1974
Meetings with Vietnam draft resisters, 1974
Coalition on Economic Crisis, 1974

Box 23
David McReynolds, Field Secretary, 1960-1977
American Friends Service Committee, ca. 1975
WIN Editorial Board, 1975-1976
Japanese material, 1976
International Peace Bureau, 1977
Mobilization for Survival, 1977
Articles by David McReynolds, 1968
Draft of David McReynolds' speech "How To Hold A Meeting," undated
Unidentified drafts of papers re: blacks/poverty/military, 1973
From other organizations
, ca 1961-1969
Wendy Schwartz, Staff Member, 1970-1971
Cuba Project: children's art exchange with Cuba, 1970-1971
Cuba Project: scrapbook/photo/newsclippings
, 1971

Box 24
Grace Hedemann, Special Projects Secretary, 1974-1978

Correspondence re: Campaign Freedom, 1974-1975
General correspondence, 1974-1977
War Resisters League: Anti-Corporate Project, circa 1975
The War Is Over celebration, May 11, 1975
Indochina Peace Campaign, 1972-1973
War Resisters League: leaflets on Vietnam and Cambodia

Box 25
Grace Hedemann, Special Projects Secretary, 1974-1978
United Campaign for Peace in Indochina,1974-1975
Friendshipment, 1975-1977
Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy, 1976-1977
Indochina Solidarity Committee, circa 1975
American Friends Service Committee: Indochina Program, 1975
American Friends Service Committee: Indochina Packet, 1973
Friends Committee on National Legislation,1974-1975
International Committee to Free South Vietnamese Political Prisoners from Detention, Torture and Death
, circa 1974

Box 26
Grace Hedemann, Special Projects Secretary, 1974-1978
Political prisoners in South Vietnam: Indochina Mobile Education Project, 1974
Political prisoners in South Vietnam: F.O.R. "For the Victims," 1974
Correspondence and statements re: political prisoners in South Vietnam, 1974
Composite list of political prisoners in South Vietnam
Additional lists: political prisoners in South Vietnam
Card File: political prisoners in South Vietnam
Reference material: political prisoners in South Vietnam
Buddhist Peace Delegation, 1974

Box 27
Grace Hedemann, Special Projects Secretary, 1974-1978
Leaflets: Indochina, circa 1974
Newspaper reprints/articles on Indochina, 1973-1975
Indochina literature
Information from Vietnamese organizations,1973-1975
Opinion articles re: Indochina , 1972-1975

Box 28
Grace Hedemann, Special Projects Secretary, 1974-1978
Additional reference material re: Indochina
Native Americans, 1973-1978
Center for National Security Studies: Project on Intelligence and Covert Actions, 1974

Box 28a
Grace Hedemann, Special Projects Secretary, 1974-1978
General correspondence, 1981-1983
Indian Point (New York) nuclear power plant, 1981
Veteran/Peace movement reconciliation, 1984-1985

Ed Hedemann, 1974-1986
, 1974-1975
Correspondence, 1976-1977
Correspondence, 1978-1979
Correspondence, 1980-1981
Correspondence, 1982, 1986
Mobilization for Survival, 1978
Correspondence re: IRS seizure, 1974
Biographical information

Subseries VIII. Local Organizing Efforts
Box 29
Organizing correspondence, 1976-1985
Local organizing packets, 1980s
Locals mailings, 1981-1983
Local organizing materials development, 1984
Local organizing questionnaire, 1984

Box 30
Responses to War Resisters League survey, 1977
Local groups: Albuquerque, New Mexico / Southwest region
Local groups: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Local groups: Arcata, California / Northcoast region
Local groups: Atlanta, Georgia
Local groups: Baltimore, Maryland

Box 31
Local groups: Birmingham, Alabama
Local groups: Boston, Massachusetts
Local groups: Boulder, Colorado
Local groups: Central Florida
Local groups: Chicago, Illiniois
Local groups: Columbia, Missouri
Local groups: Dallas, Texas
Local groups: Detroit, Michigan
Local groups: Evansville, Indiana
Local groups: Ft. Wayne, Indiana / Citizens for Peace and Social Action, 1981-1983
Local groups: Green Mountain, Vermont, 1984-1985
Local groups: Hyde Park, Vermont / Lamoille Peace Coalition, 1980
Local groups: Isla Vista, California / Thomas Merton Unity Center, 1974

Box 32
Local groups: LaCrosse area
Local groups: Los Angeles, California
Local groups: Madison, Wisconsin
Local groups: Milwaukee, Wisconsin / Center for Peace and Education
Local groups: Monmouth County, New Jersey
Local groups: Morgantown, West Viginia
Local groups: New York, New York
Local groups: Norwich, Conneticut / Northeast region
Local groups: Oak Park, Illinois
Local groups: Plains states / Midwest region

Box 33
Local groups: Pocatello, Idaho
Local groups: Red River Alliance/Peace Network
Local groups: Redwoods, California
Local groups: San Bernardino, California/Inland Empire
Local groups: San Francisco, California/Oakland, California
Local groups: Seattle, Washington, 1973-1974
Local groups: Seattle, Washington, 1975
Local groups: Seattle, Washington, 1976-1979
Local groups: Seattle, Washington, 1980-1984
Local groups: St. Louis, Missouri
Local groups: Staten Island, New York
Local groups: Washington, District of Colombia
Local groups: Westchester, New York

Subseries IX. FBI Files on War Resisters League, 1939-1976
Box 34
Air Force Office of Special Investigations, 1948-1980
Army Intelligence and Security Command, 1980
Defense Investigative Service, 1980
Department of Justice, 1980-1981
Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1980
Internal Revenue Service
Naval Investigative Service, 1980-1981
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1976-1981
Post Office Department, 1980
State Department, 1981
FBI investigation of "The Continental Walk for Disarmament and Social Justice", 1976-1978
Research findings of Susan Dion and Maris Cakars re: FBI investigation, 1981
FBI: New York City branch, 1965-1981
FBI-War Resisters League correspondence, 1977-2002
Internal Revenue Service, 1969-1980
FBI Records re: War Resisters League, 1941 (July) - 1942 (March)
Section #1, 1939 (May) - 1941

Box 35
Section #2, 1942 (April) - 1942 (August)
Section #2 continued, 1942 (August) - 1943 (February)
Section #3, 1943 (March) - 1944 (January)
Section #4, 1944 (August) - 1950 (July)
Section #5, 1950 (July) - 1953 (May)
Section #6, 1953 (April) - 1962 (January)
Section #7, 1962 (January) - 1965 (March)

Box 36
Section #7 continued, 1965 (April) - 1965 (May)
Section #8, 1965 (June)-1965 (August)
Section #8 continued, 1965 (September) - 1965 (October)
Section #9, 1965 (January) - 1966 (February)
Section #9 continued, 1966 (February) - 1966 (April)
Section #10, 1966 (April) - 1966 (July)
Section #10 continued, 1966 (July) - 1967 (January)
Section #11, 1968[?] - 1968

Box 37
Section #12, 1969 (January) - 1970 (February)
Section #13, 1970 (February) - 1971 (August)
Section #14, 1971 (September) - 1971 (January)
Section #14 continued, 1971 - 1972 (February)
Section #15, 1972 (February-May)
Section #16, 1972 (June) - 1973 (March)
Section #17, 1973 (March) - 1976 (October)
Section #18, 1973 (August) - 1976

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Material from Re-File Box, 1990
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Material from Re-File Box, 2001
Material from Re-File Box, 2002 (January - June)
Material from Re-File Box, 2002 (July - December)
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