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Papers, 1838-date
(bulk 1880-1935)


Series 14: Reference Material on Jane Addams [:ocated in FHL cage, aisle 97]:

Microfilmed (See below for details)

Box 1 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Correspondence, 1919-1926

Correspondence, 1919-1926

Finances, 1921-1927, undated

Executive Committee meetings, Sept. 1922, May 1925, July 1925, Feb.-March 1926, Dec. 1926, March 1927, Sept. 1927, Dec. 1927, March 1928, Sept. 1928, April 1929, May 1932, April 1933, Sept. 1933, 1934-1935

Circular letters, 1920-1935

Box 1a Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (cont.)

U.S. Section, 1915-1935

Official material, 1915-1928

Box 2 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (cont.)

Official material (cont.), 1929-1934, undated


Sixth Congress, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Aug. 1929

Summer schools, 1921-1926

British Section, 1919-1935, undated

French Section, 1923-1933, undated

German Section, 1927-1933, undated

Other international Sections

Box 3 People

Canon Barnett See mf reel 113:28

Ozora Davis See mf reel 113:28

Sherwood Eddy See mf reel 113:28

Henry Ford See mf reel 113:28

Mahatma Gandhi See mf reel 113:28

Alice Hamilton See mf reel 113:28

William Isaac Hull See mf reel 113:28

David Starr Jordan See mf reel 113:28

Florence Kelley See mf reel 113:28

Lucia Ames Mead and Edward D. Mead See mf reel 113:28

Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti See mf reel 113:28

Joanna Southcott See mf reel 113:28

Count Nikolaevich Tolstoy See mf reel 113:28

Box 4 Subjects

Armenia See mf reel 113:31

Balkans See mf reel 113:31

Capital punishment See mf reel 113:31

Child labor, 1906-1924, undated See mf reel 113:31 and 113:35

China, 1921-1928, undated See mf reel 113:31

Civil liberties/free speech See mf reel 113:31 and 113:35

Conscientious objection See mf reel 113:31

Box 5 Subjects (cont.)

Daughters of the American Revolution, 1927-1928 See mf reel 113:31

Disarmament, 1921-1932, undated See mf reel 113:31

Education, 1903-1930, undated See mf reel 113:31

Famine, 1917-April 1920 See 113:32 for 1917-1923

Box 6 Subjects (cont.)

Famine (cont.), May 1920-1924, undated See mf reel 113:31 for undated; 113:32 for 1917-1923

Germany See mf reel 113:32

International Congress of Women, The Hague, The Netherlands, 1915 (includes notes by Jane Addams) See mf reel 113:28

"Horror on the Rhine," 1921 See mf reel 113:32

Immigration See mf reel 113:32

Box 7 Subjects (cont.)

India, 1915-1935, undated See mf reel 113:3

Industry and industrial relations, 1898-1933, undated See mf reel 113:32

Ireland See mf reel 113:32

Japan, 1919, 1928, undated See mf reel 113:33

Judaism/Zionism See mf reel 113:33

Latin America See mf reel 113:33

Box 8 Subjects (cont.)

League of Nations, 1918-1932, undated See mf reel 113:33

League of Nations Report, 1921-1924, 1927-1928 See mf reel 113:33

Mexico See mf reel 113:33

Militarism See mf reel 113:33

Movies/Cinema See mf reel 113:33

Box 9 Subjects (cont.)

Nobel Peace Prize, 1900-1935 See mf reel 113:33

Old age security, 1933-1935, undated (includes endorsement by Jane Addams of Lights Out written by Zona Gale) See mf reel 113:33

Pan-Pacific Conference, 1928 See mf reel 113:33

Philosophical material See mf reel 113:33

Population See mf reel 113:33

Prisoners of war See mf reel 113:33

Progressive Party, 1912-1928, undated See mf reel 113:34

Prohibition See mf reel 113:34

Public housing See mf reel 113:34

Box 10 Subjects (cont.)

Race relations See mf reel 113:34

Religious material See mf reel 113:34 (by organizational name)

Russia See mf reel 113:34

Russia: Letters from Russian Prisons, 1925

Social work and settlements, 1897-1928 See mf reel 113:34

Box 11 Subjects (cont.)

Social work and settlements, 1929-1935 See mf reel 113:34

Student peace agitation, 1930s See mf reel 113:34

Ukrainian women [transferred from Series 3]

Unemployment, 1921-1935, undated See mf reel 113:34

United States foreign policy, 1916-1931, undated

Woman suffrage, 1913-1932 See mf reel 113:34

Woman suffrage: reports from the 7th and 10th congresses of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance

World court/international law, 1913-1930, undated See mf reel 113:35

Box 12 Subjects (cont.)

World court/international law/arbitration See mf reel 113:35


American Citizenship Foundation, 1927 See mf reel 113:35

American Friends Service Committee, 1921, undated See mf reel 113:35

American Peace Society, 1906-1928 See mf reel 113:35

American Union Against Militarism See mf reel 113:35

Bureau International Permanent de la Paix See mf reel 113:35

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (formerly American Association for International Conciliation) See mf reel 113:35

Central Organisation for a Durable Peace See mf reel 113:39

Federal Council of the Churches in Christ in America, 1921-1924

Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1925, undated See mf reel 113:35

Box 13 Organizations (cont.)

Foreign Policy Association, 1919-1932, undated See mf reel 113:35

French League for the Defense of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, 1922 See mf reel 113:35

Friends, Society of See mf reel 113:35; 113:42 for material on the Emergency and War Victims Relief Committee of the Society of Friends (1915-1935)

General Committee on the Limitation of Armament, 1921-1922 See mf reel 113:35

Hull-House See mf reel 113:36; 113:51 for material on Hull-House Woman's Club (1892-1935)

International Anti-Militarist Union, 1920, undated See mf reel 113:36

International Peace Press Bureau See mf reel 113:36

League of Women Voters See mf reel 113:36

National Council for Prevention of War See mf reel 113:36 and 113:42

- Correspondence, 1922-1930

- Minutes and news releases

- Literature

National Council for Prevention of War (British), 1926-1928 See mf reel 113:36

Box 14 Organizations (cont.)

Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation, 1916 See mf reel 113:36

No More War Movement See mf reel 113:36

Pan-Pacific Union, 1920-1929, undated See mf reel 113:36

Theistic Endeavor Society, 1913-1923, undated See mf reel 113:36

Women's Union for Peace, undated See mf reel 113:36

World Peace Foundation publications, 1915-1933 See mf reel 113:36

Miscellaneous Peace/War Material

Peace, 1892-1925 See mf reel 113:37

American Prophets of Peace, 1907

The Exhibit on Friendship Between Nations, 1926

Box 15 Miscellaneous Peace/War Material (cont.)

Peace, 1926-1935, undated See mf reel 113:37

War, 1900-1930, undated See mf reel 113:37

Chants of Labour: A Song Book of the People, 1897

The Color of Life by Emanuel Julius, 1916

Lest We Forget: A Keepsake From the Nineteenth Century, 1901

Nazis Against the War [1935?]

Box 16 Miscellaneous Peace/War Material (cont.)

The Other Great Illusion: The Folly of Class War, 1913

The Passion Play at OberAmmergau, 1890

Peace Year Book, 1915 (part of Jane Addams's peace library)

To the Person Sitting In Darkness by Mark Twain, 1901

Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science Vol. 14:3, June 1931

Bulletin de la Societe Autour du Monde, 12/31/1925

Canada House of Commons Debates Official Report Vol. 64:74, 06/04/1929

The National Geographic Magazine, July 1917

World Friendship Vol. 2:5, May 1922

Digest of court cases on extradition of Jan Janoff Powen, 1906

Miscellaneous Material

Miscellaneous material, 1895-1921

Box 17 Miscellaneous Material (cont.)

Miscellaneous material (cont.), 1922-1935, undated

Miscellaneous maps See mf reel 113:37

Miscellaneous books and pamphlets, 1895-1935, undated See mf reel 113:37

Box 18 Miscellaneous Material (cont.)

Miscellaneous periodicals, 1900-1935 See mf reel 113:37

See mf reel:

113:28 for miscellaneous notes and lists (1896-1935); and material on Jane Addams' world tour (YMCA of Korea, 1923)

113:31 for group writings (1919, 1925)

113:33 for material on the National Peace Federation (undated); and the Nobel Peace Foundation (undated)

113:38 for material on Marianne Hainisch (1930); Elena Landazuri (1925-1926); the peace movement (1915-1934); and postwar conditions in Germany (1920)

113:41 for material on the International Congress of Spanish and Spanish-American Women (1925); the International School, Geneva, Switzerland (1925-1930); and the Joint Committee of the Friends' Council for International Service and the Howard League for Penal Reform (1926)

113:42 for material on the National Committee on American-Japanese Relations (1921); and the Pan-Pacific Women's Association (1915-1934)

113:45 for writings (02/15/1919-10/22/1932)


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