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Papers, 1838-date
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Oversize Material (See also Series 15)

Not Microfilmed
Unless otherwise noted, images (photographs / tintypes / steel engravings) were removed to the Photograph Collection, printed and handmade graphic items (prints and graphics / documents / newspaper clippings / scrapbook) were removed to the Oversized Items Collection, and 3-D items (t-shirts, handkerchief, etc.) were removed to the Memorabilia Collection.

Oversize documents, graphics and photographs:

White t-shirt with blue silk-screen image of Jane Addams and text "Jane Addams Ran a Hull of a House"

Steel plate (8" x 12") of John Huy Addams used for engravings

Tintype (6 & 1/2" x 9") of John Huy Addams

Tintype (6 & 1/2" x 9") of Sarah Weber Addams

Steel engraving (9 & 1/2" x 13") of Cedarville Mills and Addams residence, Cedarville, Stephenson County, Illinois

Steel engraving (2'8 &1/2" x 1'11") of balloon view of [U.S. Centennial] Grounds, Philadelphia (Jane Addams taken there by her father)

Supplement for Harpers Weekly, 09/30/1876

Photo album (7 p.) of Jane Addams Hall, Federal Industrial Institution for Women, Alderson, WV [1930s?]

Photo of Jane Addams (6 & 1/2" x 10 & 1/2")

Colored print (9 & 1/4" x 12 & 1/4") of Jane Addams from painting by Leon Gordon (193_)

Photo (11" x 14") of Jane Addams (smaller versions available)

Photo on card (10" x 8") of Jane Addams in Mexico with students (also available in 5" x 7" photo and 4" x 5" negative)

Studio portrait (7 & 3/4" x 10 & 3/4") of Jane Addams by Jermand de Gueldre, Chicago (smaller versions available)

Photo (10 & 1/4" x 13") of Jane Addams with young girl (smaller versions available)

Studio portraits (9" x 13") of Jane Addams by Moffett - 3 views (smaller versions available)

Pencil drawing of Jane Addams by Adolph Rehbald (sp?), 1931

Drawing (14 & 3/4" x 1'8 & 3/4") in graphite and chalk of Jane Addams by Violet Oakley

Graphics of Jane Addams and Hull-House by Gwyneth King Brown

Photographs of Hull-House

Monogrammed handkerchief, owned by Jane Addams, attached to board

Certificate (8 & 1/2" x 1'1 & 1/2") of incorporation, Jane Club, Hull-House Association, signed by Jane Addams, Mary Brady and Nellie Collins, 06/12/1895

Honorary diploma from Swarthmore College, 1932

Printers dummy (7" x 2'2") re: entry of the United States into the World Court, by the American Peace Award, NYC, 01/17/1925

Teachers' Federation Bulletin 9:3 (01/29/1904) with front-page article by Jane Addams "Henry Demarest Lloyd: His Passion for Better Social Order"

Sheet music "Hymn to Peace," words by Enid Beaupre, music by Claude Mac Arthur, dedicated to Jane Addams [1935]

Sheet music "A House Stands on a Busy Street," words by Jane Addams, music by Eleanor Smith, undated

Handwritten sheet music "Peace and Good Will," words and arrangement by Jean Rivenius (sp?)

Page (1'5" x 1'11& 1/2") with poems hand-lettered in German, dedicated to (or about?) Jane Addams

Document (1'2 & 1/2" x 1'4 & 3/4") in Japanese; was attached to letter from Kansai Women Association of Osaka, Japan, written to Jane Addams, 06/21/1923

Scroll, handwritten in Japanese

Document from the president of the Mahila-Samiti, Calcutta, India, welcoming Jane Addams, undated

2 pages of wage maps (#1, 2, 3, 4) and 2 pages of nationalities maps (#1, 2, 3, 4)

Photocopy of Nobel Peace Prize scroll awarded to Jane Addams in 1931

Proclamation (11 & 1/2" x 1'6") from the state of Illinois declaring April 1960 "Jane Addams Month," signed by Gov. William G. Stratton

Jus Suffragii: Monthly Organ of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance, England 10:9 (06/01/1916); 23:2 (Nov. 1928); 23:7 (April 1929); 24:7 (April 1930)

Press Opinions on the Second Assembly of the League of Nations #2 (09/07/1921); #3 (09/08/1921); #5 (09/10/1921); #6 (90/11/1921)

Provisional Verbatim Record [of the League of Nations]

- of the 1st plenary meeting (09/05/1921)

- of the 3rd plenary meeting (09/06/1921)

- of the 5th plenary meeting (09/07/1921)

- of the 7th plenary meeting (09/09/1921)

- of the 8th plenary meeting (09/10/1921)

Journal of the Second Assembly of the League of Nations, Geneva #1 (9/05/1921); #3 (09/07/1921); #4 (09/08/1921); #6 (09/10/1921); #7 (09/11/1921)

Oversize photograph of Jane Addams hung on wall in SCPC work area
Tribute to Jane Addams from the German Red Cross, 1921 [in Memorabilia Collection]

Oversize Clippings [Located in Oversize Clippings box in Oversize Collection]:

Oversize clippings re: various topics connected with Jane Addams and Hull-House

Oversize Scrapbook [Located in Scrapbook Collection]:

Scrapbook of clippings about Jane Addams (on her speeches and trips in 1920s and 1930s, her funeral, renovation of Addams homestead in 1950s, and centennial celebrations in 1950s and 1960s), owned by Mary Addams Hulbert

Statues [Located in SCPC Work Area]:

Plaster bust of Jane Addams by sculptor Lee Lawrie, and plaster statue of Jane Addams with a child


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