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Papers, 1838-date
(bulk 1880-1935)


Series 3: Speeches and Publications by Jane Addams, 1878-1935 [Located in FHL cage, aisle 96]

Microfilmed (See below for details)

Box 1

1878 Theme "Unknown Quantities" written at Rockford Seminary

1880 Article "Bread Givers"

1881 Commencement Speech "A Belief in Beauty, Genius and Courage Can Transform the World"

1889 Memorial Essay for Anna Sill, Principal of Rockford Seminary

1890 MS "Outgrowths of Tonybee Hall"

1892 Article "A New Impulse to an Old Gospel"

1893 "The Objective Value of a Social Settlement" (not microfilmed, added in 2005)

1894 MS "Hull-House: A Social Settlement" (includes 1896 version)

1894 MS "A Modern Tragedy" (also called "A Modern Lear")

1896 Article "A Belated Industry"

1897 - 1898? MS "Ethical Survivals in City Immorality"

1898 Article "Ethical Survivals in Municipal Corruption"

1898 Article "Woman's Work for Chicago"

1898 Article "The College Woman and the Family Claim"

1898 Article "Study of the Milk Supply of Chicago"

1898 Article "Significance of Organized Labor"

1898 Article "Christmas Fellowship"

1898 Article "Practical Experience in Educational Campaigns"

1899 Article "Trade Unions and Public Duty"

1899 Article "The Subtle Problems of Charity"

Box 2

1899 Article "A Function of the Social Settlement"

1899 Course Syllabus "Democracy and Social Ethics" for 12 lectures at University of Chicago

1899 MS "Respect for Law"

1900 Article "Commercialism Disguised as Patriotism and Duty"

1900 MS "Obligation for the Woman College Student to Christianity To-Day"

1901 Address "What is the Greatest Menace to Twentieth Century Progress"

08/20/1901 Speech at Wedding of Gerard and Mary Swope

1901-1902 Report of the Labor Museum of Hull-House

07/07/1902 Address at Chatauqua "The Newer Ideals of Peace"

07/08/1902 Address at Chatauqua "Arts and Crafts and the Settlement"

09/09/1902 Address at Chatauqua "The Newer Ideals of Peace"

09/10/1902 Address at Chatauqua "Count Tolstoy

09/11/1902 Address at Chatauqua "Tolstoy's Theory of Life"

July 1902 Article "The Housing Problem in Chicago"

02/23/1903 Address "Exercises in Commemoration of the Birthday of Washington"

Sept. 1903 Article "The Servant Problem"

1903 MS "Child Labor and Pauperism"

1903 Address "Henry Demarest Lloyd"

1904 Article "Educational Methods as They Relate to Labor Unions"

03/27/1904 Memorial Pamphlet "Dedication of the Hull-House Organ Given in Memory of Sarah Rozet Smith"

05/07/1904 Article "Hull-House and Its Neighbors"

Aug. 1904 Article "The Present Crisis in Trade Union Morals"

Oct. 1904 Address at the International Peace Conference, Boston

12/20/1904 Address "Recent Immigration: A Field Neglected by the Scholar"

1904 Notes on exhibits at Universal Exposition, St. Louis See mf reel 113:42 for material on the St. Louis Exposition (1904)

01/21/1905 Memorial Address for Jessie Bross Lloyd

Box 3

Jan. 1905 Article "Problems of Municipal Administration"

02/14/1905 Address "Child Labor Legislation - A Request for Industrial Efficiency"

03/16/1905 Article "Child Labor"

Nov. 1905 Article "Work and Play as Factors in Education"

12/16/1905 Address "The Operation of the Illinois Child Labor Laws"

12/30/1905 Memorial Address for Murray Floyd Tuley

12/30/1905 Article "The Day Nursery Discussed by Miss Addams"

1905 Paragraphs from the Berkeley Lyceum Meeting

1905? MS "Woman's Conscience and Social Amelioration"

March 1906 Article "Jane Addams' Own Story of Her Work - Fifteen Years at Hull-House"

03/01/1906 Article "Some Childhood Experiences of Jane Addams"

03/17/1906 Article "Probation Work Under Civil Service"

April 1906 Article "Jane Addams' Own Story of Her Work - The First Five Years at Hull-House"

04/01/1906 Article "Jane Addams Declares Ballot for Women Made Necessary by Changed Conditions"

May 1906 Article "Jane Addams' Own Story of Her Work - How the Work at Hull-House Has Grown"

11/16/1906 Address "How Shall We Approach Industrial Education"

Dec. 1906 Address "National Protection for Children"

1906 Address "The Modern City and the Municipal Franchise of Women"

1906? Syllabus "Changing Ideals in Philanthropy and Education" for lectures at University of Chicago

01/05/1907 Article "New Ideals of Peace" (same as the first chapter of Addams' book by the same title)

March 1907 Article "Interpretation of Exhibit"

04/14/1907 Address "Newer Ideals of Peace"

04/14/1907 Address "The New Internationalism"

05/26/1907 Memorial Address for John A. Davis

06/20/1907 Graduation Address at Mount Holyoke

08/03/1907 Article "Public Recreation and Social Morality"

Dec. 1907 Address "Class Conflict in America"

1907 Article "Do We Want Rifle Practice in the Schools? Answers by...Jane Addams...and Others"

1907 Article "The Layman's View of Hospital Work Among the Poor"

02/13/1908 Address at the National Society for Promotion of Industrial Education

April 1908 Address "Failure of Modern City to Provide Recreation for Young Girls"

April 1908 Article "The Working Woman and the Ballot"

04/04/1908 Address on woman's suffrage

May 1908 Testimony before Ways and Means Committee, Chicago Association of Commerce

May 1908 Remarks on relation of industrial education to public schools

05/02/1908 Article "The Chicago Settlements and Social Unrest"

June 1908 Address "Advantages and Disadvantages of a Broken Inheritance"

12/05/1908 Article "Some Reflections on the Failure of the Modern City to Provide Recreation for Young Girls"

Box 4

Jan. 1909 Address at the Federal Children's Bureau

04/13/1919 Article "Reaction of Moral Instruction Upon Social Reform"

06/26/1909 Article "Immigrants"

Nov. 1909 Article "When Youth Seeks a Mate"

1909 Address "Care of Dependent Children"

01/05/1910 Article "The Gospel of Recreation"

Jan. 1910 Article "Why Women Should Vote"

1910 & 1914 Booklets "Why Women Should Vote"

06/1/1910 Address "Charity and Social Justice"

1910 Untitled Address for Children's Committee, National Conference of Charities

April 1910 Article "A War Time Childhood"

May 1910 Article "The Snare of Preparation"

June 1910 Article "Early Undertakings at Hull-House"

July 1910 Article "Problems of Poverty"

August 1910 Article "The Resources of the Immigrant"

Sept. 1910 Article "Echoes of the Russian Revolution"

12/03/1910 Article "Stage Children"

Jan. 1911 Article "Social Control"

Jan. 1911 Article "A Visit to Tolstoy"

02/11/1911 Article "The Ballot for Health and Beauty"

03/08/1911 Article "The Child in the Theatre"

June 1911 Article "Character and Social Conditions"

Nov. 1911 Article "A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil"

Dec. 1911 Article "A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil: Economic Pressures and its Results"

1911 MS "The Right to Petition"

1911 MS "The Abolition of Commercialized Vice Depends Upon Effective and Universal Sexual Education"

1911 Article "Recreation as a Public Function in Urban Community"

01/23/1912 Address "Jane Addams Tells Why Women Should Vote"

Jan. 1912 Article "Mrs. J.T. Bowen"

Jan. 1912 Article "Lack of Moral Education and Its Dangers" (chapter three of A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil)

Feb. 1912 Article "Tragedies of Lonely and Unprotected Girls" (chapter four of A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil)

March 1912 Article "Social Control" (chapter five of A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil)

04/06/1912 Article "The Humanitarian Value of Civil Service"

05/04/1912 Article "A Challenge to the Contemporary Church"

05/27/1912 Remarks at Chicago City Club

06/01/1912 Article "Votes for Women and Other Votes"

08/09/1912 Interview "The Steps By Which I Became A Progressive"

08/12/1912 Address Seconding the Nomination of Theodore Roosevelt

08/17/1912 Article "Why I Seconded Roosevelt's Nomination"

08/17/1912 Interview "The New Party"

08/24/1912 Article "Jane Addams Replies to Mrs. Harper's Assertions"

Box 5

Oct. 1912 Article "Pragmatism in Politics"

Oct. 1912 Article "The Disinherited in Industry" and MS "The Progressive Party and the Disinherited"

Oct. 1912 Article "Progressive Party and Organized Labor"

10/05/1912 Article "Jane Addams Pleads Pension to Aid Families of Convicts"

10/06/1912 Article "The Progressive View"

10/12/1912 Article "The Progressive Party and Safeguards for Working Girls"

10/28/1912 Article "The Progressive Party and Women Suffrage"

Nov. 1912 Article "Every Progressive Government Must Include Women Suffrage"

Nov. 1912 Article "The Progressive Party and Social Legislation"

Nov. 1912 Article "The Progressive Party and the Negro"

Nov. 1912 Article "The Progressive's Dilemma: The New Party"

11/02/1912 Article "A Modern Lear: Strike at Pullman"

11/24/1912 Address "The Communion of the Ballot"

11/27/1912 Remarks "Lessons of the Election" at Chicago City Club

1912 Address "The Civic Value of Higher Education for Women"

1912 Article on the Progressive Party

1912 Article "Tenement Babies Need Pure Milk"

1912 Article "The Progressive Party and the Immigrant"

1912 MS "Child Welfare Bureau of the Progressive Service"

1912 Untitled MS on the conservation movement

1912 MS on the Progressive Party

1912 MS "To the Women Voters of the U.S."

1912 MS "Current Legislation for Working Women"

1912? MS "The Colored People of Chicago"

1912? MS re: The Survey (?)

1912? MS on women and investments

1912? MS "The Autobiography of an Only Child"

1912? MS "Women and the State"

Jan. 1913 Article on philanthropy and politics

01/04/1913 Article "Pen and Books as Tests of Character"

02/01/1913 Article "Has the Emancipation Act Been Nullified by National Indifference"

April 1913 Article "Prison Labor and Prisoners' Families"

Box 6

May 1913 Article "The Protection of Immigrants"

June 1913 Article "The Family and the State - A Satire"

July 1913 Article "The Public Dance Halls"

Aug. 1913 Article "Recreation - A Function of City Government"

Sept. 1913 MS "Aspects of Unemployment"

Sept. 1913 MS Foreword to ???

Oct. 1913 Article "The Juvenile-Adult Offender"

Nov. 1913 MS "Should the Chicago Aldermanic Election Next Spring Be Non-Partisan"

Nov. 1913 Article "The Sheltered Woman and the Magdalen" (not microfilmed, added in 2005)

Dec. 1913 Article "Peace on Earth"

1913 Address to the Federation of Settlements

1913 Booklet "A Plea for More Play, More Pay and More Education for Factory Girls and Boys"

1913 MS of Preface to book by Graham Taylor Religion in Social Action See mf reel 113:38 for material on Graham Taylor

02/12/1914 Address "Social Justice Through National Action"

Feb. 1914 Article "The Unexpected Reactions of a Traveler in Egypt"

March 1914 Article "Need a Woman Over Fifty Feel Old?"

03/16/1914 Remarks on woman's suffrage

April 1914 Article "The Girl Problem"

05/09/1914 Article "Youth and Play - A Neglected Duty of the Cities"

07/23/1914 Article "Who Is To Blame for Child Labor"

Aug. 1914 Article "Women Will Force World's Peace"

Aug. 1914 MS Preface to Safeguards for City Youths at Work and Play by L. deK. Bowen

08/09/1914 Untitled MS re: what women should be concerned about

Nov. 1914 Article "Is the Peace Movement a Failure"

Nov. 1914 MS "Larger Aspects of the Women's Movement"

12/12/1914 Article "A Memory"

12/24/1914 Article "Once More We Are Children"

1914 MS "Public Opinion Against War"

1914 MS "Women's Clubs and Public Policies"

1914? MS "Widows and the Courts"

01/10/1915 Address "What the War Is Destroying"

03/06/1915 Article "War and Social Reconstruction"

03/06/1915 Excerpt from foreword to Hull-House booklet of songs

April 1915 Article "Jane Addams and Suffrage Cause"

04/29/1915 Address (for WILPF?)

07/03/1915 Article "Women, War and Babies"

07/09/1915 Address "The Revolt Against War"

07/09/1915 "Address of Miss Jane Addams, Delivered at Carnegie Hall, Friday, July 9, 1915" and "Miss Addams Tells of Quest for Peace"

07/17/1915 Article "The Woman's Way to Peace"

07/22/1915 Address at Chicago Auditorium

Aug. 1915 "As I See Women"

Oct. 1915 Remarks on the use of stimulants among soldiers

10/11/1915 Article "Peace and the Press"

10/23/1915 Article "Women Suffrage"

Nov. 1915 Article "Die Stimme der Volker uber den Krieg"

11/06/1915 Article "Women, War and Suffrage"

12/13/1915 Article "The Food of War"

1915 Article "Women and Public Housekeeping"

1915 Address read on Swedish Women's Peace Sunday

Box 7

Jan. 1916? Remarks on Ford's Peace Ship

01/11/1916 Statement before the Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives

01/13/1916 Statement before the Committee on Military Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives

08/15/1916 Article "War Times Challenging Women's Traditions"

Oct. 1916 Article "The Devil Baby at Hull-House"

10/07/1916 Article "Disturbing Conventions"

11/03/1916 Article "Jane Addams Sees Progressive Aims Attained Through President"

12/12/1916 Statement before the Judiciary Committee on Women Suffrage

03/04/1917 Article "Is It Public-Spirited"

05/15/1917 Address "Patriotism and Pacifists in War Time"

05/31/1917 Address "Labor as a Factor in the Newer Conception of International Relations"

09/29/1917 Article "Tolstoy and the Russian Soldiers"

1917? MS "Food Conservation / Conservation of World's Food Supply"

1917? Article "Women and Public Housekeeping"

Aug. 1918 MS "Three Efforts of Contemporary Russia to Break Through Current Abstractions"

11/28/1918 Memorial Address for Jenkin Lloyd Jones

1918 Article "The World's Food and the World's Politics"

1918 Article "The World's Food Supply and Woman's Obligation"

1918 MS "The Russian Complication in the Light of Tolstoy's Teaching"

1918-1919? MS "Russia - A Touchstone"

01/20/1919 Address "The Next Step"

02/09/1919 Address "Theodore Roosevelt - The Social Reformer" See mf reel 113:38 for material on Theodore Roosevelt

04/13/1919 Article "The Spirit of Youth"

May 1919 Address to WILPF Congress, Zurich

May 1919 "Message from Miss Jane Addams" to WILPF Congress

08/30/1919 Memorial Address for Mary Wilmarth

09/06/1919 Article "After the Lean Years"

Dec. 1919 Article "Where the Christmas Spirit Will Wane"

12/29/1919 Address "Nationalism, A Dogma?"

1919 Address "His Will to Righteousness"

1919 Article "Americanization"

1919 MS "Hungary under Bolshevik Government"

Box 8

1919 "Report of Jane Addams and Dr. Hamilton to the American Society of Friends Service Committee, Philadelphia, on the Situation in Germany"

1919 MS "America's Place in the New World"

1919 Untitled MS on movies/cinema

1919? MS fragments on Russia

02/15/1920 Memorial Address for Dr. Anna Howard Shaw

02/23/1920 Article "Miss Addams Views the Deportation"

April 1920 Address "The Spirit of Social Work"

April 1920 Address "The Immigrant and Social Unrest"

May 1920 Address given at Presentation of J.L. Jones Chair at Lincoln Memorial University

05/31/1920 Article "Public Ledger's Daily Course in Citizenship"

06/10/1920 Article "The Pioneer Settlement"

07/10/1920 Memorial Article for Judge Merritt W. Pinckney

July 1920 Article "A Pioneer Philanthropist"

Aug. 1920 Article "German Women Appeal From the Way of Violence"

Nov. 1920 Memorial Address for Madaline McDowell Breckenridge

11/24/1920 Article "Feed the World and Save the League"

1920? MS on public health in war-torn Europe

Feb. 1921 Article "Pour Sauver la Societe des Nations"

Feb. 1921 Article "What I Saw in Europe"

March 1921 "The American Commission on Conditions in Ireland: Interim Report"

July 1921 Article "The Potential Advantages of the Mandate System"

09/29/1921 Article "Jane Addams Pleads for the Starving"

09/18/1921 Address "Disarmament and Life"

09/18/1921 Address "The Attack on War"

12/20/1921 Statement in Article "Miss Addams on the Women's League Mass Meeting"

12/31/1921 Article "Peace and Bread: A Speculation on Bread, Labor and War Slogans"

01/05/1922 Article "Peace and Bread: The Aftermath of War"

01/19/1922 Article "Why the League Limps"

01/28/1922 Article "Peace and Bread: President Wilson's Policies / Personal Reactions During the War"

02/25/1922 Article "Peace and Bread: The Witness Borne by Women"

March 1922 Article/Address "The Threat of World Starvation"

11/15/1923 Article "On China"

1923 Article "A New Political Method Emerging in the Orient"

1923 Excerpt of Address given to Shanghai Rotary Club See mf reel 113:42 for material on the Rotary Club, Shanghai, China

1923 Article "Christmas Message for 1923" for WILPF leaflet

02/06/1924 Remarks at City Club Memorial Meeting for Woodrow Wilson

May 1924 Address at 4th WILPF Congress

May 1924 Quote of Addams' Address at 4th WILPF Congress

09/10/1924 Article "Why I Shall Vote for LaFollette"

1924 Synopsis of Lecture XVII "Problems of Contemporary Thought"

Box 9

April 1925 Address at WILPF

12/27/1925 Article "World War Deplored by Welfare Leader"

1925 MS "Introduction to Abraham Epstein: Challenge of the Aged"

01/14/1926 Address "The World Court"

02/04/1926 Article "My Greetings to Youth's Companion"

03/08/1926 Article "Women Improving in Politics"

Nov. 1926 MS on prohibition (?) See mf reel 113:26 for material on prohibition

11/15/1926 Article "How Much Social Work Can a Community Afford"

1926 Address to Chicago Women's Club (?)

1926? Booklet "Military Training in Schools and Colleges..." [Addams one of signers of foreword]

March-April 1927 articles on unwed mothers

05/30/1927 Testimony before American Crime Study Commission, Chicago

10/13/1927 Article "A Book That Changed My Life"

Dec. 1927 Article "Chicago's Mayor Turns Censor"

1927 Article "The Hopes We Inherit" (co-authored with Emily Greene Balch)

1927 Commencement Address "A New Challenge to the Scholar" at Rockford College

March 1928 Article "The Importance to America of the Josephine Butler Centenary"

04/04/1928 Article "Who's Who - Timely Views"

04/25/1928 Address 'The League's Return to Chicago"

Aug. 1928 Opening Address to Pan-Pacific Women's Conference, Honolulu

08/22/1928 Address answering questions from the Daughters of the American Revolution and the American Legion

Sept. 1928 Article "What to Do Then"

09/10/1928 Article "Tolstoy - Prophet of Righteousness"

1928 Endorsement of Herbert Hoover

1928 Article "Graham Taylor: Pioneer in Sociology" See mf reel 113.28 for material on Graham Taylor

1928 MS Foreword to "Mary McDowell, Neighbor"

1928 (1929?) MS on Italians in Chicago for Preface to book by Giovanni Schiarvo

Box 10

April 1929 Article "Law - Not War"

04/10/1929 Address "The Pageant of Emancipation"

05/24/1929 Address "Public Schools - The Safeguard of Democracy"

06/01/1929 Article "After Sixty-Five"

06/19/1929 Address "If I Had It To Do Again, What Would I Do Differently"

07/11/1929 Statement for golden jubilee of Edison's incandescent lamp

Aug. 1929 President's Address at 6th WILPF Congress

10/01/1929 Article "A Decade of Prohibition"

10/19/1929 Article "Prohibition as Seen from Hull-House"

10/22/1929 Radio Address "Safe in the Home"

11/15/1929 Address "A Toast to John Dewey" on his 70th birthday

Dec. 1929 Article "Appreciation of Alice Stone Blackwell"

12/27/1929 Memorial Address for Helen Castle Mead See mf reel 113:41 for material on the Helen Castle Mead Fund, Chicago

1929 MS "Governmental Efforts Toward World Peace" (includes 1931 and 1933 versions)

1929 MS on Chicago Woman's Club (?)

1929 & 1931 Articles on Jane Addams and world peace

01/19/1930 Address "Considerations Concerning the Major Points in the Discussion at the London Naval Conference: What Is Security?" (includes radio message given at London Naval Conference)

June 1930 Address "Social Work and the Other Professions"

Aug. 1930 Second Pan-Pacific Women's Conference (Addams a speaker?)

08/01/1930 Article "Aspects of the Women's Movement"

09/01/1930 Article "Education by the Current Event"

Oct. 1930 Article "Contrast in a Post-War Generation"

Nov. 1930 Article "The Play Instinct and the Arts"

01/12/1931 Address "Casting Out Fear"

03/06/1931 Address "Recent Efforts Toward Better International Relations"

05/02/1931 Article Review of "Charles W. Eliot" by Henry James

05/03/1931 Address upon receiving the M. Carey Thomas Award ($5000) from Bryn Mawr College

05/20/1931 Address "A Needed Implement in Social Reform"

June 1931 Address "World Peace and Disarmament"

08/17/1931 Article "Through Disarmament Nations Will Substitute Political for Military Arrangements"

10/24/1931 Radio Address [Transcript] "Social Consequences of Business Depressions"

11/25/1931 Article "Tolstoy and Gandhi"

1931 Tribute to Mrs. LaFollotte

1931 Excerpts from Addams featured in "To Earn Our Daily Bread"

1931 "By Jane Addams as Told to Earl Reeves" on Wickersham Reports

03/12/1932 Article "Disarm and Have Peace"

05/06/1932 Memorial Address for Florence Kelley

June 1932 Memorial Article "The Excellent Becomes the Permanent" for Julia Lathrop

June 1932 Article "A Great Public Servant, Julia C. Lathrop"

June 1932 Testimony before Republican and Democratic Resolutions Committees

Box 11

06/05/1932 Radio Interview [Transcript] "How Build a Peace Program? William Hard Asks - Jane Addams Answers"

10/22/1932 MS of Address "The Social Deterrent of Our National Self-Righteousness"

10/30/1932 Radio Address [Transcript] "A Need in a Crisis"

11/06/1932 Address on Judge Horner

12/31/1932 Memorial Address for Ernst Freünd

1932 MS "Social Reconstruction: 1833-1933"

1932? MS on self-government

Jan. 1933 Excerpt of Remarks given at Illinois Legislative Committee for the Study of Poverty & Dependency

Jan. 1933 Excerpts from Radio Address [Transcript] on Negro education

01/03/1933 Radio Address [Transcript] on world view of disarmament and peace (?)

01/21/1933 Introduction of Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Orchestra Hall

02/15/1933 Printed Letter to Dr. Welsh of Chicago on mental hygiene movement

May 1933 Statement on Motion Picture Research Council (unused)

05/30/1933 Radio Discussion [Transcript] on unemployment

June 1933 Address "Pioneering in Social Work"

06/30/1933 MS "An Ancient Legend of My and Mine"

July 1933 Address at Century of Progress

July/Aug. 1933 MS on the technological revolution

10/16/1933 Address "The Hopes We Inherit"

10/23/1933 Address "Opportunities for the New Day"

10/23/1933 Article on Mahatma Gandhi for the Gandhi Golden Book

10/30/1933 Address at Chicago Conference on the Women's Crusade

Nov. 1933 Article "Our National Self-Righteousness"

Nov. 1933 Introduction to What Must We Do by Leo Tolstoy

Nov. 1933? MS Report of Peace Exhibit

11/19/1933 Message "Christmas Day and World Comity" sent to Chicago Diocese

12/22/1933 MS "A Century of Effort for World Peace"

1933 Statement on situation in Germany

1933 Address "Recent Efforts Toward Better International Relations"

Box 12

01/19/1934 Radio Discussion [Transcript] with Professor H. Dobbs on Federal Child Labor Amendment

01/23/1934 MS Address given at Chicago Woman's Club

Feb. 1934 Article "Is A United Front Desirable" (co-authored by Emily Greene Balch)

Feb. 1934 Book Review of Modern Women and Sex

April 1934 Article "Exaggerated Nationalism and International Comity"

05/03/1934 Message sent to Chicago Commons on the occasion of its 40th anniversary

Oct. 1934 Letter/Article "Jane Addams Writes to Us! A Letter Especially Written to Contemporary Life and of Interest to All Club Women"

12/24/1934 Radio Broadcast [Transcript] to London on occasion of 50th anniversary of Toynbee Hall

12/28/1934 Radio Address [Transcript] for Business & Professional Woman Club

1934 Address at Renaming of Hull-House Music School Cottage to Mary Rozet Smith Cottage

1934 Excerpts (?) in Article "Why Wars Must Cease" by Carrie Chapman Catt

01/13/1935 Article "War Halts Progress of Civilization"

March 1935 Article "Child Labor Amendment - Yes"

March 1935 Article "Old Age Security"

04/14/1935 Radio Address [Transcript] "The Home"

May 1935 "Editorial: In Memorium" re: Memorial Day

05/02/1935 Excerpts from Address at WILPF's 20th anniversary See mf reel 113:45 for tributes given to Jane Addams at WILPF's anniversary dinner

05/03/1935 Radio Broadcast Remarks [Transcript] at WILPF's round-the-world peace broadcast

1935 Article "Julia Lathrop at Hull-House" and "Julia Lathrop and Outdoor Relief in Chicago"

1935 MS on the Housing Division of the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works

Undated (post-1924) Letter to the Editor re: charges that she was a Bolshevist

Undated Article "My Favorite Picture and Why" by Addams and others

Undated MS/Notes on problems connected with WWI (includes correspondence from Julia Grace Wales to Emily Greene Balch)

Box 13

Undated unrelated MS scraps

Box 14

MS of The Excellent Becomes the Permanent

MS of My Friend, Julia Lathrop

Box 15


Chicago Commons (Sept. 1896)

The Commons (1897-1903)

Charities and The Commons (1905-1907)

See mf reel:

113:45 for two MS written by Jane Addams

113:46-49 for writings and writing fragments by Jane Addams

113:27 for receipt from the American Woman Suffrage Association

113:28 for miscellaneous documents (post-1929), notes and clippings

113:30 for documents relating to Jane Addams' books: A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil (1912), Peace and Bread in Times of War (1922), The Second Twenty Years at Hull-House (1930), The Excellent Becomes the Permanent (1931), My Friend, Julia Lathrop [includes MS and clippings re: Lathrop's death ] (1935); and proposal for new book

113:31 for group writings

113:37 for material on Mary Curry Breckinridge

113:38 for material on Mary Keyser (1897); Alice Hamilton (1912-1934); Louis de Koven Bowen (1912); post-war conditions in Germany (1920), Russia (1919-1923) and the Ukraine (1919-1922); mediation in WWI (1915); the All-Russian Union of Peasants (1918); old age pensions (1933); the peace movement (1915-1934); and theWest Virginia coal strike (1921)

113:39 for material on the American Vigilance Association (1911-1913); the Arlington Street Church, Boston, Massachusetts (1931); Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania (1933); and the American Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology (1912)

113:41 for material on Chicago Commons (1895-1935); the Chicago Federation of Settlements (1894-1934); the International Abolitionist Federation (1929); and the Juvenile Protective Association, Chicago (1908-1933)

113:42 for material on the National Child Labor Committee (1904-1933); Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (1923-1924); the Pan-Pacific Women's Association (1925-1934); the Progressive Service Committee, Progressive Party (1912-1914); the University of Chicago (1897-[1906?]); the Woman's Peace Party [continued on 113:43] (1915-1919); the Save the Children Fund (1920); and the Survey magazine (1912)

113:43-45 for material about WILPF (1915-1935)


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