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Papers, 1838-date
(bulk 1880-1935)


Series 7: Papers of John Huy Addams, 1838-1881 (See also Series 8 and 18) [Located in FHL cage, aisle 97]:

Not Microfilmed, Except for Scattered Items

Box 1 (Includes Series 8)

School book, 1838-1839 in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania (includes Journals: 1) 07/24/1844-09/07/1844 "Containing the account of our [wedding] journey to Illinois and travels through the State to Rock Island"; 2) 09/08/1844-12/20/1844)

Speeches by JHA, citations to newspaper articles on JHA

Diagrams of State Senate of Illinois, 1867, 1869

Newspaper clippings, 1867, 1935

Miscellaneous: receipts for making of 1896 steel engraving [see steel engraving in Oversize Collection]; detailed bill from Dr. Strohecker, 1846

Letters from JHA to wife Anna, 1868-1869, 1876, 1880

Letters to JHA from wife Anna, 1868-1869

Letters from JHA to daughter Alice, 1869-1872, 1875, 1881

Letters from JHA to daughters Mary and Jane, and to (future) brother-in-law, Enos Reiff

Letters to JHA from children and nephew (?), 1868-1869, 1875

Business and professional letters to JHA, 1868-1869

Letters written to Anna Haldeman Addams on JHA, 1868 (from a sibling the day before her marriage to JHA in Nov.), 1881

Condolence letters written to Anna Haldeman Addams on death of JHA, 1881

Condolence letters written to Jane Addams on death of JHA, 1881 Most are on reel 133:1

Resolutions on death of JHA by 1) Cedar Creek Bible Society [JHA was President]; 2) Second National Bank of Freeport, Illinois [JHA was President]; and 3) Stephenson County Bible Society

Newspaper obituaries of JHA [removed to Oversize Collection]

Postcard of Second National Bank, Freeport, Illinois

See mf reel:

113:27 for banking records (1880)


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