Service Projects

The WAs are committed to participating in community service, seeing it as a valuable chance to use and refine the skills they develop through training and experience. The program collaborates with the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility to find service projects that take WAs off campus to help students or non-profits in the larger community. These projects provide opportunities for the WAs to make a real social contribution through writing.

Our current partnership is with the College Access Center of Delaware County, which provides free college preparation services to high school students and adults. WAs work with high school students in the Road Map Program, creating and implementing a curriculum centered around helping students to produce essays while also developing their writing processes. In addition, WAs have launched a drop-in writing center open to all students who use the CACDC on one evening a week.

We are always investigating new ways to get involved in community service. If you have any suggestions for future partnerships, please contact the Outreach Coordinator, Julia Carleton.