In only a decade, it has become “impossible to think about life without the web” (David Gauntlett 2000). To facilitate the transition from user to critical user, this course will investigate the media-specific social, cultural and political in teractions that take place via the Internet. With the help of critical theories and group-based Web studies, the class will learn to analyze representations of the www in popular culture (film, television, literature, magazines, both on-line and off-line), and to assess the decision and design processes, which form the aesthetic and economic interface between networks and users. Of particular concern will be how the so-called “virtual community” deals with issues of race and gender and how it (de)constructs subjectivities, bodies, languages, and geographies.

LITR 93: Cyberculture
Spring 2005
Tue/Th 2:40-3:55pm
Kohlberg 330

Professor Sunka Simon
Associate Professor of German