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Papers, 1838-date
(bulk 1880-1935)


Series 4: Papers Relating to Jane Addams, 1877- , undated [Located in FHL cage, aisle 96-97]:

Not Microfilmed Except for Scattered Items (See below for details)

Box 1

Material on Hull-House, pre-1930

Material on Hull-House, 1930s

Material on Hull-House, 1940s

Material on Hull-House, 1950s

Material on Hull-House, 1960s (renovations, etc.)

Correspondence on preservation of Hull-House, 1961 [removed from Series 13a]

Material on Hull-House, 1970s

Celebration of 100th Anniversary of Hull-House, 1989

Material on Hull-House, undated

Material on Hull-House, 1980-

Material on Hull-House: Florence and Nicholas Kelley

Lectures, concerts, etc., 1890s

Reviews of play "The Enemy" by Channing Pollock, 1925

Material on Jane Addams in other U.S. collections/repositories (see also Series 1 for correspondence in other collections/repositories)

Book reviews of books on Jane Addams

Box 2

Biographical information/resumé

Service on committees and advisory boards, etc.

Poetry written to/about Jane Addams

Membership certificate (lifetime) to National American Woman Suffrage Association, undated

Transcript, Rockford Female Seminary, 1877-1881

1892-1898 Material on Jane Addams

1898 Excerpts from Beatrice Webb's American Diary (published 1963)

1899-1913 Material on Jane Addams

Box 3

1914-1915 Material on Jane Addams

April-June 1915 Alice T. Post diary, Copy of (Mercedes Randall Collection, Columbia University)

1916-1919 Material on Jane Addams

April-May 1919 Alice T. Post diary, Copy of (Mercedes Randall Collection, Columbia University)

1920-1924 Material on Jane Addams

Florence Kelley Anniversary Dinner, 1924

1925 Material on Jane Addams

Attacks on Jane Addams, 1925-1928

1926 Material on Jane Addams

WILPF Congress, Dublin, 1926

Box 4

Dunn, Margaret Carol: Jane Addams as a Political Thinker (M.A. thesis)

1927 Material on Jane Addams

Jane Addams and the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1927

Chicago Dinner, 1927

1928-1931 Material on Jane Addams

1931 Material on Nobel Peace Prize

1932 Material on Jane Addams

Swarthmore College Founders Day, 1932

1933-1934 Material on Jane Addams

1935 Song "Hymn to Peace" dedicated to Jane Addams

1935 (to May 20) Material on Jane Addams

Box 5

05/20-21/1935 Newsclippings on Jane Addams' death

05/22/1935 Newsclippings on Jane Addams' death

05/23/1935 Newsclippings on Jane Addams' death

05/24/1935 Newsclippings on Jane Addams' death

05/25/1935 Newsclippings on Jane Addams' death

Post-05/25/1935 newsclippings on Jane Addams' death

Undated newsclippings on Jane Addams' death

Miscellaneous memorials/tributes to Addams, 1935

Memorial service for Jane Addams at New York City Town Hall, 06/02/1935

Memorial service for Jane Addams at St. Martins-In-The- Fields, London, 06/04/1935

Memorial service for Jane Addams by National Conference of Social Work, 06/10/1935

Memorials and resolutions by WILPF U.S. and WILPF International, 1935

Jane Addams' Will

WILPF International correspondence on Jane Addams' death (05/22/1935-01/09/1936)

05/22/1935-01/09/1936 Letters of condolence on Addams' death

05/22/1935-01/09/1936 Letters of condolence to James Weber Linn on Jane Addams' death

Box 6

Miscellaneous memorial articles and tributes on Jane Addams' death (U.S.), 1935, undated

Miscellaneous memorial articles and tributes on Jane Addams' death (foreign)

1936 Material on Jane Addams [post-death 1935 material]

1936 Article "Women and World Highways" by George Walker Buckner Jr.

1936 Article "Jane Addams As I Knew Her" by Marcet Haldeman-Julius

1936-1949 Correspondence on Addams and Wald portrait, by Annot Jacobi

1937 Material on Jane Addams

1938 Article "Memorials of Jane Addams" by Dorothy Detzer

1939 Address "Democracy - Jane Addams' Way of Life" by Judge Florence E. Allen (09/06/1939)

1939 Material on Jane Addams

1940 Article "The House that Jane Addams Built" by Lloyd Lewis

1940-1941 Material on Jane Addams

1941 Article "Women Who Have Won Fame by Work, Heroism, Chance, or Charm" by unknown author

1941 Article "Women Who Helped Mold America" by Barbara Auchincloss

1942 Article "Jane Addams" by Edwin B. Yeich

1942 Article "Jane Addams - Mary Richmond..." by Ruth Z.S. Mann

1942-1945 Material on Jane Addams

1945 Article "A Discussion of the Theory of International Relations" by John Dewey and others

1945 Article "Jane Addams Speaks" by Leonard Kenworthy

1945 Radio Play [Transcript] "Come Over to My House" by John Scheuer

1946 Address "Jane Addams and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom" by Robert Morss Lovett

1948 Material on Jane Addams

1948 Material on Jane Addams

1948 Article "Jane Addams and Hull House" (in Russian)

1948 Article "Jane Addams, the Universal" by Catheryne Cooke Gilman

1949-1950 Material on Jane Addams

1951 Article "Jane Addams" by Edwin B. Yeich

1952-1955 Material on Jane Addams

1955 Article "Jane Addams of Hull House and the Women's League for Peace and Freedom" by Alice Hamilton

Box 7

1956 Dramatized Script about Jane Addams by Marian Wefer

1957 Article "Jane Addams of Hull House" by Karl Detzer

1957 Article "What We Owe to Jane Addams of Hull House" by Karl Detzer

1959 Material on Jane Addams

1959 Article "Jane Addams, Influential Moosette" by Joe Farrell

1959 Material from Riverside Church (NYC) on statue of Jane Addams by Lee Lawrie

1959 Article "Ennengas Restore Addams Home in Cedarville" by Elizabeth Yager

1960 Article "An Overview of the Pioneering Services of Jane Addams..." by Russell Ballard

1960 Article "Jane Addams: Crusader for Peace and Youth" by Pauline Bentley

1960 Article, "Jane Addams and the Society of Friends" by Lucy P. Carner

1960 Article "The Legacy of Jane Addams" by Lucy P. Carner

1960 Article "A Vision of Human Solidarity" by Mary G. Cary

1960 Article "Jane Addams Knew No 'Enemy'" by Mary G. Cary

1960 Article "Jane Addams and the White House Conference on Children and Youth" by Bertha McNeill

1960 Article "Jane Addams vs. the Ward Boss" by Allen F. Davis

1960 Article "The Realism of Jane Addams" by John Dewey

1960 Speech "Tribute to the Late Jane Addams" by Senator Paul Douglas

1960 Article "Jane Addams Centennial Beginning" by Joan Eggerstead

1960 Article "Jane Addams Speaks" by Dorothy Elderdice

1960 Article "Jane Addams and the Founding of Hull House" by John Farrell

1960 Dissertation Prospectus "Jane Addams, 1860-1935," by John Farrell

1960 Article "Reformer Jane Addams Was Born 100 Years Ago" by Carol Gabler

1960 Article "Jane Addams in Retrospect" by Georgia Harkness

1960 MS "Jane Addams" by Winifred Healey

1960 Article "The Nurture of Human Life" by Robert M. Hutchins

1960 Article "A Tribute" by Archibald MacLeish

1960 Article "Jane Addams and Our Unfinished Business" by Robert H. MacRae

1960 Editorial in New York Times "Jane Addams and Human Rights"

1960 Article "Where Are The Women Geniuses" by Kathleen Norris

Box 8

1960 Article "Jane Addams of Hull House" by Franklin Parker

1960 "A Preliminary Checklist for a Bibliography on Jane Addams" by M. Helen Perkins

1960 Material produced by Rockford College for Jane Addams Centennial (April 1960)

1960 Article "Saint Jane and the Ward Boss" by Anna Firor Scott

1960 Article "Three Recollections" by Aileen Shane, Lois Benedict, and Leonard Dabney Cephas

1960 Article "Jane Addams Centennial Occasions Wallingford Woman's Recollections" by Ida Palmer Stabler

1960 Article "Jane Addams and Today's World" by Annalee Stewart

1960 Article "The Humanism of Jane Addams" by Margaret Tims

1960 Material produced by WILPF for Jane Addams Centennial

1960 Article "Addams Poem Found at College" by Elizabeth Wyatt

1960 Material produced by National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers (NYC) for Jane Addams Centennial

1960 Material on Jane Addams

1960 Article "The Centennial Year of Two Great Illinoisans: Jane Addams and Wm. Jennings Bryan" by Irving Dilliard

1961 Material on Jane Addams

1961 Article "Warm Memories of Hull House" (03/17/1961)

1961 Article "Jane Addams on Human Nature" by Mele Curti

1961 Article "Jane Addams and the Radical Impulse"

1961 Article "The Personal Reminiscences of Jane Addams" by Lydia Lewis Rickman

1962 Article "Jane Addams: Romantic Radical, 1889-1912"

1962 Article "Jane Addams at Dawn of U.S. Social Reform" by Anne Firor Scott

1963 Article "Jane Addams and the Development of Professional Social Work"

1964 Material on Jane Addams

1964 Article "Jane Addams: An American Heroine" by Jill K. Conway

1964? Article "The Campaign for the Industrial Relations Commission, 1911-1913" by Allen F. Davis

1964 Article "Settlement Workers in Politics, 1890-1914" by Allen F. Davis

1964 Article "The Social Workers and the Progressive Party" by Allen F. Davis

1964 Article "The Women's Trade Union League: Origins and Organization" by Allen F. Davis

1964 Article "We Have Made Good Friends" by Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America

1964 Introduction to Democracy and Social Ethics (by Jane Addams), 1964 edition

Box 9

1965-1969 Material on Jane Addams

1965 Article "Jane Addams: Incorrigible Democrat" by Lucy Perkins Carner

1966 Article "Cedarville's Jane Addams" by Ronald H. Beam

1966 Article "The Lady of Hull House" by Emily Cooper Johnson (?)

1967? Letter from Dorothy Detzer to Mercedes Randall on Jane Addams

1967 Article "Jane Addams and the City" by Anne Firor Scott

1967-1968 Article "Jane Addams' Hull House" for University of Illinois Centennial Year

1968 Article "Jane Addams in the Hall of Fame" by Lucy P. Carner

1968 Booklet on unveiling of bust and tablet for Jane Addams in Hall of Fame for Great Americans (05/19/1968)

1970-1979 Material on Jane Addams

1972 Article "Recollections of Jane Addams" by George J. Rakas

1973 Book review by Rose Marie Redlich Scherman of The Life and Legend of Jane Addams by Allen F. Davis

1974 Article "The Education of Jane Addams" by J.O.C. Phillips

1974 Article "Varieties of Cultural Experience in Jane Addams' Chicago" by Helen L. Horowitz

1975 Book review by Kenneth O. Morgan of American Heroine by Allen F. Davis

1976 Address "Jane Addams: Womanhood Ideology as Dialectical Tool" by Rosemarie Redlich Scherman

1977 Editing by Bettina Aptheker of "Lynching and Rape: An Exchange of Views" by Jane Addams and Ida B. Wells

1977 Article "Jane Addams, Pioneer in Social Justice" by Terence E. Johnson

1979 Article "Mother Emancipator: The Meaning of Jane Addams' Sickness and Cure"

1980-1989 Material on Jane Addams

1984 Story "Come Play at My House," by Phyllis Yingling in Highlights for Children

Post-1985 Address "Reconstructing Jane Addams: A Labor of Love" by Victoria Brown

1989 Article "Art at Hull House, 1889-1901: Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr" by Mary Ann Stankiewicz

1989 Article "The Other Woman: Without Ellen Starr, Hull House Might Never have Been" by Margaret Carroll

1989 Article "The Jane Addams Papers" by Susan Querry

1989 SCPC Brochure

1990-1999 Material on Jane Addams

1991 Paper "Jane Addams Manages Hull House: A Study of an Early Non-Profit"

1991 Article "Jane Addams and Hull House: Historical Lessons on Nonprofit Leadership" by Louise Wilby Knight

1994 Address "From Hull-House to the Hague: Jane Addams and International Peace" by Rima Lunin Schultz

1996 Bibliography of articles on women in sociology by Mary Jo Deegan

1997 Article "Biography's Window on Social Change: Benevolence and Justice in Jane Addams's 'A Modern Lear'" by Louise W.Knight

1997 Article "Rehabilitating Jane Addams and 'difference feminism'" by Carol Nackenoff

1998 Paper "The World Is One Great Family: Jane Addams' Contribution to the Organization of the Japan Section of [the] Women's International League for Peace and Freedom" by Nagako Sugimori (unpublished)

1999 Paper "Women's Peace Movement in American and Japan in the 1940s: case study of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom" by Nagako Sugimori (unpublished)

2000-2002 Material on Jane Addams

2000 Book reviews of A Useful Woman: The Early Life of Jane Addams by Gioia Diliberto

2001 Paper re: Jane Addams and Ghandi, by Tom Gilsenen (unpublished)

2002 Book reviews by Kathryn Skar & others of books by Jean Bethke Elshstain (Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy; and The Jane Addams Reader)

2002 Book review by Carlin Romano of Pragmatism: A Reader

2003-2005 Material on Jane Addams

2006-2010 Material on Jane Addams [includes circa 2000-2010 items]

Box 10 (1/2 box)

Undated article "Two Mothers of Jane Addams" by Marcet Haldeman-Julius

Undated list of articles on Jane Addams and the settlement field

Undated material about Jane Addams


See mf reel:

113:27 for financial account re: MS of My Friend, Julia Lathrop (June 1935); and receipt from the International Woman Suffrage Alliance (Oct. 1929)

113:28 for clippings

113:31 for group writings (1909, 1912?, 1914, 1919)

113:37 for material on James Aducci (1931)

113:38 for material on Laura Dainty Pelham (1926)

113:39 for material on the American Friends Service Committee (1919-1931); and the American Neutral Conference Committee (1916?)

113:41 for material on the Chicago World Court Meeting Committee (1925); the Congressional Club, Washington, DC (undated); the Cordon Club, Chicago, Illinois (1923); the Emergency Foreign Policy Conference, New York, New York (1924); the Illinois Equal Suffrage Association (1909); the International Conference of Settlements (1922-1926); and the International People's College, Denmark [1917?]

113:42 for material on Kobe College, Japan [1925?]; Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts (1907); the National Council on Limitations of Armaments (1921- 1922); and the Railway Employees Central Body, Louisville, KY (1919)

113:45 for material on the Thomas Carey Award given to Jane Addams (1931); miscellaneous tributes and honors (1933); tribute poems written to Jane Addams; and family correspondence on Jane Addams' death (1935-1936)

113:46-49 for writings (1879-1938) and writing fragments written by Jane Addams

113:50 for Hull-House Association records: general events (1895-1934); and lectures given at the College Extension and Summer School (1890-1900)

113:51 for Hull-House Association records: music and the arts at Hull-House (1893-1935)


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